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File 144412291879.jpg - ( 170.93 KB , 613x1000 , not_a_boy.jpg [iqdb] )
8321 No. 8321 ID: 3318094f
Let's get a drawfag thread going. Make a request and I'll see what I can muster up. Be as specific as you'd like, but keep in mind I'm slow as shit.
Other drawfags are welcome to join in anytime.
Expand all images
>> No. 8322 ID: 14dcda2f
File 144413068559.png - ( 310.94 KB , 576x741 , Spoiler Picture.png [iqdb] )
If you will take a really odd request, I wanted to know if you could put Eila in this outfit. I want to surprise a friend. If not, regular Eila will suffice.
>> No. 8323 ID: 3318094f
File 144415127344.jpg - ( 379.42 KB , 857x1000 , Eila.jpg [iqdb] )
I still have quite a bit left to go but I figured I might as well let you know I'm working on it.
Plenty of things still look a bit wonky but I'll fix them later tonight.
>> No. 8324 ID: 93fe1733
Not OR, but that's looking really nice.
>> No. 8327 ID: aeb2a321
Could you please draw a picture of Wittgenstein in a dirndl embarrassed?
Something like the one trude wore would be nice.
>> No. 8330 ID: c9f44ab4
File 144418567350.jpg - ( 1.72 MB , 1600x1200 , Strike Pleiades.jpg [iqdb] )
I like this.
It feels selfish to request more of a witch you're already doing, so I'll be content with this and hold my request.
>> No. 8331 ID: 14dcda2f
File 144420987519.jpg - ( 192.76 KB , 709x624 , ceb1298d7fdedd0ce077d4a942c3e570.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 8334 ID: 4e663b18
Anything cute of Erica would be nice. I can't think of anything specific at the moment. A surprise would be fun. Thank you.
>> No. 8338 ID: d5bb6438
If this becomes big enough, some of you might consider making a booru for tagging etc.
>> No. 8343 ID: 3318094f
File 144438522031.jpg - ( 88.05 KB , 505x1000 , Prinzessin.jpg [iqdb] )
Sorry, been a while since I've had time to draw.

Here's what I got so far.

Still working on this one. Have the line art done but colouring's never been my strong suit.

Don't worry about whatever the request is. I don't mind drawing several Eila requests in a row if that's what anons want. I just like to draw witches.
>> No. 8344 ID: aeb2a321
You the real MVP man
>> No. 8345 ID: 14dcda2f
>> No. 8347 ID: db9ff198
Please do an embarrassed Minna in a bunny suit, I'd appreciate it very much.
>> No. 8348 ID: bf9e8d6e
I'd like a smiling, confident and happy-looking Heidi in a sundress and hat, looking at the viewer with a small but very meaningful smile, please.
>> No. 8352 ID: 4e663b18
File 144461535683.jpg - ( 95.64 KB , 850x638 , 1438446669463.jpg [iqdb] )

Oh, kinda late here but, assuming you don't have an idea of your own (or haven't started yet), something that would be nice would be Erica wearing one of those wool military sweaters (maybe one that's a bit too big) and looking cozy. Pic for reference.
>> No. 8367 ID: 4e663b18
File 144528236670.jpg - ( 172.64 KB , 705x1000 , 1444962330239.jpg [iqdb] )

Thank you for the delivery, anon.
>> No. 8373 ID: aeb2a321
She looks super cozy.

Makes me just wanna bundle up too.
>> No. 8375 ID: 176b8bd9
File 144539353664.jpg - ( 127.07 KB , 381x800 , 1404189239440.jpg [iqdb] )
Here's Raisa a drawfag on /a/ drew for me a while ago.

Can you guess whose outfit that is? I only described it to the artist without naming the character or providing references, yet he still got it very close!
It's Kirika Yuumura from Noir
>> No. 8382 ID: 3318094f
File 144552553865.jpg - ( 158.35 KB , 500x1000 , Minna_bunnysuit.jpg [iqdb] )
Had a hard time getting my drawing hand to work over the past week. Better late than never, I suppose.

No problem, EMT.

Hell, I drew that over a year ago. I don't feel like I've improved all that much.
>> No. 8383 ID: 14dcda2f
File 14455320421.png - ( 362.23 KB , 611x619 , 1431620370889.png [iqdb] )
It looks better than q lot of stuff I've seen. But, if you feel compelled, I'm sure you'll get better with practice.
>> No. 8386 ID: aeb2a321
You're arts pretty good man, normally big eyes bug me out but you make 'em look super qt
>> No. 8387 ID: 176b8bd9
>Hell, I drew that over a year ago. I don't feel like I've improved all that much.
Oh. To be honest, I thought it was by a different artist. Now I feel stupid. Your style is indeed still very similar, but I think your lineart has improved - much better use of varying thickness.

Your style was much better than average to begin with, so there isn't much room for improvement! But if you ever start experimenting with coloring or shading styles other than linear hatching, be sure to post here. I'd love to see that.
>> No. 8392 ID: 053ca87d

Wow anon, that looks really good.
>> No. 8397 ID: db25e00b
File 144563285487.jpg - ( 209.66 KB , 995x1200 , april-001_1404.jpg [iqdb] )
Some great work in here, anon. If you're up for another request, would you try putting Sanya into this pose? I'm not worried about the headphones or the couch/wall. She could be sitting on Eila's bed or even the floor. Whatever works.
>> No. 8398 ID: 9023d0b5
Oh I didn't mind waiting for it.

Amazing how you got her character, thanks a lot.
>> No. 8400 ID: aeb2a321
anon how do you feel about drawing vehicles

specifically motorcycles
>> No. 8401 ID: b4ce9b03
File 144564662618.jpg - ( 1.15 MB , 1415x2000 , 240a53e71b7442ff3c9cc315b44508de.jpg [iqdb] )
Nao cosplaying Kino drawn in OP's style would be really cute.
>> No. 8415 ID: 2a2f26ac
Hello! Could you please draw a picture with Yoshika kissing Perrine and Hanna kissing Trude?
>> No. 8457 ID: 3318094f
Seems I can really only get around to drawing on my weekends. Hope you guys don't mind waiting a week for requests.

I'm up for anything. I really should take the time to draw things other than cute girls sometimes.
>> No. 8459 ID: aeb2a321
could you please draw Wittgenstein in a tight fitting suit riding a motorcycle.

preferably from behind but a side view is fine too.
>> No. 8461 ID: 39cd7cf6
File 144615161412.jpg - ( 126.86 KB , 680x680 , 140928125499.jpg [iqdb] )
>Silly Helma won't let me post images.

It appears to be working fine for me and others. Maybe it's something on your end?
>> No. 8465 ID: 3318094f
File 14462174435.jpg - ( 224.25 KB , 562x1000 , Heidi_sundress.jpg [iqdb] )
Yeah, I think something's up with one of my add-ons.

>> No. 8466 ID: 14dcda2f
I hate to be a bother, but I was wondering how this was doing. >>8323
>> No. 8469 ID: 3318094f
Sorry to tell you this, but I sort of dropped it. I took too long to try and get it to look right and I ended up losing motivation partway through.
I'm sorry ;_;
>> No. 8470 ID: 14dcda2f
Do you at least have the line art? If not, thanks for the sketch. You at least got that far and that's already way kinder than most people have been with my requests.
>> No. 8471 ID: 053ca87d

Thank you so much, anon!
>> No. 8485 ID: c9f44ab4
>> No. 8508 ID: 3318094f
File 144683592826.jpg - ( 197.78 KB , 744x1000 , Eila_new.jpg [iqdb] )
I tried touching some stuff up, but this is as far as I got with it. For some reason, I just couldn't seem to finish it. I felt like I wanted to redraw it all completely, but I don't know.
Sorry again.
>> No. 8509 ID: 3318094f
File 144683604181.jpg - ( 148.61 KB , 1000x531 , Sanya.jpg [iqdb] )
Wasn't sure if you wanted the notepad & pencil in it as well, so I did two different roughs. Let me know which one you like more, and if there is anything else you'd like changed/added.
>> No. 8510 ID: e93f618e
File 144684543727.jpg - ( 82.03 KB , 1000x1000 , 769854675rtyfughj.jpg [iqdb] )

Wow, that's awesome!

I think the picture works better with the pencil/notepad - it adds a little action and leaves us wondering what it is that she's writing or drawing that's pleasing her.

Would you also please take her out of cat mode (no ears/tail) and give her a modest smile? The one thing that drives me bonkers about most of the Sanya fan art out there is how she often looks either worried or just unhappy.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the final version. Thank you so much for doing these for us!
>> No. 8512 ID: 7c1734eb
Thank you! This is more than enough.
>> No. 8549 ID: 3318094f
File 144770593070.jpg - ( 199.75 KB , 684x1000 , Naoe.jpg [iqdb] )
It's a little plain but here you go.
>> No. 8554 ID: 62df11df
It's great. Thank you, I will treasure it.
>> No. 8556 ID: a6fd0bbb
File 144780127047.png - ( 1.23 MB , 1117x627 , im-okay-with-this.png [iqdb] )
OP's got skills.
>> No. 8620 ID: 3318094f
File 144842963413.jpg - ( 122.98 KB , 399x800 , Georgette.jpg [iqdb] )
I've been trying but I haven't been able to nail down any poses for this. Help me out here, are you looking for cute kisses, passionate kisses or lewd kisses?
Also, did you want all four in the same picture or separate images for the couples?

Have a Georgette while you wait.
>> No. 8621 ID: f2a6c4a5
Georgette a cuuuuuuute!
>> No. 8623 ID: 4e663b18

I think i've said it before, but you're very good at dynamic posing and capturing a witch's personality.
>> No. 8624 ID: 3318094f
Thanks. Dynamic poses are one of the main things I like to aim for but all too often the girls end up in positions where spines simply have no business bending the way they do.
Although sometimes finding the right pose takes me days. I guess I need to do some more figure drawing.

And learn how to colour. Incidentally, if anyone knows of any good tutorials on the stuff, let me know. I'd like to properly finish up some of these requests one day soon.
>> No. 8625 ID: 4e663b18

Well, i'm sure the most of us are fine and dandy with just your lineart - your art is very clean and seems finished even without color. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to improve yourself. Maybe try practicing with less complicated subjects, like inanimate objects and the like? I don't know much about that sort of thing. I never graduated MS paint pixel art.
>> No. 8685 ID: 0d4e6339
File 144909572922.jpg - ( 147.40 KB , 1155x842 , Spoiler Picture.jpg [iqdb] )
Had a weird dream about this long time ago and I've imagined occasionally what it would look like, besides in the dream.
So I'd love to see Sanya wearing that peculiarly fashionable swastika emblem purple bikini.
I'm not sure on any specific poses but I remember being, well Sanya a bit puzzled by the look of the bikini and the swastika on it.
>> No. 8688 ID: 3318094f
File 144916327011.jpg - ( 194.32 KB , 755x800 , prinzessin_motorcycle.jpg [iqdb] )
Here's a WIP to prove I'm still alive. I'm finding it harder and harder to find time to draw nowadays.
Anyways the bike is pretty fun to draw so far. I'll probably expand the canvas a little more but for now this is all I want to show.

