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File 161590765720.jpg - ( 111.88 KB , 640x360 , notSpain.jpg [iqdb] )
512 No. 512 ID: ebd49e70
I finished watching the anime and I must say it was quite a ride
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>> No. 513 ID: 98e87bcf
File 161606945375.png - ( 936.65 KB , 1350x1920 , 1610279145128.png [iqdb] )
Now read Ribbon Warrior.

did you post on /a/ asking about the best subs?
>> No. 514 ID: ebd49e70
No, I posted on /a/ asking if I would make it in time for Das Finale 3
>> No. 515 ID: 5339cedf
This series ability to continue attracting new fans is amusing, nobody could have predicted it would have such staying power when it aired.

Turns out releasing one DF episode every 2 years was a good idea after all
>> No. 516 ID: ebd49e70
They should have done the same with Strike Witches
>> No. 517 ID: 5339cedf
File 16161695734.gif - ( 184.59 KB , 450x504 , 1583780796010.gif [iqdb] )
I mean how long did we wait for Road to Berlin? If it meant constant engagement and GuP Das Finale levels of quality then I'd say 10 years for a full season is well worth it
>> No. 518 ID: 8ec9ea2d
Imagine Shirley tits rendered in unreal engine 4.
O desire!

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