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File 162864493182.jpg - ( 817.57 KB , 4032x1960 , sw.jpg [iqdb] )
15514 No. 15514 ID: 4f2bba84
I picked these up at an event very recently and I really enjoyed both of them. Very nice surprise as an anime-only to see the familiars play a role in volume 1, and the second volume focusing on the One-Winged Witches was very enjoyable. Is there any recommended reading for Wilma and the rest of the one-wings?
>> No. 15515 ID: c9411e10
Are these the only two you have? If so I guess I'd recommend One-Winged Witched Vol. 1 first. (Those are two different series you have there, in case you didn't realize.)
>> No. 15516 ID: 4f2bba84
>Are these the only two you have?
Yeah, I was caught a little off-guard that there was even Witches merch at the event in the first place, completely outnumbered by more mainstream stuff obviously.

>Those are two different series you have there, in case you didn't realize.
Genuinely thought it was all the same major series since the volumes were next to one another. Thought the subtitles were just an indicator of what setting/character group one volume happened to be in. Was honestly just glad to be the one to snatch them before anyone else.
>> No. 15517 ID: 0b2f0916
I recommend checking this link out. It's a manga compilation of the World Witches series. After you finish those two, I recommend checking out Noble Witches, Contrail of Witches, and Witches in Africa. They're are some of my personal favorites alongside One-Winged Witches.

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