>Having a dream about the witches
>Having a dream about BEING one of the witches
You must be truly blessed.
>> No. 8690 ID: ef250fc8
take your time man, you're keeping the love alive and that's all that matters
>> No. 8774 ID: 3318094f
File 145019637645.jpg - ( 222.40 KB , 840x1000 , prinzessin_bike.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 8776 ID: ef250fc8
File 145022086499.png - ( 2.08 MB , 1920x1080 , oEiGFGr.png [iqdb] )
real nice man! solid and voluptious!

could you please draw a picture of shirley in pic related outfit? there's no fanart of her in it for some reason. and could you please make it really tight on her since she's 14 in pic related?

you're really awesome dude!
>> No. 8836 ID: 0d4e6339
Y.. Yeah, I was so happy later on. Sadly since then I haven't gotten any dreams like so again..
Also that looks great. But, the legs seem a bit twiggy compared to the hip and butt area. But that's just me probably.
>> No. 8853 ID: a1a284fa

Eagle, you fucking shit, stop namefagging. It was unbearable enough at 4chan, but doing it here? Fuck off.
>> No. 8854 ID: c37166f6
>> No. 8855 ID: 3bebb4a4
Some people aren't so civilized..
>> No. 8892 ID: 3318094f
File 145097179544.jpg - ( 223.15 KB , 895x1624 , sanya_swimsuit.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 8893 ID: 5d5f2314

Those hips, my god. I thought Sanya was Orussian, not Omexican. xD
>> No. 8894 ID: 16a58f65

Nice work drawfag!
>> No. 8895 ID: 0d4e6339
T-this.. is perfect!
I like the side ties you added, they fit Sanya after all so well and the swastika is just about right.
Couldn't ask for better gifts this Christmas. Thank you a lot!~
I might color it later myself with my inadequate skills or ask a friend do it, we'll see.
>> No. 8931 ID: afe15bde
Do you have a name that you like to go by? How would you feel about these getting uploaded to danbooru? They certainly exceed the quality standard.
>> No. 8934 ID: a1a284fa
Hey OP, could you draw Erica in a babydoll, lying on a bed, looking at the viewer with lusty eyes and gesturing with a "come hither" pose?
>> No. 8936 ID: 4e663b18
File 145137850112.jpg - ( 124.88 KB , 584x800 , Erica_Hartmann_full_1084726.jpg [iqdb] )

Quality idea.
>> No. 8938 ID: 3318094f
Go ahead and upload them wherever you like. As for my name, I'll stick with being anonymous for the moment.

Now you're talking. Gonna try and catch up with these requests this weekend.
>> No. 8940 ID: 4e663b18

I'm not one to hijack a request, but a babydoll is the perfect opportunity for belly.
>> No. 9001 ID: 3318094f
File 145175695970.jpg - ( 130.45 KB , 569x1000 , Shirley.jpg [iqdb] )
Sadly I didn't notice the second part of your request until much later on so I missed out on a chance to draw her embarrassed and/or uncomfortable in her tight-fitting suit.
>> No. 9002 ID: 3318094f
File 145175763695.jpg - ( 206.32 KB , 800x1000 , Erica01.jpg [iqdb] )
I didn't like the way the hand turned out on this one so here's another version that I did: http://imgur.com/s4xD8Qe

If anyone has any more requests and doesn't mind waiting a while for a delivery, please post them. Doesn't matter if you've already requested or it's a witch I've already drawn, everyone's welcome.
>> No. 9003 ID: 16a58f65

Nah this is completely fine, really good even. Love the rack and hips. 10/10

Could you draw kuroda and wittgenstein in naked aprons with kuroda pinching wittgenstein's butt?
>> No. 9004 ID: 3318094f
Sure, I'll see what I can do.
>> No. 9007 ID: 4e663b18

Wonderful, anon. I think I prefer the hotlinked one but just as a personal preference.

Something about it seems a little off-model for Erica though. I think it's the cheeks or the mouth.
>> No. 9010 ID: a1a284fa

This is really good, drawfriend! Enough to make people fall in-love with her all over again.
>> No. 9054 ID: 3318094f
File 145226722713.jpg - ( 192.79 KB , 667x800 , prinzessin_kunika.jpg [iqdb] )
Posting what I've got so far. Let me know if there are any issues.

I think it's both, and there's a few other things that I want to go over as well. I'll try and work more on it in the coming week.
>> No. 9056 ID: 715a833f
I like their expressions.
>> No. 9058 ID: 16a58f65
Honestly heini could be a little angrier but otherwise it's great

Keep up the fantastic work!
>> No. 9061 ID: db9ff198
Great as usual, drawfriend!

Now, if you don't mind, I'd love to see Minna Rambo-style, looking like a real hardcore operator, with camouflaged face and such.
>> No. 9197 ID: 0d4e6339
Requesting Eila and Nipa both wearing the Suomus sweater and smiling widely with a slight blush whilst holding hands together.
I know it's kinda plain but my shitty birthday is coming up exactly in a week and I've been in a mood for cute happy times of witches.
>> No. 9235 ID: 3318094f
File 145457923970.jpg - ( 189.43 KB , 1000x936 , Eila_&_Nipa.jpg [iqdb] )
Been in a slump recently, sorry it's been so long.
Happy birthday, Eagle.
>> No. 9236 ID: 14dcda2f
File 145458068139.jpg - ( 469.81 KB , 724x1024 , 1445801059642.jpg [iqdb] )
I know this doesn't belong here, but happy birthday.
>> No. 9237 ID: 4e663b18

Good to see you around. Helma is a very slow place anyways.

Now, I know there's been a lot of Erica in this thread already, but I have to ask. Can you please draw Erica as Cupid, for Valentine's Day? The angel parallel is just too strong. If not her, maybe another witch, like Helma?
>> No. 9241 ID: 3318094f
I'm somewhat grateful that it's slow. Nice and relaxing.
And I can do Erica as Cupid no problem. I'll try my best to it done before the 14th.
>> No. 9242 ID: 5973120d
File 145458417710.png - ( 350.23 KB , 1164x742 , preview.png [iqdb] )

Didn't think anyone was going to take up your request so I decided to try my hand at it even though I'm not that great of an artist. Worked all night last night on it although I kind of ran out of time and had to cut some corners (dem hands) but I hope you still enjoy it.

Also it's kind of animated:
>> No. 9243 ID: 4e663b18
File 145458453477.jpg - ( 46.81 KB , 300x300 , 1364934617877.jpg [iqdb] )

Thanks, anon.


>> No. 9244 ID: 16a58f65
Hey drawfriend, could you please do heini and marian in ayane and kasumi's outfits from doa respectively with them both glaring at each other
>> No. 9245 ID: 0d4e6339
File 145462034794.jpg - ( 43.38 KB , 512x384 , Eila blush.jpg [iqdb] )
I come to helma and I'm greeted with something I wasn't really expecting at all..
Today I've been spoiled to so many times I feel like a child again.~

It's exactly what I wished for, plain and simple. I adore the Suomus sweaters so much.
Thank you drawfag!~

Thanks anon.~

Oh my witchful deities.. This is delightful! I love the atmosphere you got going and the art itself, it's charming (even with the derphands).~ That blinking green aurora borealis is great, haha.
If I may inquire, how did you do this piece exactly? And no worries, I'm enjoying this thoroughly, you oughta make more so here!

Thank you to all again, you've made a day no one over the adult age wishes for anymore (probably) and made it fantastic enough to forget for a while.
I love this tightly knitted small community.
>> No. 9246 ID: 2be67b6f
File 145462171074.jpg - ( 192.76 KB , 709x624 , 144420987519.jpg [iqdb] )
>>Also it's kind of animated:

That's a touchdown. Crowd goes wild! ^_^

Happy b-day, Eagle!
>> No. 9249 ID: 5973120d
File 145463671799.gif - ( 18.31 KB , 357x514 , EN.gif [iqdb] )
>If I may inquire, how did you do this piece exactly? And no worries, I'm enjoying this thoroughly, you oughta make more so here!

Normally I just use mspaint but this time I did most of it in photoshop. The blinking eyes were done with jasc animation shop + mspaint, and the flash was animated with an ancient version Swishmax (the same version that I've been using since 2004, hah).

Originally I was going to hand make the backgrounds, but I just didn't have the time/skill so I slapped together some old backgrounds I had laying around from my sprite ripping days. The animated star bgs are just from google.

>And no worries, I'm enjoying this thoroughly, you oughta make more so here!

I actually have a couple other flashes/pictures, but I usually don't show them off:
>> No. 9254 ID: 0d4e6339
Belated thanks.~

>Over decade old program.
Interesting stuff there, as long it works. The outcome was nonetheless nice!
>That flash.
>> No. 9358 ID: 3318094f
File 145547339217.jpg - ( 95.48 KB , 600x720 , erica_cupid.jpg [iqdb] )
Rushed it a bit, sorry.
Happy Valentine's day everyone.
>> No. 9359 ID: 16a58f65
looks really good drawfriend!

love the little heart on her panties
>> No. 9362 ID: 0d4e6339
Happy Val. and all that to you as well.~
Halo headpiece variant would be nice touch to see there.
>> No. 9363 ID: 4e663b18

Looks wonderful, anon. I love the pose. She's super cute. Thank you, again.

You really should team up with a colorfriend!
>> No. 9371 ID: 0d4e6339
File 145556774130.png - ( 1.02 MB , 2142x2853 , Miyafuji x Anzu Valentine's Day 2016.png [iqdb] )
Guess I could post this here as well.
A friend of mine did this wonderful piece. Color may or may not come later.
>> No. 9376 ID: 3318094f
A colourfriend is something I should definitely look into. I do hope to eventually be able to colour things on my own regularly but I seem to find the act intimidating, mainly due to my own lack of practice.
Regardless, if there's anyone that wants to take a crack at colouring some of the stuff here I'd be more than happy.

That's great! Does he visit here at all?
>> No. 9386 ID: 0d4e6339
Unfortunately not.
>> No. 9515 ID: 0d4e6339
File 145670213374.png - ( 1.84 MB , 2560x1440 , Perrine bday 2016 day.png [iqdb] )
Not sure if this counts really as drawfaggotry but I made for this year again some bridge related fun times for Perrine's birthday.
Posting here if someone wants to criticize or whatever about them instead of the b-day sticky.
>> No. 9516 ID: 0d4e6339
File 145670215613.png - ( 1.88 MB , 2560x1440 , Perrine bday 2016 night.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 9540 ID: 3318094f
These are great. I remember you posting similar work a while back on /a/. Is this in a game or did you model it yourself?

As for me, I've been drawing other stuff recently but I'll find my way back to the witches eventually. I'm sorry to those waiting on me.
>> No. 9542 ID: 9c9071be
It looks like custom models in one of the Men of War game.
>> No. 9547 ID: 0d4e6339
File 145681994077.png - ( 1.60 MB , 2560x1440 , Bridge4.png [iqdb] )
Thanks! You remember right, did last year as well. Guess I could post those two as well.
And yeah this is done in Gem Editor that comes with Men of War Assault Squad 2 game.

You should totally draw something 502nd related now.

