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File 148191120316.jpg - ( 818.82 KB , 1920x1080 , Rall and Rossmann key visual - fumikane.jpg [iqdb] )
12080 No. 12080 ID: cc1bb25d
At least the battle animation was slightly better this time around.
Still bad though.
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>> No. 12083 ID: 7062a814
The battle animation is sadly the one thing holding this season back visually
>> No. 12084 ID: c81a3b2d
File 148193366615.jpg - ( 120.84 KB , 1664x938 , stg44dead.jpg [iqdb] )

Some of the drawn stuff is pretty bad too. Look at that stg44. 0 effort.
>> No. 12085 ID: 4677df0d
Here's hoping this shit gets fixed on the Blu-rays
>> No. 12086 ID: 21ff7d46
They would have to redraw half the season
>> No. 12087 ID: 6e48e9a7
File 14819755015.jpg - ( 210.13 KB , 1920x1080 , noping out.jpg [iqdb] )

I wouldn't count on it. Whoever's paying for this season isn't going to want to pay to make it twice.

I've stoped watching. The show is so dull it hurts.
>> No. 12088 ID: d1aee97d
"Hikari, you're not belong here."

Dammit Takami, you're sucks in bad cop route..

Dat feels at the end though.. ;_;
>> No. 12090 ID: 21ff7d46
I really like that eye-catch. Really beautiful use of light, color and perspective. And a cute expression on Rossmann's face, too.
>> No. 12098 ID: 926da06b
File 148212151721.jpg - ( 269.90 KB , 1032x1500 , Miyafuji and Hikari - fumikane.jpg [iqdb] )
Fumikane is really good at doing art. It's something to look forward to every week at least with this season.
>> No. 12104 ID: e4d9b4b2
I haven't been keeping up because I'm waiting for all the episodes to air before I watch it. How good is this season? Doesn't sound great judging from the comments, but I'm curious as to what people really think so far.
>> No. 12105 ID: 21ff7d46
File 148225797364.jpg - ( 193.65 KB , 2208x1242 , img_0403.jpg [iqdb] )
It's a mixed bag. Some people enjoy it. Most people don't. I for one enjoy it for what it is, but it definitely doesn't compare to the original series. There's all sorts of quality issues from the writing to the art to the abysmal CG. The first 2 episodes were great, though; probably the best of the season. So when everything goes downhill it's easy to see why people get upset.
>> No. 12108 ID: 7062a814
Yep, accurate
>> No. 12109 ID: d0c80634
File 148229908463.jpg - ( 112.67 KB , 1920x1080 , 3dclipping.jpg [iqdb] )
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