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File 16220975872.png - ( 9.15 KB , 400x400 , oekaki.png [iqdb] )
15491 No. 15491 ID: c9d89181
I am by no means a good artist, but I wanted to test the oekaki function by drawing Yoshika.
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>> No. 15493 ID: 05d59d47
File 16223481065.png - ( 56.69 KB , 951x665 , Mio Sakamoto.png [iqdb] )
Cute! Drawing is really hard but you managed to portray Yoshika's charm very well.

I guess this is the artwork thread. Here are some Mios I did a long time ago in MS Paint with my mouse. I'm not a good artist either though.
>> No. 15494 ID: 05d59d47
File 162234853793.png - ( 281.26 KB , 2000x1300 , Mio Sakamoto v2.png [iqdb] )
Here's another wonky-looking Mio.
>> No. 15495 ID: 499eaf1b
File 162237319174.png - ( 10.48 KB , 500x368 , oekaki.png [iqdb] )
Nice Mios, and yeah, drawing with a mouse can be pretty darn hard. Sadly, that is all I have available...

>I guess this is the artwork thread
For now. The original one will be returning back very, very very! soon (>>/ok/ and >>/int/ already have)
>> No. 15496 ID: 05d59d47
>For now. The original one will be returning back very, very very! soon
Oh, that's cool. I have since gotten an actual tablet and improved a bit. I will have to try to contribute something once it's back.
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