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File 136185147268.jpg - ( 0.96MB , 1127x1481 , Haruka.jpg [iqdb] )
2 No. 2 ID: 645cbb99
so you know this board is hidden on the menu bar right?

"no visible boards" under the header
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>> No. 3 ID: 5c8c6104
Still? I thought I fixed that. Let me try again.
>> No. 4 ID: d04ac0bb
File 136186190392.jpg - ( 182.62KB , 850x1236 , Mio_Who_Needs_That_Eyepatch_Anyways.jpg [iqdb] )
Very nice addition here. Much welcome attention to the site.
>> No. 7 ID: cf6214fd
so does anyone have any ideas for a thread, i'm all out
>> No. 25 ID: 00849be2
File 137107311488.jpg - ( 698.20KB , 1256x1800 , 4_06.jpg [iqdb] )
Where'd you find the 1.5 manga in a resolution that high? Or it is just an upscale from this scan? Doesn't look like it.

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