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File 149064725423.png - ( 487.38 KB , 740x900 , __eila_ilmatar_juutilainen_and_sanya_v_litvyak_str.png [iqdb] )
12440 No. 12440 ID: 3b2c3cf1
Have you ever had a dream with Witches in it? From passing appearances to spending the day with one, share them here!
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>> No. 12441 ID: ea49d5e7
File 149066572228.jpg - ( 36.64 KB , 600x338 , 145142663916.jpg [iqdb] )
I was just hanging out at their base just having fun and talking with a all of them. I mainly remember Hartmann running up and hugging me from behind.

I also dreamed once I was at some outdoor mall and there was a weird shop there. I found an entire set of translated Witch LN's.

I don't know which one hurt the most to wake up from.
>> No. 12442 ID: 65b1d054
I dreamed of being Eila once, physically.
Everyone in the 501st are the same except Sanya, who looked like my crush.
I did things Eila would normally do and sometimes get nervous around "Sanya", pretty much just normal military life... until I somehow Kamehameha-ed a Neuroi, which turned into a Nanoha-universe dream and I was Rinne for some reason, then I woke up the moment I got rekt by Fuuka.

That dream gave me a fanfic idea of Nanoha-Witches crossover, still debating on it.
>> No. 12443 ID: 46759098
File 149073133489.jpg - ( 514.39 KB , 1536x2048 , 61140932_p0.jpg [iqdb] )
I've only had one I remember, was around the time BW was airing.

I was flying around a snowy forest with Rossmann, I don't think I was a particular character, but I don't really remember. We encountered a neuroi and unfortunately Rossmann got shot down, I went down to aid her, keeping her protected with shields and firing at the neuroi.

After not long, a bunch of witches (501st and 502nd mixed) appeared in the sky in an arrow head formation and destroyed the neuroi fast.

After this, they did a small fly past in formation, they saluted to me, I saluted back and that was the end/all I remember.

Why Rossmann would let herself get shot down I have no idea.
>> No. 12479 ID: 81e6fcb5
The only one I remember happened a long time ago and it was just a very small interaction. I was in a classroom and Yoshika and Lynette were there so I greeted them. That was it. There might've been other stuff that happened in that dream as well, but I don't think it was witch related. Nice to have dreams like that when you don't dream very often and when you do it usually isn't pleasant.
>> No. 12481 ID: 02fffd41
File 149184947920.png - ( 444.49 KB , 900x945 , Miyafuji pats sleepy Lucchi.png [iqdb] )
Had a dream few nights ago actually with witches. Not gonna bother with telling it in detail with all the weirdness but Miyafuji and Lucchini were in it briefly. Dream took place in a big well lit hall with lots of people around since it was a wedding.
Well anyways, found Lucchini playing a pinball machine by herself happily and observed her for a while till she got enough of it. It was amusing to watch.
>> No. 12504 ID: a8699427
File 149305616293.jpg - ( 130.33 KB , 850x1133 , --federica-n-doglio-strike-witches-drawn-by-a9b-lo.jpg [iqdb] )
I routinely dream of having a family with Federica N Doglio, it kills me more and more on the inside to wake up from it honestly, especially since it usually ends with me falling asleep with her in my arms and I wake up alone. Why must this be a thing.
>> No. 12612 ID: 5dce71a5
File 149577992674.png - ( 1.70 MB , 1920x1041 , perrinescreenshot1.png [iqdb] )
Had a very detailed dream with Perrine H. Clostermann about a year ago. I ran into her at a music festival of sorts, after chatting we decided to go get food and come back. While trying to to get something to eat, we got into a street fight with people downtown that had knives, trying to jump us for our belongings. Needless to say, her abilities were far greater than mine but we did fair well. Woke up right after the fight ended in a state of panic.

It was so detailed, when she used her magic and her ears and tails came out I even heard the little sound effect that occurs in anime.

Odd to admit considering the dream I just had, I'm not much of a fan of Perrine at all. However, after that dream I certainly do have a bit of more respect for her.

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