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File 163110415023.jpg - ( 1.94 MB , 2994x4236 , Witches_of_Andorra_cover.jpg [iqdb] )
15519 No. 15519 ID: b6e13a83
>>Miyafuji: "i should post it to helma.xyz"
>>Ike: "yes"

The first chapter has been retranslated and is now up on cubari:

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>> No. 15520 ID: b6e13a83
BTW, name cut off, no idea why but okay. It Shall be "The Witches of [Redacted]" I suppose.
>> No. 15521 ID: 497d6b1b
If I recall correctly, I don't think the moments when the Witches are preparing to tell the stories have ever been translated. There's even a cool panel with Mami wearing Samurai armor that I have been wanting to see translated. It's nice to see more moments with the Afrika Witches. Thank you for this.

Unrelated but, I need you to check your email, Helma Admin.
>> No. 15522 ID: 17b73a50
I have checked my email and replied
>> No. 15523 ID: 17b73a50
The subject limit was set to 30 characters
It's now 60. I've also fixed your post

Thank you for the translation
>> No. 15524 ID: b3353324
Alright thanks.

There's even a cool panel with Mami wearing Samurai armor that I have been wanting to see translated.

Those has been Translated and Typesetted, I'll see if I can get yall early access.
>> No. 15525 ID: b3353324
We decided to wait for all the chapters to be released before releasing EX.
Currently Chapter 02 is being redrawn and there are 4 pages which might take some time for it being redrawn.
>> No. 15532 ID: 316382d0
File 16330142758.png - ( 324.89 KB , 2602x755 , unknown (3).png [iqdb] )
Work is progressing, but slow. Here's a teaser for now.
>> No. 15533 ID: 91376cff
File 163416822199.jpg - ( 2.08 MB , 2832x2429 , Strike Witches Andorra no Majo 056.jpg [iqdb] )
Dialogue Typesetting is done, SFX still needs to be done though.
>> No. 15534 ID: 91376cff

It's also now on mangadex under /ak/ scanlations:

>> No. 15549 ID: f987a279
Chapter 2 is now out on mangadex!

>> No. 15550 ID: 0c2812d4
Thank you
>> No. 15664 ID: 93d1c9b3
No problem!

Next chapter is about 70% done (personal judgement) but it needs another pass.

Hoping it will be out by the end of the month.
>> No. 15667 ID: 0c54c66b

And its out. Enjoy!

Next release might be slow. I hope to get something else out as well...
>> No. 15668 ID: 57075187
File 16543828235.png - ( 181.61 KB , 771x571 , Clap.png [iqdb] )
I did enjoy it, thank you.
>Next release might be slow. I hope to get something else out as well...
I will be patiently waiting!
>> No. 15669 ID: 57075187
File 165438324731.png - ( 311.81 KB , 911x604 , RIP Mallory.png [iqdb] )
This panel was sad. The real Mallory died while attempting Everest :(
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