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File 135459041734.png - ( 91.40KB , 215x615 , Haruka.png [iqdb] )
5153 No. 5153 ID: 6b3df7eb
What is her oficial FUCKING familiar?

A cat or a tanuki?
>> No. 5164 ID: 2d70c9c7
Well her familiar is a tanuki is apparently a tanuki according to the wiki. Personally, I think it's a tanuki as well.
>> No. 5166 ID: 6b3df7eb

The problem is, that when Humikane draw recently her, she always using ears and tail from a CAT.

And in the wiki and official information, still using that is a tanuki...

>> No. 5193 ID: 63438ed1

in the books its a tanuki, so it doesn't make sense to say it's a cat since even if that is now the case she hasn't done anything with that as her familiar.
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