It's all stock models.
>> No. 9548 ID: 0d4e6339
File 145682002425.png - ( 2.07 MB , 2560x1440 , Bridge5.png [iqdb] )
Another angle.
I wonder if Perrine would be proud of me.
>> No. 9550 ID: 3318094f
Yeah, those are the ones I was thinking of. Nice work.
>You should totally draw something 502nd related now
That's my intention. I'm hoping that by the time the anime airs I'll be able to draw (and finish) some doujins.
>I wonder if Perrine would be proud of me
I can see her getting emotional and very flustered over someone showing dedication to the restoration of her homeland.
>> No. 9553 ID: 16a58f65
Any update on this?
>> No. 9555 ID: 3318094f
Oh, hell. Your request kind of got sandwiched between the other two posts and I didn't see it. Sorry ;_;
I'll get right on it. Just to clarify, by heini do you mean Heidemarie or Heinrike?
>> No. 9560 ID: 16a58f65
i mean heinrike

i just call her heini because otherwise i'd call her prinz and that'd get confused for the boat

it's all good man, you got excellent art skills and you communicate so there's no prob
>> No. 9582 ID: 3318094f
File 145698888489.jpg - ( 255.07 KB , 884x1000 , Prinzessin_and_Marian.jpg [iqdb] )
I kind of figured it was Prinzessin as Humikane posted that WIP some time ago with the two in a staredown.
Not to mention I have a hard time imagining Heidi glaring at anyone.
>> No. 9585 ID: 0d4e6339
It took me a short while to understand what you meant by boat, so no, I don't think on this board context wise calling her Prinz would get people confused.

Mm, you shouldn't leave the pupils undetailed since otherwise the characters look a bit samey. Other than that looking good as heck.
>> No. 9589 ID: 16a58f65
those hiiiiiiiiips

you're pretty good drawfriend, thanks for being so quick with it!
>> No. 9655 ID: 16a58f65
File 145731650036.jpg - ( 62.46 KB , 300x812 , cb59cac23f419d18178ac1cbe200753a.jpg [iqdb] )
drawfriend when you get the time could you please draw trude in the outfit in pic related with erica putting the hat of the outfit on her head?

could you also please have trude be embarassed in it but have a small smile showing she enjoys it?
>> No. 9842 ID: 5d8fb290
File 145876557861.png - ( 309.58 KB , 1563x935 , twitch.png [iqdb] )
It looks like another drawfriend has appeared. I hope OP doesn't mind me posting it here - it seemed like the right spot and I'm reluctant to make a new thread and knock an old one into oblivion.

This appeared on the SW subreddit earlier today.

The channel: https://www.twitch.tv/jatts_art/v/56143831

He/she has two videos up. I could have sworn I saw 5 or 6 this morning. Whatever. ^_^ Note that they are recordings of past shows and are rather long. I've watched the first few minutes of both and the streamer hasn't spoken: they just play Jpop and draw characters. Check it out.
>> No. 9844 ID: 0d4e6339
>Other drawfags are welcome to join in anytime.
I think it's pretty okay by that. Either way.
Ugh, really now? Though I wish Jatts would drop his edgy gore witch art, he can do okay otherwise and his art has improved somewhat from what I've seen. It's just tasteless but he probably gets kicks out of the gore trash. Think he mentioned somewhere that 'artist goes beyond his comfort zone' but I'm fairly sure he's in the middle of it.
>> No. 9845 ID: ca5aa80a
I thought that was his fetish?
>> No. 9846 ID: 0d4e6339
Well yeah, that's what I kinda meant by last sentence.
>> No. 9848 ID: 5d8fb290

I'd never heard of him and had no idea about the gore thing. I don't see any of that stuff in his twitter/pixiv feeds although I didn't go back too far. But now it's been mentioned here so people are warned before they look through his work. Better late than never. Or something. Oops.
>> No. 9849 ID: ca5aa80a
I will admit, some of his work made me a bit angry. He's a great artist though and I like his art style, minus the whole gore thing.
>> No. 9850 ID: 16a58f65
nobody should ever hurt the witches
witches never die
>> No. 9851 ID: db9ff198
Whatever floats your boat, but witches suffering is the worst thing ever.
>> No. 9966 ID: 3318094f
File 14595752159.jpg - ( 135.25 KB , 428x800 , eternal_wip.jpg [iqdb] )
Can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post. Christ.
The main reason for that is because I couldn't finish this request. I've been sitting on it for weeks but haven't made any progress. I've been busy with some other things too which I hope I can get around to showing some day.
Excuses aside, sorry for the unfinished work.

Don't worry, you're in the right spot; more drawfriends are always welcome.
While I am also not into gore he does seem to have some witch-friendly drawings which look great.
>> No. 9968 ID: 4e663b18

I'm happy to see you around again! Always feel kind of bad when someone seems to just drop off the side of the earth.

You really are top notch with the posing and all that, anon.
>> No. 9970 ID: 3318094f
>Always feel kind of bad when someone seems to just drop off the side of the earth.
That's my fault. I tend to only post if I have progress to show, but I realize that means my posts are few and far between.
>> No. 9972 ID: 4e663b18

No big deal anon, whatever works for you. Have you been keeping up with witch news at least?
>> No. 9976 ID: 3318094f
Yup. You'll always find me lurking when a thread pops up.
Has the official site and twitter feed gone up yet for the new season? I think it was scheduled for the 1st.
>> No. 9979 ID: 0d4e6339
Ohaiyo, how was hibernation?
See http://w-witch.jp/
Don't know about twitter as I don't recall them mentioning that in Japanese at all.
>> No. 9980 ID: 0d4e6339
Nvm, it's this. https://twitter.com/w_witch_anime
>> No. 9981 ID: 16a58f65
Its okay drawfriend i still love you
>> No. 10061 ID: 16a58f65
File 146006558062.png - ( 2.09 MB , 1617x2771 , df4553aac7ada7e486d00d642d04fd47.png [iqdb] )
hey drawfriend could you please draw lynette in the school outfit from tlr with her tail lifting the back of her skirt showing her pantsu

pic for reference
>> No. 10079 ID: 0d4e6339
File 146039236267.png - ( 218.10 KB , 640x603 , Smugfuji 2.png [iqdb] )
There needs to be more of smug witches.
>> No. 10081 ID: 16a58f65
File 146041084889.jpg - ( 526.79 KB , 2092x1885 , vW8EHEH.jpg [iqdb] )
smug heini best heini
>> No. 10116 ID: 0d4e6339
File 146063474771.png - ( 223.44 KB , 640x603 , Smugfuji 1.png [iqdb] )
Right, nearly forgot to post the other piece.
This one has thicker lines.

Definitely better than her angry face.
>> No. 10168 ID: 3318094f
File 146114563863.jpg - ( 152.56 KB , 755x1000 , Lynette.jpg [iqdb] )
Delivering. I'd like to add colour to this one, but... we'll see. Best not to get expectations too high, though.

Smug witches are indeed in short supply. Let's see what we can do about that.
>> No. 10169 ID: 4e663b18

The world needs more witches in skirts.

I've no self control, anon. I've got to ask. Would a late birthday doodle for Erica and Ursula be possible? You've done a lot of Erica art already though, so don't let me nudge you.
>> No. 10170 ID: 16a58f65
>silhouette demon

based draw friend

thanks! looks great! love lyn's tushy
>> No. 10171 ID: 0d4e6339
Tartan plaid skirts are just about the best, awesome work there with Lynne and our small puppy devil.
Friend of mine did that amazing Smugfuji out of request, if you're willing to continue then maybe do a smug Shirley holding her breasts proudly between arms together or Minna in her office all smug-like with a newspaper/coffee cup in her hands. Something like that, though I wouldn't mind just simply a portrait of them either or if you got some other witch in mind.
>> No. 10173 ID: 3318094f
>You've done a lot of Erica art already though
Don't worry about that, I love drawing her.

Thanks, anon!

I'd love to see more of your friend's work, does he have a name? And yes, more smug witches are on the way.
>> No. 10181 ID: 0d4e6339
Ah well, the MiyaxAnzu was done by another person who does have tumblr or something I think, but I never cared enough to ask about it.
Smugfuji was done by a friend who doodles everyday something for self-improving and then posts puushs, usually Roll or Yume Nikki related and that's it.
So yeah, I'll await in anticipation for those smugs.
>> No. 10242 ID: 7a0e4373
  So how about other OC aside from drawings?

I've been working on this video off and on for the past year or so:

Also had this edit sitting on my drive for a long time:
>> No. 10243 ID: 7a0e4373
File 146237595518.gif - ( 2.65 MB , 360x200 , cold.gif [iqdb] )

The first video was originally supposed to be longer (see gif) but I just never got around to finishing the King Cold part.
>> No. 10245 ID: 0d4e6339
Ha ha ha!
That first one was great.
>> No. 10259 ID: 3318094f
File 14624058081.jpg - ( 175.18 KB , 984x1000 , erica_and_ursula.jpg [iqdb] )
Glad Helma's finally back. Anyways, I feel it's too late to wish even a belated birthday, but regardless, here it is. Hopefully the Hartmann sisters (as well as you, EMT) spent it well.

I don't think my heart could take a Super Saiyan Mio. She seems like the type who would train in a hyperbolic time chamber to not be hindered by her loss of magic. That was fantastic, though!
And to clarify, this thread is pretty much for any witch-related OC, not just drawing, so feel free to post anything you want.
Even if it's just some muffins you baked for your favourite witch.
>> No. 10260 ID: db9ff198
>> No. 10262 ID: 16a58f65
i made this vid like 3 1/2 years ago
it's pretty garb

>> No. 10265 ID: 4e663b18
File 146241515043.png - ( 143.45 KB , 600x800 , EricaBigBossColor55.png [iqdb] )

Thanks, anon. I really appreciate it. I'll try to wait for Christmas or something for the next one!

Here's one of my /a/ drawfag requests that I colored. It's been so long I don't even remember if the artist had a name or anything.
>> No. 10272 ID: 3318094f
Christmas is a long way off, though. You sure you can hold out that long?
That aside, very nice colouring work!
>> No. 10275 ID: 0d4e6339
Now, how about those smug witches?

