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File 162552899826.jpg - ( 416.61 KB , 2997x1521 , EheedtSUYAEinwp.jpg [iqdb] )
15506 No. 15506 ID: cb160405
Enjoy some Misfits shenanigans.
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>> No. 15507 ID: a452686d
File 162553892212.jpg - ( 184.19 KB , 800x1127 , Rudel (2).jpg [iqdb] )
Always love to see Rudel.
>> No. 15508 ID: 1dc961cf
File 162554158593.png - ( 451.98 KB , 1015x1161 , 50434015_p5.png [iqdb] )
Well done, anon. The animation was a nice extra touch. I really liked the part when the Misfits just hurriedly left the room. The static with Rudel and the part with Elma falling asleep was nice too.

Overall, this drama CD was fun. The Misfits don't really show up too much so this was a welcome surprise. The best part had to be the part when the birthday card was read aloud. Anyways, thanks for the video. I'm sure that everything must have taken some time.

One of the best Witches. This is actually the first time I've heard these Witches' voices and
Rudel's voice is beautiful.
>> No. 15509 ID: d059d121
File 162554182094.jpg - ( 196.87 KB , 700x954 , 33607747_p0.jpg [iqdb] )
Wow, I just realized the image I posted actually has Häkkinen's full name on it - Jonna Häkkinen.
Wish I had seen that earlier.
>> No. 15510 ID: addd5502
Thank you by the way, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
>> No. 15511 ID: 8ccf35a6
Very nice, I can finally hear Goldship's voice again.
Looking forward for the next.
>> No. 15513 ID: 06b36f9b
File 162586900747.png - ( 466.16 KB , 1600x1280 , f2d1501b663a48481b1a58456b45e005.png [iqdb] )
Finally had a chance to listen. Thanks a lot for the audio drama and good job, anon.
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