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File 134922119445.jpg - ( 169.85KB , 600x800 , 331141918.jpg [iqdb] )
4535 No. 4535 ID: 7ed00816
(reposting from the forbidden board)

I've been kicking around an idea for a bit now, how many people would pitch in to try and commission null to do another doujin? He talks about money problems on his twitter on occasion and it would help support him so he can keep doing his awesome work if we get enough we might even be able to get him to do a large one. We need someone to contact null who can speak the moonrunes, as well as donate, the goal isnt set, since we dont know how much null will ask for.

>> No. 4537 ID: a7858882
I'd forward some dosh I think. Maybe, but probably.

Depends on how cash looks after this month, fucking figures and the strike witch film are killing me and I don't have the opportunity to make money often.
>> No. 4538 ID: 616155f6

between the nendos and the movie I am also spent until at least december....
>> No. 4539 ID: b51079b4
I don't understand
What happens with Null?????
He will continue drawing his strike witches illustrations????
>> No. 4540 ID: 4da5c6fe
I support it, it's a win-win situation. And that guy is frikking awesome.
>> No. 4543 ID: d0ab583c
no assurances on response from the other side right?
>> No. 4544 ID: 86e2b427
>> No. 4545 ID: 616155f6

because sage sure is effective on a board with 8 posts per day
>> No. 4558 ID: e2373d92
So you would not want to help null out, you sick evil bastard.
>> No. 4564 ID: 8d33e379
Wah! Someone doesn't like the fan artist I do.
>> No. 4702 ID: c88f9a63
Bumping for intrest
>> No. 4743 ID: 4da5c6fe
I'd love to help but I can't read moon.
>> No. 4744 ID: 9a5f3377
As long as the project head can its ok. Just fap. But the idea of sending money to a Japanese dude for porm seems unreliable somehow.
>> No. 4746 ID: ac1c41c0
its true but its not just any japanese guy, its null, and we all love null, also we still need someone who can read the moon runes
>> No. 4778 ID: 304f7d8d
This sounds like a really good idea, Null's work is always hot as shit. Too bad I'm dirt poor at the moment.
>> No. 4852 ID: 4d4bab1a
So you want some porn, huh?

We will need a liaison with Null before *anything* can happen.
>> No. 4868 ID: 7223c365
I was hoping we could scrape enough together between us all to comission a sw doujin from him, and to avoid fighting about the girl(s) in it we would let null choose the girl or girls.
>> No. 4877 ID: 616155f6

that would be nice. though if we did vote on which girls it involved i'd definitely go for the crusher trio.
>> No. 4878 ID: 8875e73c
>> No. 4881 ID: 7283f022
Let's not worry about that and worry more about how the hell we're going to ask null and get the money.
>> No. 4883 ID: 4da5c6fe
How much could a commission go for?
>> No. 4889 ID: 7df65cbb

dont know, but if we're trying to get a full color doujin maybe a couple hundred or more
>> No. 4908 ID: 4da5c6fe
It will be given to us in digital form I assume?
>> No. 4926 ID: 6d5911e3
yes for us to share will all sw fans and fap ourselves into a coma
>> No. 4942 ID: 4da5c6fe
I have some money over I could throw at the project. We still need a lead and translator.
>> No. 5117 ID: eb302ef7
this thread should never leave the front page
>> No. 5119 ID: 097db403
I could act as a translator if no one else will.
But I highly doubt Null will take the offer.
He's a futaba drawfag after all.
Also, Kadokawa is a huge dick towards SW doujin artists (notice how Ningen stopped drawing SW? All thanks to Kadokawa.)
So if they get a word of this, Null will likely get into a trouble.
>> No. 5122 ID: 7283f022
Well he's drawn a doujin before and appears to be working on another one, maybe if you could somehow message him privately about it to avoid any possible trouble?
>> No. 5123 ID: b9e6d781
I'm not sure I understand. People can draw SW doujin if they want. I thought Ningen can't draw anything by himself because he works or has worked for them. Null is just a fan though
>> No. 5207 ID: fecd6cd8
so...will you be our translator? or have to talked to null already?
>> No. 5215 ID: 097db403
I'll translate whatever you guys would come up to send to Null.
Just saying you shouldn't get your hopes up because there's good chance Null won't take the offer.
>> No. 5219 ID: 3b6ed67b
theres no composed letter, we just want to ask null if he would consider drawing a doujin for us, since we're a group, he has total freedom on it, we only ask that it be strike witches. we also want to tell him we love his work and want to help support him and use this as a way to both support him and give him an excuse to draw more. we would also need to know about how much he would charge to do it for us, and that we'll give him everything we raise if its over the amount.

can we all agree this is the gist of it?
>> No. 5220 ID: 3b6ed67b
oh, and for everyone here, we still need someone who will handle the money and pay null
>> No. 5223 ID: 4da5c6fe
Sounds good. Tell him that we are a bunch of Strike Witches lovers from all over the world.

