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File 13627934319.png - ( 74.50KB , 500x500 , Erika_gute_Nacht.png [iqdb] )
8 No. 8 ID: 09f43310
That wonderful new /int/ smell. Hope this one won't rot.
How about flags to identify each poster's country?
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>> No. 9 ID: 4bf8ae4c
I was thinking about adding the country flags at first, but I didn't want people to get harassed because of their nationality.

Unfortunately, it seems like this board kind of flopped. I'm still going to keep this board up just in case someone might find it useful though.
>> No. 10 ID: a7e4ee15
File 136284495070.jpg - ( 151.66KB , 562x889 , e9fb5663e2670fccd3f552ee82de2bf1.jpg [iqdb] )
>I didn't want people to get harassed because of their nationality
Just ignore it and they go away sooner or later, I know it well since I come from a certain lusophone lusophone country.

>Unfortunately, it seems like this board kind of flopped
A small /int/ is a good /int/, eventually it gets populated anda bit faster.
>> No. 11 ID: 4bf8ae4c

I'll consider the flags then. Although I'll have to find a pre-made pack that works with kusaba since I'm absolutely terrible at html and php.
>> No. 12 ID: ca86d434
File 136365805775.png - ( 135.47KB , 324x383 , consider the following.png [iqdb] )
You know you don't have to have an /int/ board just because you have international lurkers and posters, right?

It would be silly to think you could host an english-language imageboard about a popular topic without getting visitors all over the world. There's life outside the US too, you know~ (The only reason website statistics often show a disproportionately large amount of US visitors is because ISPs not using CC TLDs are defaulted to US)

But if you plan to keep this site around, I'm sure your /int/ will grow over time.
>> No. 13 ID: 8f9ceb56

The point of this sub-board was to encourage foreign users that aren't skilled at English to post freely, without worry.

A while back there were several threads being made in /sw/ with very broken English, and the OP got hassled for it, etc. I seek to correct that.

>There's life outside the US too, you know~

I know.. which is the whole reason why I made this sub-board. It's not some ghetto, I'm trying to encourage them to post more. I've been aware of the many foreign visitors, and I'm metaphorically rolling out the red carpet for them.

>But if you plan to keep this site around

This site will be around for a long time even though I can't really afford it.
>> No. 40 ID: ed42d169
I'm from the Philippines. Glad to be here!

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