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File 148298338191.jpg - ( 83.55 KB , 500x709 , CtZR79AUsAAZSt3_jpg orig.jpg [iqdb] )
12145 No. 12145 ID: 099633a4

As mentioned on /a/, I intend to sponsor/finance the translation of the Erica Hartmann 1941 manga. Having never done this before, I'm making this thread to ask for guidance in going about doing this.

Specifically I would like help finding a reliable person to do the work. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as well as personal offers (must be verifiable as reliable). Any experiences regarding cost and what not would also be helpful info.

If this goes smoothly, I might do the same for other SW manga series in the future.
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>> No. 12148 ID: d509e2dd
I would help out financially as well, unfortunately I have no idea where to get a relieble translation.

Fandom Services disappointed me with their lack of research of the franchise, making spelling mistakes even in the names of the witches, so avoid them like the plague.
>> No. 12182 ID: 099633a4
File 148318240349.png - ( 546.92 KB , 593x800 , CUUj63wUwAAs-Vx_png orig.png [iqdb] )
I want to keep this semi-bumped, in the hope it'll lead somewhere...
>> No. 12183 ID: 587d3471
I know Nip and have translated doujins in the past.

Payment depends on the length. How long is this manga?
>> No. 12186 ID: 4dafad9d
I think a big thing that needs to be done before finding a translator is finding someone who can scan the manga.

You might be able to commission Kalevala Scans to help you out with it. He's scanned Witch stuff in the past, but those have mostly been smaller doujins (both H and non-H).

Either way, good luck.
>> No. 12188 ID: 099633a4


Here's the first three chapters. I'm not entirely sure how many there are. At least 4. They stopped posting more for some reason on karlsland.net.

I'd definitely be willing to send someone a copy of the full volume if necessary.


Not very. Ideally we'd go chapter by chapter to see how things are progressing.
>> No. 12207 ID: 099633a4
Ok, I just got a physical copy in the mail.

There's 184 pages, give or take two or three, over 7 chapters.
>> No. 12219 ID: 099633a4
File 148404272886.jpg - ( 662.49 KB , 1500x1068 , 31581726.jpg [iqdb] )

Are you still around, anon?
>> No. 12255 ID: 099633a4
File 148504381599.png - ( 172.64 KB , 434x559 , 146596192529.png [iqdb] )
This doesn't seem to be going much of anywhere.

I suppose I'll see about getting Kalevala to do a full scan. I don't want this to hit a brick wall.
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