I expected something far worse from what you said.
It wasn't that bad at all.
There's this AC witch video too https://youtu.be/YrPW-lRxzRs, did you by per chance got inspired by it many years ago?
>> No. 10276 ID: 16a58f65
damn that mad got blocked
f u puddle of mudd

but yeah that was the main inspiration. pretty sure that mad was what got me into ace combat in the first place
>> No. 10277 ID: 3318094f
Smug witches are next on my to-do list.
>> No. 10282 ID: 7a0e4373
File 146249265717.png - ( 1.86 MB , 1920x1080 , helma1.png [iqdb] )
Got bored so I decided to edit a Touhou MMD model and turn it into Helma. It's not perfect but it's a start!
>> No. 10283 ID: 0d4e6339

Mm, the neuroi should be about to disintegrate into million pieces in the background for Helma to give thumbs up.
>> No. 10284 ID: 7a0e4373

Hah, yeah. I should make some destroyed neuroi effects, I don't think anybody's made them yet.
>> No. 10302 ID: 5f20d034
speaking of MADs that got me into things

this MAD was what got me into wanting to play ZoE
thank goodness for that HD collection
>> No. 10355 ID: 56eb16d8
File 146302575144.jpg - ( 110.69 KB , 516x1000 , Shirley_smug.jpg [iqdb] )
Incoming smug.
>> No. 10356 ID: e1cee735
Yeaaaah, that's Shirley alright.
Great work df, the bunny belt is nice.
Will you do more smug?
>> No. 10357 ID: 56eb16d8
>Will you do more smug?
Absolutely. Let me know if you have any specific witches in mind.
>> No. 10358 ID: 4e663b18

I demand a flat witch to counter this outrageous display.
>> No. 10359 ID: 5f20d034
better be helma
>> No. 10360 ID: e1cee735
Well since you began with Shirley and last two want washboards, maybe do both Lucchini and Helma in the same shot while having their arms around each others shoulders?
I feel like them together being smuggy would fit well, granted seeing Helma smug is like winning a lottery.
>> No. 10361 ID: 56eb16d8
It's surprising I've come this far without drawing the website's namesake. Helma it is.
>> No. 10362 ID: 32c2676d
This may sound kinda corny but can you do one where Shirley is reacting to someone telling them their crush on her. Have her looking at the viewer as if they're doing it. I'm just wondering what her reaction would be.
>> No. 10419 ID: 56eb16d8
File 146371104432.jpg - ( 111.31 KB , 520x800 , Helma.jpg [iqdb] )
No Zucchini but here's a Helma.
Once again I'm sorry I can't deliver anything more than these simple-looking sketches.

Corny or not I think I have an idea of how that could turn out. I'll try to put it to canvas.
>> No. 10420 ID: 4e663b18

I bet Helma is smug because her jet strikers are faster than Shirley.
>> No. 10421 ID: 4bee3493
Thank you, I can't wait
>> No. 10422 ID: c3df4507

I what to hug a smug.
>> No. 10423 ID: e1cee735
Is ok.
Das a nice smuggy Helma.
>> No. 10425 ID: 5f20d034

hey drawfriend could you please draw heini smug in office lady clothes? it would be much appreciated
>> No. 10657 ID: e1cee735
Hope smugs are still inbound.
>> No. 10659 ID: 32c2676d
Same here. I can't wait to see the Shirley love confession one.
>> No. 10733 ID: 56eb16d8
File 146597026960.jpg - ( 124.80 KB , 646x1000 , shirley_confession.jpg [iqdb] )
I feel as though Shirley isn't the type to instantaneously fluster at a confession. She seems like she wouldn't believe you're being serious, maybe brush it off as a joke, and go about her day. If you keep trying, however, she'd slowly come to realize how sincere your feelings are and she'd become furtive and meek as she tries to figure out how to respond.

Or maybe I'm just overthinking this.

Anyways, it was pretty tough to shove all that into one image, so I was hoping to do a 4koma kind of thing, but real life got in the way and fractured my motivation somewhat. Though I managed to salvage one of the panels and tidied it up a little.
Still not overly happy with it, but eh, c'est la vie.
>> No. 10735 ID: e1cee735
That's adorable as heck.
Got a question about your recent style if you don't mind. How come you don't ink the pupils as dark you used to? I think you had it much better with them a while ago than recently unless this is your more sketchy style or just trying alternatives.
Any smugs coming anymore?
>> No. 10737 ID: 1c54adc2
Yeah I'm pretty much just trying a different style, though it seems I've been stuck with this one for a while. I'll try something different next time.
And yes, more smugs will be made, hopefully soon. I just have to stop being so bloody lazy.
>> No. 10738 ID: 85be4e3f
>> No. 10739 ID: 32c2676d
Thank you. Once you get the time I want to see her reaction when she realizes it's sincere.
>> No. 10740 ID: 32c2676d
Oh wait, I think you already did. Hmm, I was thinking she'd maybe be giving a mischievous grin or something but now that I think of it that does look like something she'd do. So what's basically going on in her mind?
>> No. 10741 ID: 32c2676d
If you don't mind I'd like to see the aftermath or something. Would she feel an attraction after thinking about it all the time or something else?
>> No. 10742 ID: 32c2676d
Please show me or tell me the outcome.
>> No. 10743 ID: 32c2676d
I'm on the edge of my seat.
>> No. 10744 ID: 56eb16d8
I'll see if I can draw something up. You'll have to be patient, though, as I've said before I'm slow as shit.
>> No. 10745 ID: 32c2676d
File 146601295622.gif - ( 82.98 KB , 480x270 , ohboyohboyohboy.gif [iqdb] )
Don't worry, I'll be patient.
>> No. 10747 ID: e1cee735
Fair enough. Take your time, we'll be waiting.
>> No. 10748 ID: e1cee735
File 146601825831.jpg - ( 865.54 KB , 2560x1440 , Totsugeki large.jpg [iqdb] )
I know it's guppies and not witches (you can shoot me) but I wanted to share this anime-mowass hybrid picture here as well for variety.
Though I'm convinced that Nishi is Mio's grand-granddaughter at this point.

Unfortunate that witches don't use real planes so it'd be easier to make witch related images in game engines.
>> No. 10750 ID: 85be4e3f
>> No. 10751 ID: f9ecd43e

I think you need to calm down just a wee bit, anon.
>> No. 10768 ID: 32c2676d
File 146613219923.jpg - ( 66.04 KB , 982x686 , Screenshot_2015-05-31-08-22-01_1.jpg [iqdb] )
This was on one of the CDs. The Hime go one. I dunno, it seems she does have a soft spot but can be nervous to show it.
>> No. 10782 ID: 31dcf6ab
It would be great if we could get some witches crossovers! Flying Witches in strikers, for example?
>> No. 10785 ID: e1cee735
I'm so seconding this. Flying Witch is the best thing in ages with all lovable cast.
>> No. 10839 ID: 56eb16d8
File 14667662034.jpg - ( 143.55 KB , 759x1000 , Prinzessin_smug.jpg [iqdb] )

Flying Witch is indeed fantastic. One of my favourites this season.
>> No. 10840 ID: 85be4e3f
you're a man after my own heart drawfriend
sexy, seductive, and smug
>> No. 10842 ID: 4bee3493
File 146677317716.jpg - ( 322.32 KB , 677x957 , Spoiler Picture.jpg [iqdb] )
Requesting Eila in this outift if possible...
>> No. 10843 ID: e1cee735
Das great. I really dig the inked pupils after all, as for critiquing, the wrist looks so thin and bony it might snap.
Easily the best show of the season for me.
Imagining Chinatsu becoming a apprentice to 501st witch feels so funny for a thought. But yeah like anon suggested, seeing Makoto fly a striker unit could work, she'd be all happy to not have to use broom anymore.
>> No. 10851 ID: f9ecd43e
File 146685618843.jpg - ( 376.71 KB , 800x866 , 55955461_p2.jpg [iqdb] )
Not from a drawfag, but he's Super Saiyan Smug Perrine 4.
>> No. 11044 ID: 56eb16d8
File 146873279078.jpg - ( 158.29 KB , 554x1000 , malibu_eila_with_NEW_hat.jpg [iqdb] )
>3 weeks since last delivery
On a Finland-related note I recently ordered the complete Moomins comic and it should hopefully be arriving sometime this week.
>> No. 11046 ID: 183c9bc0
File 146873528715.jpg - ( 110.31 KB , 856x1200 , Spoiler Picture.jpg [iqdb] )

fantastic job drawfriend!

could i request you draw prinzessin with her cat ears and tail wearing a qipao with thighighs?

something like what shirabe and kirika are wearing in pic related
>> No. 11047 ID: e1cee735
Nice to see you alive as always.
Hgngnn, that Eila.. Solid work.
Though if I were to comment something now, the chest area is lacking shading under the breasts. It looks a bit weird, then again you have flat tone mostly so I guess it's just me.
Still waiting for some Flying Witch and SW content mix!
Have you seen the Moomins anime or read some of the books?
>> No. 11048 ID: 1c54adc2
I'm gonna get on that right after the Flying Witch crossover, I promise.
Yeah I kind of forgot about the shading on the chest. I'll touch it up when I get the chance.
As for the Moomins, I watched quite a bit of the show when I was younger but I've never read the original comics. Saw someone mention the series on /a/ recently which reminded me to check them out.
>> No. 11050 ID: 32c2676d
Don't forget about the Charlotte love thing.
>> No. 11052 ID: 183c9bc0
It's all good take your time bud you can't rush awesome.
>> No. 11053 ID: 56eb16d8
I've been chipping away at that for the longest time now, slowly but surely...
I promise it'll get done eventually. Sorry for the wait!
Thanks, anon!
>> No. 11054 ID: 32c2676d
It's okay, as long as you don't forget.
>> No. 11061 ID: e1cee735
Alright then.
Yeah Moomins are awesome, enjoy the book.
>> No. 11115 ID: f9ecd43e
File 146930764555.jpg - ( 133.66 KB , 680x960 , Spoiler Picture.jpg [iqdb] )
I'd love to see this sort of situation with the Karlsland trio. Maybe it's a bit much.
>> No. 11152 ID: 56eb16d8
File 146993144074.jpg - ( 139.88 KB , 425x1000 , shirley_confession_2_-_this_time_its_personal.jpg [iqdb] )
Delivering (finally).
>> No. 11153 ID: 56eb16d8
File 146993149888.jpg - ( 162.23 KB , 573x1000 , malibu_eila_with_NEW_hat_and_shading!_buy_now!!.jpg [iqdb] )
And here's the Eila with some extra shading.
>> No. 11154 ID: 0c8c4537
Thank you, my dude.
>> No. 11157 ID: 85be4e3f

shirley is cute
>> No. 11168 ID: db9ff198
Very cute.

Could you do the same with Minna please?

I realise that you just did it with Shirley, but I think it would be very interesting to see you come up with something.

Anything else with her is fine as well.
>> No. 11170 ID: e1cee735
Poor drawfag's list of to-do growing with requests, now piling up up both old and new.


Just a little bit of shading and it's already so much better, thank you. Also dat filename.
>> No. 11178 ID: 56eb16d8
>Could you do the same with Minna please?
That can be done.

>Poor drawfag's list of to-do growing with requests, now piling up up both old and new
Yeah, it's a little intimidating. But I'll get through them, don't worry!
>> No. 11206 ID: e1cee735
File 147050192850.png - ( 268.96 KB , 865x837 , Card Miyafuji summer swimsuit helping Lynne.png [iqdb] )
Helping out a bit our drawfag by posting this dynamic shot of Miyafuji in this summer's best bikini from a card rushing to Lyn's aid!
Truly this design needs more fanart.
>> No. 11210 ID: 56eb16d8
I love it! Though I feel Lynette isn't in much danger regardless, considering she has those two great flotation devices attached to her chest.

