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File 138704411829.png - ( 193.43KB , 324x302 , eila.png [iqdb] )
6686 No. 6686 ID: 52b8a150
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>> No. 6689 ID: 2a00b2ad
Post link please
>> No. 6690 ID: 52b8a150
File 138711868210.png - ( 455.34KB , 351x767 , Capture.png [iqdb] )
Well I would like to say it was that easy. First download this. PLEASE make for sure to decline all add ons offered by this other than Xwidget down loader or you and your computer will not be happy.

I dont know how to publish these yet so you can mess around with your own pictures to make widgets or gadgets till I can get them up.

These are the ones I have made so far.
>> No. 6691 ID: 039a255b
needs more heidetits
>> No. 6692 ID: 52b8a150
Post what you what done and Ill do if you want.
>> No. 6693 ID: 52b8a150
File 138723704056.png - ( 1.12MB , 853x761 , gad.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 6694 ID: 155cc9f3
In that last pic I can't tell if Eille is trying to do a heart or wants to grope Sanya XD
>> No. 6695 ID: 557ca803
Haha.. I always thought she was doing a heart but now that you say that.....
>> No. 6696 ID: 2469eb71
Put a .rar on Dropbox or mega?
P.S. How does Perrine look?
>> No. 6698 ID: f2a71a54

post a picture of what you want done and I can do it for you. I have to photoshop the picture you give me then put it into the application found in the link above. Then I can publish them to the site for you to download. Or I can photoshop the photo for you and put it back here and you can put it in the application yourself and customize it yourself.
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