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File 148297252489.jpg - ( 265.75 KB , 1920x1080 , 502nd key visual - fumikane.jpg [iqdb] )
12144 No. 12144 ID: 2d6b9eb6
It's the finale.

What are your thoughts and feelings on the final episode, ending and the season in general?
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>> No. 12146 ID: 35db5f08
File 148299297436.png - ( 1.58 MB , 1920x1090 , Spoiler Picture.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 12147 ID: c449261c
Tank witches ova when
>> No. 12151 ID: 107ded8f
I thoroughly enjoyed this series, even though the animation was pretty lacking. Looking forward to future spinoffs.
>> No. 12152 ID: a7d164bb
File 148303694796.jpg - ( 820.87 KB , 1920x1460 , 1482355771225.jpg [iqdb] )
This. I had no where near as many problems as some people obviously had. The problem for me stemmed only from the budget and CG. The writing and characters were quite enjoyable. Hikari coming into play was a non-issue to me in enjoyment of the 502nd characters. A lot of hype and excitement though mainly came from >>12146 and the other Ground force tease. Also how the 507th were always on their map make me hopeful on the next spin-off series. Let's just have some production value next time.
>> No. 12157 ID: 35db5f08
It’s nowhere near as good as the original series and while it had its moments and a few really good episodes, its glaring flaws kinda took away from the experience…ESPECIALLY the terrible ass CGI and the supbar animation (which'll hopefully be fixed on the BD's) and equally subpar writing

Buuuut…..there were highlights (like all the yuri ship teasing), plus we finally got to see Eila’s sexy onée-chan, Aurora animated

…and of course Eila & Sanya….cuz they’re adorable….and Eila’s my favourite character in the overall franchise
>> No. 12160 ID: 4da5d77a
OVA? Nah man. Bring me an entire season of glorious Aurora waifu!
>> No. 12161 ID: 35db5f08
I also wanna see more of sexy Finnish big sis
>> No. 12170 ID: 4da5d77a
The thing that really bugged me was they made this big deal out of how absolute eye can see the core, but weakens her shield so without support she's incredibly vulnerable.

But she was with an entire wing that could have acted as support. And instead she decides to fly off ahead of them and not mention she's about to do the thing that leaves her super vulnerable and needs their help.
>> No. 12177 ID: 499f4cc7
Guess they needed to show us how much of a dumbass Takami really is

Then again, the Witches were never recruited for their intelligence levels to begin with
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