And I promise I'll get some of these requests done on my next day off.
>> No. 11216 ID: e1cee735
Sent compliments further, he laughed.
We'll be waiting as long it takes.
>> No. 11242 ID: 9d442d38
File 147088889924.jpg - ( 242.37 KB , 1000x1000 , skywitchdone.jpg [iqdb] )
First time post, Drawfags unite.
>> No. 11243 ID: e1cee735
I'm not sure what to say, it's not a Flying Witch reference is it?
Though it is Mio being a flying witch with graceful elegant. I love it. The mysterious dark but warm background is very nice.
>> No. 11245 ID: 56eb16d8
Another drawfag? In the Helma drawthread? It's more likely than you think.
Great work and glad to have you on board.
>> No. 11257 ID: b3bd201f
Nice some mio love
>> No. 11259 ID: 56eb16d8
File 147100383678.jpg - ( 212.54 KB , 899x1000 , flying_strike_witch.jpg [iqdb] )
No Chinatsu in this one, sorry. I couldn't seem find a proper place to put her in the image.
>> No. 11260 ID: e1cee735
File 147100571124.jpg - ( 308.21 KB , 684x374 , Oh my god!.jpg [iqdb] )
It's alright, because well, that is just.. perfect. You can imagine me saying 'Oh mai gaawd!' in the most Joseph voice ever.
My mind was hoping for Makoto in her black hose flying but this is great nonetheless, makes for a good setup with Akane as you did.
Thanks for the smiles. Chinatsu just needs time to learn witchy things first before she can fly with striker units too.
>> No. 11261 ID: 56eb16d8
File 147100914279.jpg - ( 212.28 KB , 899x1000 , shamefur_dispray.jpg [iqdb] )
Forgetting such an integral piece of equipment should be a bannable offense. I will accept any form of punishment.
Here's the non-heretical version.
>> No. 11262 ID: e1cee735
Your punishment is obviously drawing Chinatsu-chan in the near future as well.
Domo arigatou.
>> No. 11263 ID: 9e39c1d3

>> No. 11265 ID: c418718d
drawfriend da goat!
>> No. 11341 ID: 56eb16d8
File 147217693291.jpg - ( 181.39 KB , 609x1000 , prinzessin_qipao.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 11342 ID: c418718d
so goooooooooooooooooood

you the real mvp drawfriend thanks a ton
>> No. 11343 ID: ca5aa80a
Draw Shirley trying to seduce the viewer in a bunnysuit friend
>> No. 11344 ID: a5ccf228
Very cute, I love her thighs.
>> No. 11345 ID: ca5aa80a
Or this one. You know how in bed people try out things? Show Shirley's reaction to the viewer wanting to do it to her and letting them grope her.
This all just sounded a bit weird when I typed this, I honestly didn't know how to put it into words without it coming out strange. I think Shirley would be experimentive in bed.
>> No. 11351 ID: e1cee735
That's greaat. Witches in beautiful cheongsams is just the absolute best.
I'm not sure how much you got backlog left on different requests but if possible could you do a smug witch in a cheongsam perhaps?
>> No. 11352 ID: ca5aa80a
*tie her up and grope her
The viewer has been in a relationship with her for a while.
>> No. 11354 ID: 56eb16d8
I think EMT's request is next and there's two more before yours. I-I'll try and be quick!

>The viewer has been in a relationship with her for a while
If only. ;_;
>> No. 11355 ID: ca5aa80a
So you'll do them?
>> No. 11357 ID: 56eb16d8
Of course.
>> No. 11358 ID: ca5aa80a
Thank you my dude
>> No. 11417 ID: ca5aa80a
If he sees this, update us on how's it going. You're also doing the two I asked for right? Just clearing that up.
>> No. 11418 ID: 3ce3c6ff

You're acting really pushy m8. Bit disrespectful.
>> No. 11419 ID: ca5aa80a
Sorry, I try not to be. I was just really anxious and bored when I posted it. I'll let him take his time.
>> No. 11420 ID: ca5aa80a
I was just wondering how it was going so far. Not trying to be pushy.
>> No. 11421 ID: 56eb16d8
Don't worry, nobody's being disrespectful. I'm just a slow ass is all, and well-deserving of a kick in the behind.
Plus I've been devoting most of my spare time to other things recently. But I'm going to put these requests on the top of my priority list starting now.
>> No. 11422 ID: ca5aa80a
If it's alright with you.
>> No. 11476 ID: 56eb16d8
File 147417228263.jpg - ( 127.03 KB , 434x1000 , shirley_bunnysuit.jpg [iqdb] )
Coming up on a year since this thread was made. Damn, time flies.

Hopefully this is seductive enough.

And to you, EMT, I'm sorry. I kind of had something but I only began to notice the major issues partway through doing the lineart and by then I just couldn't bring myself to go back and fix everything. And that's part of the reason why I have this to say:

Lately I've felt like my art hasn't been improving at all, and I don't just mean in the past year but for a few years now. I've been meaning to clear my schedule and devote myself to improving but I either get distracted or end up procrastinating and pushing my study days into the next week.
That's why, after I finish whatever requests are left, I'm going to take a hiatus. I'll still be here on Helma and whatever witch threads that pop up on /a/ (especially when Brave Witches gets going) but unless someone else takes up the mantle of resident drawfag here (no application necessary! Please join!) there will probably be a lot less deliveries in the coming months (not that there was many to begin with).
Requests can still be made--I find drawing the witches as strangely cathartic so I doubt I'll be able to keep myself away from them for too long--but my hope is that the more I focus on improving the sooner I can return, and with hopefully better artwork.
So as gloomy as all that pseudo-professional bullshit sounds, I'll still be here, I'll still be drawing, I just want to get better is all.

And then maybe I'll be able to make that Keiko daki I've always wanted.
>> No. 11477 ID: ca5aa80a
Thank you my dude. I can't wait to see the other one where I ask her the question. Have any ideas or you're going to keep it a surprise?
>> No. 11478 ID: ca5aa80a
There's nothing wrong with your line art, it's great!
>> No. 11479 ID: 56eb16d8
I'll keep it a surprise for the time being.
And it's not so much the line art that's the issue, it's the underlying sketch. A lot of mistakes that I make I don't notice until it's too late: screwed up proportions, misaligned eyes, poses in which spines bend in ways spines were not meant to bend, etc. Most of the time I catch these before publishing the work but it would be nice to never make those mistakes in the first place.
And really, it's just my art's general quality that I'm aiming to improve. I'm far from Humikane's or em's level, among many others.
>> No. 11480 ID: ca5aa80a
Ohhhh, I see what you mean.
>> No. 11481 ID: ca5aa80a
Can you atleast tell me if you think she'd do it though?
>> No. 11482 ID: ca5aa80a
Like, letting me tie her up if we were in a relationship, yknow, bedroom fun.
>> No. 11483 ID: 56eb16d8
All in due time.
And I don't mean to sound like an ass but there's no need for three posts when one will suffice. Take time to think about what you want to say before posting.
Considering how slow Helma is I only ever check for new posts every couple of hours anyways.
>> No. 11484 ID: f8d0804a
Nice picture drawfriend!

And hey if you feel your art ain't up to snuff and you want to get better that's all fine and dandy man. I've loved every single one of the pics you've drawn so far but if you want to get on humi or em's level then by all means more power to you.
>> No. 11486 ID: ca5aa80a
It's cool, no offense taken. I wish you the best on your art.
>> No. 11487 ID: db9ff198
Lovely picture drawfriend.

Please, do whatever you feel is right for yourself. You owe us nothing.

I can kind of relate to your emotions, as I feel the same towards the model kits I build.
>> No. 11489 ID: 3ce3c6ff

Don't worry about my request, drawfriend, I was kind of just thinking out loud when I posted it anyways. I said I wouldn't ask for anything else this year, remember? I appreciate the effort though!

I wish you luck in your efforts, but I hope you'll still come around to discuss the witches fairly often. I think there are a few drawfriends that have seemingly stopped showing up and I can't help but feel like we kind of annoyed them too much, me included, and that makes me feel terrible. The last thing any of us want to see is Helma & Co. bleeding users.

We're all mighty appreciative of what you do, even if we can get too 'eager' sometimes.
>> No. 11490 ID: db9ff198
File 147421787855.jpg - ( 166.15 KB , 450x600 , f7l4o1_500.jpg [iqdb] )

I'm the Minnafag by the way, so if you haven't started the confession one yet, I wouldn't mind at all if you drop it completely.
>> No. 11491 ID: e1cee735
You are your own worst enemy as they say. No one but you are the one to feel your art needs improving when everyone is content enough with it.
It's pretty much autism what you're describing there and as someone with two devout artfags as friends and myself as a former one I can relate to you. But you do what you feel is best.
Saying about levels is a bit silly when you're to form your own style that will become your very own and something you feel content with. Em doesn't strike as someone who will change drastically his style at this point, is he at Fumi's level? No and yes, he has distinct style to his that is very nice and Fumi has unique to his that fits him the best. Both are great and different and will be. Yours is great.
That's just some of my thoughts.
>> No. 11493 ID: ca5aa80a
Exactly! Drawfriend has his own style as well, and I gotta say it's one of my favorites.
>> No. 11557 ID: 56eb16d8
File 147529915090.jpg - ( 600.47 KB , 748x2000 , sorry_kurt.jpg [iqdb] )
It's done.
Had fun in the stream today as well. Looking forward to the rest!
>> No. 11558 ID: debf791c
Absolutely amazing, anon!

I love the different stages, the first one still is the best in my opinion.
>> No. 11560 ID: f8d0804a

Great work drawfriend!
>> No. 11561 ID: 7360a6c8
Love it. Great work! Minna looks cute.
>> No. 11562 ID: e1cee735
File 147534157648.jpg - ( 87.10 KB , 500x415 , Minna puppy eh.jpg [iqdb] )
That's veri naisu.
>> No. 11696 ID: 56eb16d8
File 14763357285.jpg - ( 146.61 KB , 557x1000 , shirley_tied_censored.jpg [iqdb] )
Uncensored: http://imgur.com/a/jZCYJ
And that's it. Starting now I'm going on hiatus to practice and get better.
Like I said, I'll still be here, and I'll still most likely be drawing witches every now and again, but starting now I'm going to try and place all my focus on improving. Hopefully at some point I'll find a good balance of studying and drawing weeb stuff.
Wish me luck, Helmanons.
>> No. 11700 ID: f8d0804a
Goddamn drawfriend very nice.
My friend is going to be salty since he wanted heidi lewds but didnt want to be the first to request them

Enjoy your break! Come back soon!
>> No. 11701 ID: e1cee735
File 147635722730.jpg - ( 90.80 KB , 669x544 , Boobies for everyone.jpg [iqdb] )
That's leeewd, but nice as always!
I'm going to be sad during your hiatus here. You're good already, but I guess the whole improving thing is knocking the back of your head. I really oughta pick up the pen again and learn to draw properly instead of painting but instead I started my Nihon studies week ago..
But yes, I'll wish the best of luck to you in your studies and improving.
>> No. 11705 ID: 5323d719
Love it. Great work! Good luck on your hiatus with practicing your art. I wish you the best of luck.
>> No. 11720 ID: e1cee735
File 147680569539.jpg - ( 11.27 KB , 500x500 , Eila seiza - kinakomoti.jpg [iqdb] )
How to draw Eila.
Kinakomoti style.

