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File 148572652191.jpg - ( 160.53 KB , 876x616 , 1485692490933.jpg [iqdb] )
12275 No. 12275 ID: 1a09b96a
How does one properly bed a Witch?
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>> No. 12276 ID: cdc55abf
File 148574210944.jpg - ( 859.16 KB , 1190x1610 , 1395219505171.jpg [iqdb] )
Booze goes a long way with a good number of witches.
>> No. 12277 ID: 933f3ea4
Pull a gun out, then turn off the safety, then point the gun right at your forehead, then pull the trigger.
You're guaranteed to at least see a witch once you're in dreamland.
>> No. 12278 ID: 163039c9
Learn how to make moonshine. Then trade a mug of moonshine for each piece of her clothes until she isn't wearing any. At that point she should be willing to cooperate.
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