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File 148372458683.png - ( 600.71 KB , 600x750 , file-3(1.png [iqdb] )
12210 No. 12210 ID: ed5bb494
Does anyone have an archive of the game cards? Or something similar? Because there may be some I missed.
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>> No. 12211 ID: 144423ce
File 148374016952.jpg - ( 161.44 KB , 640x800 , 20170106202655e7e.jpg [iqdb] )
There used to be an archive. I can't remember the URL, but I don't think it's been updated for some time anyways.

I would recommend going here and just going through the pages. Time consuming but it should be pretty complete.

>> No. 12213 ID: ecce5b03
File 148375117068.png - ( 484.33 KB , 600x700 , 0006.png [iqdb] )
There is also
>> No. 12214 ID: 144423ce

That does seem like a much better solution.
>> No. 12215 ID: d632451c
When I'm out of bed, I will upload all the cards I have saved from an archive I found a while ago, it's by no means complete
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