>> No. 14363 ID: e3c95557
File 154931532779.png - ( 455.40 KB , 733x825 , Miyafuji - i am kowai.png [iqdb] )
Sometimes I wonder how our former resident drawfag does these days and where he might be, I really miss that feller a lot and his cute art.
Got this little Miyafuji drawn for my birthday today so I thought sharing it here.
>> No. 14365 ID: 161ae844
Happy belated birthday mate, that's a cute Yoshika.
I'm still here, not so much a drawfag recently but still very much a resident of little ol' Helma. Hard to believe it's been over two friggin' years since I last delivered in this thread.
Unfortunately I haven't drawn for a long while. Had life come up and bite me in the ass and I've been in a funk the past year. Slowly getting out of it though and I should be back soon once I get my shit together.
Can't say I made good on my promise to get better though, so don't expect much of an improvement.
>> No. 14367 ID: e0fd5c35
Thanks mang.
Am I glad to hear you're still around and kicking though even if not drawing, and yeah it's like couple of years have flown by despite still thinking it was like yesterday when you last posted.
As much I'm happy to hear someone's getting back on rails even if slowly, to me each good step feels like negated by a bigger one always lately.
Nah, like plenty of times said in the past your style was fine as it were even if you like to be self-critical about it which is fine for improving over time.
The only thing I'm expecting is a drawing of any kind from you at some point.
>> No. 14444 ID: 900906ed
File 155800280837.jpg - ( 260.47 KB , 814x1000 , gettingbacktoit.jpg [iqdb] )
I'm going to keep any fanfare and pomp to a minimum. Bring me your requests, fellow Helmanons. I'm back.
>> No. 14445 ID: 6092bd36
File 155802551885.jpg - ( 901.28 KB , 1190x1500 , 37717316_p0.jpg [iqdb] )
I would love to see Marian as a sexy cowgirl
Something like this
>> No. 14447 ID: 71a1b722
Very cute Nipa! Welcome back.
>> No. 14448 ID: 480f4b90
File 155804416582.jpg - ( 48.81 KB , 535x1000 , battle_stand_0_0_0.jpg [iqdb] )
I would love to see Sadako in a lewd kunoichi outfit kind of like pic related.
>> No. 14449 ID: b28ef414
File 155806538182.jpg - ( 124.03 KB , 640x800 , Card Miyafuji summer swimsuit.jpg [iqdb] )
Okaerinasai senpai. And with a cute Nipa no less. Thank you for your continued efforts.
You're already bombarded, but that's for a good reason. I'll just ask seeing summer's coming and all something with Miyafuji in her frilly bikini look.
And for reference there was this fanart made by Couch eons ago >>11206 where Lynne got a leg cramp. I like the idea of somewhat dynamic compositions always so maybe Miyafuji trying to split a watermelon with blindfold or doing warm-up stretching.
>> No. 14450 ID: eaaa53cf
File 155808820255.png - ( 135.61 KB , 472x700 , __sanya_v_litvyak_world_witches_series_and_etc_dra.png [iqdb] )
Welcome back. My birthday is coming up really soon, so I'd love to see Sanya wrapped up in ribbons. It's up to you if want to do clothed or clotheless, I'd like it either way.
>> No. 14454 ID: 057f61fa
So glad to have you back!
I'll try to hold back my requests for a while, I'm sure you must be very busy with what there is now.
>> No. 14459 ID: 060b80cf
File 155896112259.jpg - ( 209.24 KB , 852x1000 , Sanya_ribbon_wip.jpg [iqdb] )
Here's a WIP to prove I'm still around. Hopefully I didn't miss your b-day by too much, I'll try and have it finished soon!
I'm going a little out of order on these requests, but I'll make sure to get them all delivered.
>> No. 14460 ID: 1c26e8a9
File 155908763222.jpg - ( 80.25 KB , 600x413 , mfw someone whips out the good shit.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 14461 ID: 3c091a4b
I would love a Minna dressed in a baby doll, sitting on a simple bed, implying it belongs to an enlisted soldier.
She could be saying something along the lines of "I've been waiting~".

Also, if you find the time, why not make it a a two frame comic strip with both of them being in her office, the soldier as her scribe and Minna saying she'll go to bed, as he is still finishing work on some papers.

Please, take all the time you need for this! I appreciate how much effort and time you put in for us.
I would be super happy if you decided to draw my request and would understand if something prevents you from doing so.
>> No. 14462 ID: 8ebadf22
File 155913483453.jpg - ( 310.48 KB , 690x1000 , Marian_cowgirl.jpg [iqdb] )
Here's another WIP. I feel like something's off with her face... maybe I'll figure it out tomorrow. If there's anything you want changed, let me know.

Don't worry, nothing really prevents me from drawing, I'm just agonizingly slow.
>> No. 14463 ID: b64e8c85
The current face simply lacks the oomph to look like Shirley's, is how I'd put it at least.
As in it seems a bit too generic, or something, still nothing too bad.
>> No. 14464 ID: b1faf062
File 155922902428.jpg - ( 40.30 KB , 416x195 , A35CBF08-F1F6-4669-A0FD-311A5908A309.jpg [iqdb] )
The only thing I can think of with her face is that its a little too small compared to the rest of her, like how her hair seems to go too far off to the side, and it looks not tall enough to fit with her hair and body (like her cheek is really long and flat), but maybe that’s just me
Other than that, I love it, I dont think you need to change anything else
I’m really looking forward to it
>> No. 14520 ID: 9268ad49
File 156107319394.jpg - ( 239.25 KB , 852x1000 , Sanya_ribbon.jpg [iqdb] )
Been sitting on these for a couple or so weeks, haven't made any more progress. Sorry guys.
Attempts at colouring really sap my motivation.
>> No. 14521 ID: 9268ad49
File 156107321885.jpg - ( 203.26 KB , 690x1000 , Marian_cowgirl2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 14522 ID: 0ff0aa5d
we need more of this
>> No. 14526 ID: 480f4b90
Need more of all of this.
>> No. 14527 ID: 721c6357
Hey that looks great! Thank you!
>> No. 14528 ID: 49a33067
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your work.
>> No. 14615 ID: bd692a29
File 15632500545.gif - ( 436.74 KB , 540x395 , Momo cheerleader genki.gif [iqdb] )
Drawfag-san ganbattene.
Summer's kinda over soon though..
>> No. 14617 ID: 15d9edb2
File 156337607948.jpg - ( 147.41 KB , 540x700 , urgetodrawlucchiniarmpitsrising.jpg [iqdb] )
If summer's almost over then why's it still so bloody hot? Thank god for AC.

Here's a WIP. I think I sort of combined both your suggestions into one without realizing. Not sure if stretching before splitting a watermelon is being overcautious or not.
>> No. 14650 ID: 8954391c
How about witches trying the latest meme challenge (straw with lidded cup) to varying degrees of success?
>> No. 14698 ID: 65fc2fdc
File 156466627161.jpg - ( 1.14 MB , 1544x2000 , Yoshika_swimsuit.jpg [iqdb] )
Calling this one done unless there is anything major I missed.
>> No. 14700 ID: 927e31f5
that's some really nice tummy
>> No. 14703 ID: d4807bbc
File 156468043463.jpg - ( 237.09 KB , 640x800 , Lucchini_20_01_S.jpg [iqdb] )
AAaaaaaaa.. Truly this is Miyafuji's best swimsuit besides her default one and it suits her lovely figure on point and proper. The frills with the color layout and swimsuit design is so good and just in time for the last few weeks of summer.
I love it so much, you did amazing! I think this is your first colored delivery aside Nipa image too, your coloring is on point as well with this one at least.
Now hopefully you don't mind me being nitpicky if I'd were to, in which the stretch is a tad bit lazy one coming from her and the dynamic pose is lacking as such, although I guess that's on me by not saying it with the WIP but I didn't want to really look at it since I prefer seeing finalized art myself. Sorry about that.
As for missing something, I suppose if you feel like it, Lucchini could have her own unique bikini she got with Miyafuji that same year during the event instead of her default one.
>> No. 14704 ID: 12a4ddef
>> No. 14706 ID: 65fc2fdc
Yeah, sorry about the pose not being so dynamic. Usually I try to aim for dynamism but nothing seemed to click this time.
Lucchini's swimsuit should be an easy fix, though. Should have figured she'd have a unique design as well.
>> No. 14709 ID: 731bd17f
File 156490902188.jpg - ( 1.16 MB , 1544x2000 , Yoshika_swimsuit_v2.jpg [iqdb] )
Had to improvise on her top piece as you can't really see it in the official art, but here you go!
>> No. 14711 ID: 966d6497
It's perfect! I think it's pretty much how anyone would imagine it to be from the front. These two sure got to be frilly fuwa together, adding Lucchini was a nice idea for sure.
Really thanks for the art, now you can get to focus on the rest.~
>> No. 14715 ID: 12a4ddef
>> No. 14716 ID: 5441553f
Amazing drawfriend, top notch art and very cute witches.
>> No. 14728 ID: e20a56ef
Hey drawfriend there's a uicchi collab going on now and they'll take gaijin art

Link if you're interested
>> No. 14731 ID: 882e5a1d
That's pretty neat. Part of me is interested but another part is overly worried of being in a collab with others and having me cock it up somehow.
Is there a link to their previous Connect Witches release? I'm not finding it through my usual channels.
>> No. 14735 ID: 111a3864
All I can find rn is the cover
>> No. 14745 ID: 7b65d320
This really is the perfect birthday gift, seeing Sanya being so cute like this. Thank you so much drawanon, this is amazing. And sorry for the super late reply!
>> No. 14754 ID: 561f5870
File 156673990870.jpg - ( 774.63 KB , 1233x2000 , Sadako.jpg [iqdb] )
Here ya go, my dude.

And I'm sorry for the super late deliveries! Speed is something I should work on. Or rather, not getting easily distracted.
>> No. 14756 ID: 71a1b722
Very nice!
>> No. 14757 ID: e0224997
Oh man. The fishnet belly, microskirt that covers nothing, the curve of her buttocks peaking through, her personal mark as the hairpin.

Drawfriend you got a paypal or something just wow
>> No. 14762 ID: 1190eb6c
Excellent work drawfriend! Have you got a twitter?
>> No. 14766 ID: fee6edaa
Helma's pretty much the only place I post my stuff at the moment.
>> No. 14775 ID: b1f2410f
I very rarely check Helma and this is the first time I have seen your work. You are extremely good, as a content creator myself I personally recommend to really make a Pixiv or a Twitter someday.. theres so many other fans who would really love your content too! (Japanese especially)
>> No. 14776 ID: b1f2410f
Oh btw, always nice to drop by Helma and see people talking shit about me behind my back. :) Reminds me why this place is trash, lel
>> No. 14777 ID: b6b989ef

That's a post from 3 years ago, but thanks.
>> No. 14778 ID: e8ea97c6
That's nice kid, and that suddenly makes it okay... because? lol...

I'll end my remarks by saying that art is art. Shouldn't matter what people make as long as the artist is happy, and if other people enjoy seeing it (and yes, people enjoy types art that others may not like). But anyone who enjoys shitting on what other people enjoy is just an example of an unlikable person! :) But hey don't get mad at me, I'm merely just calling it out that's all! I would have said this 3 years ago too if I had seen it, all the same to me.

And now back to enjoying art! ^__^
>> No. 14779 ID: 1996545d
>But anyone who enjoys shitting on what other people enjoy is just an example of an unlikable person!

This is someone who once threatened to kill himself over the usual stupid comments in an /a/ witches thread. Eagle's posts are best treated like something that fell out of the back of a garbage truck.