How could we make the money handling better?
The last strike patches project was fail.
Would it not be better to somehow make everyone send money directly? Somehow cut out the middle hand.
>> No. 5228 ID: 0ed167b5
What is important is contacting Null first. Everything else can wait.
>> No. 5251 ID: 2367409f
Mr. translator, please contact null and give him our message of love.
>> No. 5351 ID: cf8b9d33
so....did her ever contact him?
>> No. 5352 ID: 0f1f1726
I can't contact null until you guys come up with what you want to tell him.
I'm only a translator and not a negotiator.
Whatever you'd come up with, I'll translate it word-for-word and send it to null.
>> No. 5353 ID: 7b19fc4e
that is all
>> No. 5354 ID: cf8b9d33
see this post
>> No. 5355 ID: 0f1f1726
I really can't do much without a specifics of what you guy want to tell Null because I don't want to be held responsible if he rejects the offer.
So please just come up with some kind of letter or something.
I'll translate it and translate his response, but I won't write it myself to make sure that I;m only acting as a translator.
>> No. 5366 ID: 2ecf08e1
"Dearest Null,

From the boards of Helma, we offer you our sincerest thanks for all your Strike Witches artwork and doujins. In fact we like it so much that we are offering to help you create more. That is, we willingly offer our support to commission another SW doujin. We're unsure of how much is necessary, but we could assist to the best of our abilities. Remember, we love you and your artwork and we would love to see more! Write back to us and let us know what you think of this.

Best wishes,

How dat? Don't be shy to bash it or lemme know what you would like in there. I kept it short and simple but extra info is nice to have.
>> No. 5367 ID: aeca4e32
It sounds overly sincere and it kinda dances around the point a little.
Surely ...

"Dear 'Null', some users of the 'Helma.us' imageboard including myself appreciate your artwork. So much so, that we'd like to commission a Strike Witches themed Dōjinshi and would be more than happy to cover any costs incurred in the process.

Please respond in due course with figures for the commission and any other requirements that need to be addressed."

That might be a little more appropriate?
>> No. 5369 ID: 21878784

A little off-topic, but if possible could you translate these rules for the future /int/ board to Japanese?


I would be grateful, as I would finally be able to set that board up.
>> No. 5370 ID: 2ecf08e1
That sounds so serious though D: I don't know much about this Null character, so I wouldn't know what kind of letter he would appreciate more: A business suited one that is precise, to the point and emotionless, or one that's a little more sincere, thoughtful and somewhat implying.

I really don't know, so I just threw something together. If you think that would work better then I am alright with it.
>> No. 5379 ID: 331b118f
I vote for the emotional one. It would feel better IMHO to receive it from oversea than some business letter.
>> No. 5380 ID: bdf0ba6e

Personally, I like this version:

The original one almost sounds like it's from me or something, with how it mentions helma.us.
>> No. 5381 ID: 2ecf08e1
Since we're so split on this, let's combine elements of both, take out where we're from (But won't withhold it should he ask who) and see how many people agree on it.

"Dear Null,

I, as well as many others, enjoy and appreciate the artwork you've done for SW. We like it enough to willingly offer financing to create more of it, especially doujins.

So please, should you be willing to accept our request, we will make it worth your efforts. We hope to hear from you in the future!

(Whatever you guys wanted to be called)
>> No. 5383 ID: 331b118f
I would replace "I, as well as many others," with "We".
>> No. 5416 ID: 2ecf08e1
So if that's changed can we finally send him a letter? Even though I won't be the one to even read the doujin, I'd like to see our efforts to coax him into making another one become a reality.

So are we set to translate and send out? Any edits that want to be made?
>> No. 5438 ID: 010292c1

you're saying there's even one?
>> No. 5439 ID: 2f92049e
there is one, only one, though he posted previews of what may be another one, but we have yet to find it
>> No. 5874 ID: 930c9b64
New idea, Null always seems to be looking for a place to host his images, so...why don't we let him use here? He can make his own thread or use our existing one and upload his pic there. Though I wonder how he would react to our efforts to archive his works.....
>> No. 5876 ID: 91fda295
I'm down with that. Suggest this place. We don't bite...
>> No. 5877 ID: 8a779311

let do it then! wheres our translator guy who offered to talk to null for us? also the blessing of the admin would also help
>> No. 5879 ID: 94598e57
There's obviously more to it than that, if he just wanted to host his art he'd use pixiv
>> No. 5883 ID: 2ecf08e1
Then there's this guy....

I'm not sure what the big deal is really...
>> No. 5885 ID: f1fabfd6

He can post whatever he wants in /nsfw/ and hotlink it or whatever, but I'm not going to dedicate a separate section to the site to him
>> No. 5886 ID: 39e58e0c

well lets at least offer to host for him, if he says no then no problem
>> No. 5911 ID: 15dbdbe7
From 'that board'. He still has not replied on twitter, which is the only place of contact.
>> No. 6571 ID: 20eeb7ad
>> No. 6899 ID: 20eeb7ad
What if we somehow commissioned a custom Prinnie fig then sent it to him?
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