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File 136838691791.jpg - ( 77.96KB , 590x844 , Stanisław_Skalski.jpg [iqdb] )
20 No. 20 ID: b13cd153
I'd be really happy to see some other Polish posters on this board... We certainly had a nice history with air warfare, let's take Dywizjon 303 from the Battle of England as an example. Any idea why we don't have our own witch yet? Skalski would be the best material for her. I'm sure there's some other countries that had aces but weren't featured in Strike Witches...
>> No. 21 ID: a0f14de6

A long time ago I made a Polish witch for a project me and my friend were working on, but since that's just fan material I'm sure it doesn't count.

I would love to see some official Polish witches.

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