I hope you'll feel inspired to do some more PG-rated Sanya work in the future.
>> No. 14781 ID: 1b8925d6
I'm not some kid. And I'm not the guy that posted that. I'm the admin.

You're right to be mad about that post and you're free to defend yourself, I'm just sick of this place being talked shit about.

>But anyone who enjoys shitting on what other people enjoy is just an example of an unlikable person!

>Reminds me why this place is trash, lel

If you think Helma is so shit, why don't you tell me how to improve it. What can I even do? Anyone's free to post whatever they want here, and I've only banned 2 people in 8 years. If you don't like it, make it a better place. I'm being serious here.

This place isn't some secret club circle jerk. Hell, I don't even post here. Post what you want here. Bring your friends, I don't care. I've tried my best to keep this place drama free, I don't advertise the site on 4chan (or anywhere else), I don't ban people on a whim, I don't have a bunch of friends trashing the place. After 8 years it's still ready and waiting. Not as a replacement for existing boards and discords, but just as another place to enjoy the subject.

But I don't want to turn this into some retarded thread derailing drama, so I'll leave it at that. Unless you want to discuss some sort of solution in private. And I apologize if this post seems a bit over the top, but I've been handling a lot of stupid irl shit lately, and my patience is razor thin right now.
>> No. 14782 ID: b9a34296
I admit I wouldn't know how to discuss this in private since I don't use these types of boards often, but maybe that would be a better choice if we did so since I do care very much about Witches fandom, including here...

I was upset about stumbling across this when I was simply looking at great art (and this thread really has great stuff), but in retrospect I could have chosen better words regardless... or tried my best to ignore it (which is hard with anger issues lol). All that being said I apologize for derailing things.
>> No. 14783 ID: b9a34296
File 156872874713.png - ( 2.64 MB , 1920x1080 , 159.png [iqdb] )
Regarding my violent content, just to clear things up... I do love Witches very very dearly, I really care about them. Yes it is also fetish stuff... that part is true, but it is not out of hate which I'd like to specify. I love creating beautiful/cute artwork too, its just that my violent/sexual content got more views lmfao... kinda sad actually.

As for more Sanya pics, I'd love to! But I actually haven't drawn in a very long time.. I think about 2 years now? Part of it is due to depression, but the other reason is because I've spent like the last year and a half creating my own MMD model from scratch. I had seen someone else post an MMD edit earlier in this thread so I assume its okay if I posted my content too? I may as well share something to make up for my earlier posts, haha...

Related image is a recent pic I made using my own model, and as for downloading it you can get it from here (it requires a Nico account, sorry): https://3d.nicovideo.jp/works/td60809

I plan to create more MMD Witches too, simply because no one else really bothered to make highly detailed Witches models before... :< One day I had decided to take it upon myself to do so, and I guess its worked out so far!
>> No. 14784 ID: a48a765b
Really nice ninnin Sadako. Kinda funny with the timing and how recently all sorts of ninjas have been on a huge uprise in various things.
A Wakizashi in her open hand would've been a nice touch, or few shurikens in-between the fingers but not really a required one. Almost feel like asking for a certain type of ninja myself but I'll refrain now.

Is it really talking shit behind your back seeing this is a public place though, just like twitter or any other place and critiquing artist's creations.
And I don't see myself exactly shitting on you from back then either in it. Albeit it's really weird to bring up such old stuff.
Simply stating I don't like gore involved with witches and if that's what you like, then free will and all, really even if it's a shame to me what with your core art having a decent foundation which is a praise mind you back then and now.
I did call gore trash, which it is to me, not you nor your likes directly. You do you man like anyone else when it comes to art.
And the MMD model of Mio is pretty good.
>> No. 14785 ID: a66ee3bd

Yeah, I'm sorry too for going a bit overboard, and I understand why you were mad (since the same thing happened to me). I'm just on edge lately.

>All that being said I apologize for derailing things.

To be fair, I derailed it significantly more.

Anyhow, if you do have some ideas on how to make this place better, send me an email at [email protected]
>> No. 14787 ID: a66ee3bd
File 156874960453.png - ( 486.54 KB , 1458x1080 , s11111.png [iqdb] )

I've seen your model before and I think it looks really nice. I tried "kit-bashing" my own higher quality Sakamoto a couple years ago, but yours looks a heck of a lot better!
>> No. 14788 ID: 2df0fb83
I understood how you might feel since Ive also been going through very rough times myself for many reasons... one reason actually has to do with this model, I love what Ive done but it also kinda fucked me up in a way due to pushing myself too far (long story). Anyway, if I think of something more to say, maybe I'll contact you!

Tbh thats a pretty good attempt for what it is! Sadly when using parts from other models, it can be very challenging to get it to look just right... it was one of the reasons I decided from the start to do everything by myself, and so I didnt have to owe other authors credit lol! It was a huge pain and I had to learn everything as I went, it was the first time ive ever done this too... but it was definitely worth it, especially to see all the kind words from people who comment on it! Thank you! :)
>> No. 14789 ID: 974f0eb3
Hey drawfriend would you mind drawing sadako in some well fit modern clothes.
I've been looking at humid modern witches and there's no sadako version.
>> No. 14792 ID: 5dce6d01
One last update regarding the convo, just wanted to quickly mention I had decided to send an email like you mentioned! :3
>> No. 14824 ID: 65839008
File 157242223422.png - ( 424.98 KB , 788x924 , Ryza.png [iqdb] )
Hey drawfriend if you want could you draw Raisa dressed as Ryza from the new atelier game?
Pic for reference.
Maybe a clothing swap or something if you have time.
>> No. 14847 ID: 92ff73f4
File 157431633086.jpg - ( 34.58 KB , 375x502 , Eila with tonttus on hand - hashi o7.jpg [iqdb] )
It's almost that time of the year again with the advent calendar.
This time I was wondering if there happens to be anyone here who wants to take part in it, feel free to send me your drawn picture to [email protected]
Only rules are that it features witch and festive mood and have it sent at least before 14th December. And no need to worry about skill levels.
>> No. 14878 ID: 135d831c
File 157615938540.jpg - ( 211.04 KB , 574x800 , Raisa_Ryza.jpg [iqdb] )
I'll try and get it coloured up soon.

The holidays are taking up so much of my spare time but I'll see if I can squeeze in a quick doodle for you before the end of Saturday!
>> No. 14881 ID: be479a84
Drawfriend so GOOD
>> No. 14885 ID: 904db59b
By all means do, doesn't need to be anything grand, there's still few days left.
>> No. 14957 ID: d664a744
Hey, I hope you're still here drawfriend. I was wondering about what you did to get so good with drawing and how long it took you. I would like to get better with drawing but my stuff looks like trash right now.
And as others have said, you should open up a Pixiv or Twitter.
>> No. 14961 ID: 638abcae
I'm still here. Been drawing "seriously" for about 10 years now, shamed as I am to admit it. Put in a modicum of effort and motivation and anyone could reach my level in a fraction of the time, so don't let that discourage you. Hell, I honestly think I plateaued a few years ago and haven't bothered to improve since.
I'm always excited to help new artists get their feet on the ground so I'll write up a longer post in a day or two when I find the time. I'm self-taught, but I've studied a few books to learn the basics. I'll name-drop a bunch later.
How long have you been drawing for? Don't worry about your drawings looking like shit right off the bat, it gets said a lot but everyone starts off the same. I should see if I can find some of my early drawings to show how I started.
I'll answer any questions you have, and if there's anything in specific you want to know more about just ask.

And if you take requests, I'd like Lynette in a sundress. Thank you.
>> No. 14962 ID: b39022e2
>Put in a modicum of effort and motivation and anyone could reach my level in a fraction of the time, so don't let that discourage you. Hell, I honestly think I plateaued a few years ago and haven't bothered to improve since.
I think you're vastly underrating your skills. You're probably one of the most talented drawfags out there.
>I'm always excited to help new artists get their feet on the ground so I'll write up a longer post in a day or two when I find the time. I'm self-taught, but I've studied a few books to learn the basics. I'll name-drop a bunch later.
Yeah, I would like that. It would be good to know everything you have done to get to where you are.
>How long have you been drawing for?
Not very long, just a few stuff here and there since last Winter.
>And if you take requests, I'd like Lynette in a sundress.
Yeah sure, I can try though it might end up terrible. It will be on pencil and paper though (I'm assuming that you have been using a tablet). Also, my delivery speed might be slow because I have some applications due soon and university is about to get hectic.
>> No. 14964 ID: 638abcae
Pencil and paper is what practically everybody, including myself, starts off with, so don't worry on that front. Don't bother with a tablet until you're good and invested in the hobby as drawing digitally has its own, separate learning curve.
Loomis gets mentioned a lot for beginners but he's truly a great starting point. "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" starts off with learning and memorizing the proper proportions and the book really helps familiarize yourself with the basics. "Drawing the Head and Hands," also by Loomis, is great as well, and considering how faces are a huge focal point in anime/manga it's pretty invaluable.
One book that I can't recommend enough is "Figure Drawing Design and Invention" by Michael Hampton, as it brilliantly shows how to build the human body using shapes and blocks. Read in conjunction with Loomis and it makes a sturdy foundation.
Also check out:
Bert Dodson - Keys to Drawing
Burne Hogarth - Drawing Dynamic Hands
Burne Hogarth - Dynamic Figure Drawing
George B Bridgman - Bridgman's Complete Guide To Drawing From Life
Glenn Vilppu - The Vilppu Drawing Manual
I could go into detail about them but there's no need as the all serve the same purpose; they're all great for studying the fundamentals to varying degrees and building up your artistic strength.
>> No. 14965 ID: 638abcae
Also, a few more notes:

1. A lot of people say in order to draw anime you need to know how to draw people realistically first. While drawing from real life and books will certainly improve your skills far quicker than drawing nonstop anime, don't go thinking that you can't draw anime until you're good. Draw what you "need" to draw, but don't forego drawing what you "want" to draw. A few years back I felt I should be focusing on the fundamentals and set aside anime entirely. I found I lacked both the motivation and determination to work on my fundamentals and wound up wasting several months not doing any drawing at all. If you don't draw, you can't improve.

3. Tracing isn't evil, it's a great way to understand how other artists have built their characters. Obviously, don't try and pass the work off as your own, it's purely for studies.

3. Improving isn't just about drawing every day. It's about noticing your mistakes, understanding what's wrong with your work and then striving to correct it. You'll find times where you draw something you think looks great, and then the next day or even a few hours later you'll look at it with fresh eyes and think it looks ghastly. Use this moment to analyze why it looks like shit and aim to do better.

4. Don't burn yourself out. At the end of the day, drawing is meant to be fun. If you're doodling aimlessly or can't get a certain aspect of your drawing to look right, take a breather. Read a book, go for a walk, watch a show or a movie. Come back to it later with a clean slate of mind.

That's all I can think of for now. Keep at it and have fun is all I can really say. If you ever end up drawing some of the witches, make sure to post it here as I'd love to see your progress. Other than that, I'll always be here for help or critique.
Now, I myself haven't been getting any of my recent work to look right, so if anyone wants to hit me up with some new requests I'd love to try them out to break free of this rut.
>> No. 14966 ID: fdfade66
File 158066476415.jpg - ( 156.82 KB , 670x1024 , Hanna_Scan_1.jpg [iqdb] )
Thanks for the advice! I just downloaded a couple of stuff from /ic/ as my foundation so far lol. I'll make sure to check out Loomis and Hampton. If there is any other advice you can think of please share.

As for your earlier request, I'll try to do it as soon as possible but university is getting pretty crazy right now.

>Now, I myself haven't been getting any of my recent work to look right, so if anyone wants to hit me up with some new requests I'd love to try them out to break free of this rut.
Kindly requesting Hanna Rudel blushing/getting flustered over receiving a present for Valentine's Day, please (I was going to do a variation of this for your request).
>> No. 14967 ID: f4375a6b
File 158071364560.jpg - ( 535.70 KB , 2470x2402 , brave519.jpg [iqdb] )
my Gundula
>> No. 14968 ID: 638abcae
Very good!
I'd love to see more of your work.
>> No. 14970 ID: 6207f95b
File 158114582320.jpg - ( 1.20 MB , 3065x2150 , brave483.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 14975 ID: c035d33e
File 158151789276.jpg - ( 167.81 KB , 548x800 , Hanna_Rudel.jpg [iqdb] )
Still working out a better composition, but this is what I got so far. Hoping to have it done before Valentine's.
>I was going to do a variation of this for your request
Do it. Blushing witches soothes the heart.

Awesome, keep up the good work anon. And keep posting your work here when you can. I can give you some requests if you're ever in need of something to draw.
>> No. 14976 ID: b39022e2
File 158157661887.jpg - ( 1.32 MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20200213_003552042_HDR_2.jpg [iqdb] )
A very good job! It's very nice to see someone like Rudel blushing given her scar and usual demeanor. Anyways, here's your request. Sorry, it took so long, I just finished up my first round of tests. Also, I have just begun to look into Loomis. I'll make sure to dedicate more time into it when I'm free.

Looks like there are more than two people in this thread. Excellent job to you too. I swear this looks very familiar.
>> No. 14981 ID: f6666eee
File 158186317840.jpg - ( 277.06 KB , 685x1000 , Hanna_Rudel_valentines.jpg [iqdb] )
Better late than never, I suppose. Hopefully Hanna isn't too pissed at a belated gift.

Fantastic! I really like her negligee. Keep practicing, anon. The path to becoming a great artist is only as long as you make it out to be. Though it may not seem like it, I'm always here, so if you ever have questions or are looking for critique, fire away.
That said, I'm always open to critique on my own work, so don't be afraid of pointing out anything that looks odd.
>> No. 14983 ID: 8b28f79d
A very excellent job anon! Beautiful as always. I'll make sure to keep on practicing and going over the fundamentals. Hopefully, I'll be somewhat capable by Winter so I can draw better for /a/'s Secret Santa and maybe even contribute to Helma's Christmas Calendar.
As for critique, I don't really see anything odd. Anyways, if you need me for anything I'll also be here but I'm more active on /c/'s SW thread. Thanks for everything you've done so far, I really appreciate it.
>> No. 14984 ID: a48b9567
I'm so happy we have more drawfriends!
Everyone is wonderful!
>> No. 14987 ID: 5de67d3f
Hi everyone. First time in this thread.

A question: anyone here or elsewhere who can draw Neuroi? It's for a fanfic I'm writing.
>> No. 14994 ID: cce6215c
Never drew Neuroi before, but I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. What did you have in mind?
>> No. 14995 ID: c9316369

Sorry for the late reply

One that looks like a Avro Vulcan and one that looks like a C-130 Hercules.

Links for reference:



My e-mail address: [email protected] Can we please have further discussions there?
>> No. 15001 ID: 6cf27209
File 158294092644.png - ( 3.98 MB , 2560x1440 , Perrine birthday bridge 2017.png [iqdb] )
Bridge 2017.
>> No. 15002 ID: 6cf27209
File 15829409463.jpg - ( 930.98 KB , 2560x1440 , Perrine birthday bridge 2018.jpg [iqdb] )
Bridge 2018.
>> No. 15003 ID: 6cf27209
File 15829409648.png - ( 3.93 MB , 2560x1440 , Perrine birthday bridge 2019.png [iqdb] )
Bridge 2019.
>> No. 15004 ID: 6cf27209
File 158294104531.jpg - ( 1.51 MB , 2560x1440 , Perrine birthday bridge 2020.jpg [iqdb] )
Don't mind me, just posting the bridges here seeing I hadn't before, save for the first two.
And bridge 2020.
>> No. 15006 ID: 63fa4252
Thanks for all your efforts, Eagle. I've always loved these.
>> No. 15009 ID: dea1fc4a
File 158363720625.jpg - ( 3.00 MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_20200307_131443119.jpg [iqdb] )
Just going to post this. In addition to looking over the fundamentals, I've also been practicing drawing anime to mix things up a little. In particular, I've been copying your style (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) and I definitely feel like I understand how to draw eyes and hair better. Here's an example of one of my little studies. I think what I drew ended up being Helma with Rudel's bandaid. I think I'll be sticking with this style of eyes, for now, I know it's a lot better than my previous blank eyes.

Anyways, thanks again for your help drawfriend, I still have a long way to go but I'll make sure to keep on practicing.

Pretty good stuff, I look forward to this year's Christmas Calendar. Thanks for all your efforts.
>> No. 15011 ID: dea1fc4a
File 158363773973.jpg - ( 2.33 MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20200301_140320996_HDR.jpg [iqdb] )
That's weird... the thumbnail shows the incorrect orientation but if you click it, it shows the correct orientation. Here's another picture attempt. Also, I forgot to ask but do you draw your poses from imagination? Thanks.
>> No. 15013 ID: 9ba1bf3b
Some programs have a setting to include orientation in the .jpg. I'm not sure, but I think the lossless jpg rotation function in Irfanview also resets the orientation setting.
>> No. 15015 ID: 43a41c62
File 158377315438.jpg - ( 2.97 MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_20200307_131443119.jpg [iqdb] )
Just tried it, it works. Thanks, anon.
>> No. 15016 ID: 46f3cc2f
File 158401727799.jpg - ( 245.45 KB , 1000x792 , Neuroi_Avro_Vulcan.jpg [iqdb] )
Here's the Avro Vulcan. It's nice to draw something different for a change. Let me know if there are any modifications you want done.
I can definitely say I feel flattered! It already looks like you're improving. I may start redlining your work in the future to help you out some more, if you're cool with it.
Regardless, keep up the good work.
>> No. 15017 ID: 9eb28a60

Guy from >>14995

Thanks again. What about the Neuroi based on a C-130?
>> No. 15018 ID: 46f3cc2f
Haven't started it yet, gonna get on it ASAP.
>> No. 15019 ID: c9dad205
Pretty good Neuroi, I didn't know that Loomis and such would translate over to that. And feel free to redline my stuff but I think you've done more than enough to help me. Anyways, I'll continue practicing/studying as hard as I can. It's a nice new hobby and I should hopefully be decent in 2-3 years.
>> No. 15020 ID: 9eb28a60

Thanks again for this.
>> No. 15030 ID: c38a95a3
File 158566161688.jpg - ( 517.04 KB , 1740x1000 , Neuroi_C-130_Hercules.jpg [iqdb] )
And, finally, here's the Hercules.
Hopefully everyone's doing well and staying safe from the virus. Times may seem rough but just remember we have more witch anime goodness in the future to look forward to.
With the extra free time I have I'm considering starting a project to keep me busy. I've attempted making doujinshi before, maybe I'll take another crack at it. We'll see.
I'm still taking requests though, so feel free to drop some on me. If the other artists are still here, I have some requests of my own:
- Beurling smoking by herself out in the snow
- Krupinski reaching out to pinch an unsuspecting witch's bum (perhaps Rossman's?)
- Perrine looking dismayed and distraught at her torn pantyhose
>> No. 15031 ID: db78f061
Good job on the Neuroi, I'm loving the amount of effort that was put into the hexagons. That must have been so hard perspective wise. Of course, the overall drawing does very much look like the intended plane as well. As for your doujinshi project, that sounds interesting. If you ever finish it, I'm sure it will be good.

Anyways, I'm still here (the anon that just started drawing) and I think I'll attempt the first suggestion. It may take a while though since I have another round of tests next week.
>> No. 15040 ID: ab59c9b7
I know part of drawfagging is being anonymous, but seeing as Helma's closing soon, I'd (and others too, probably) really appreciate it if there was some way to keep following you.
A Twitter or Pixiv would be great, I think
>> No. 15041 ID: 69d15ec5
File 158591431433.jpg - ( 270.51 KB , 960x1200 , 142794485996.jpg [iqdb] )
Hey drawfriend, Helma will be shutting down soon and would like to kindly request if you could perhaps draw Helma giving a farewell/goodbye to the website and the Admin and post it in the sticky. It would probably have to be done by at least the 10th so the Admin could see it. I'll do a variation of this as well, though I wish I could have been better before this happened.

Anyways, I'll continue with your request and I'll try my best to post it here before the closure. If that doesn't work, I'll just post it in /c/. If you ever need me for anything, my email is [email protected]; I would gladly continue drawing your requests to the best of my abilities. Of course, I'll also always be in /c/ if you need me for whatever reason.

Anyways, thanks for being Helma's resident drawfriend. I still really appreciate you fulfilling my earlier request this year and I'm sure the other anons appreciate your dozens of deliveries in the past. Also, thanks again for giving me your advice, I made sure to save that and every single delivery you made so I can continue studying your work. I'm sure if I follow your advice and practice consistently, I'll definitely get better.
>> No. 15042 ID: 75b579dc
It feels a little improper with Helma shutting down, but I have a request. I'm gonna piggyback off that other guy's Neuroi requests.
You play much Ace Combat? I'd like to see the Fenrir as a Neuroi. If you're not familiar with it, the wiki has several pictures of it.
>> No. 15046 ID: 85729670

Thanks so much for this.

Given I have your e-mail and you got mine, I hope we can talk so more there on the World Witches franchise.

Until then and thanks again for helping me.
>> No. 15050 ID: 4168411f
Yeah, I should probably get on that. I was thinking if I get this doujinshi done, I'd make a pixiv account and post it there as well as Sadpanda. I've just never been overly fond of social media, imageboards aside.

Definitely going to draw a farewell picture for Helma. I'll try and pop up more in /c/, and of course I'll be in /a/ for the witch threads when the various anime start rolling out. Keep drawing, anon.

I probably won't get it done before the closure, but I'll definitely give it a try. Don't know where I'll post it, though.

No problem anon, good luck with your project.
>> No. 15060 ID: 57f5f4f9
Just wondering, but can I requested nude filter here..?
>> No. 15063 ID: 36b8d769
File 158611012580.jpg - ( 2.70 MB , 2857x3631 , IMG_20200405_125430508.jpg [iqdb] )
I hope you're not far into my farewell request because it will not be needed anymore seeing as this site will continue on.

I finished mine though and I was planning on doing a redraw but, of course, that won't be needed anymore. Here's what my farewell picture would have looked like if anyone was curious.

Anyways, I'll work on your request ASAP.
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