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1350 No. 1350
Hi admin, I'm glad someone picked up the mantle. You still have /sw/ locked so no one can actually respond to your post. While RtB has come to an end, I hope there will be occasional bursts of SW love here.

One thing I might suggest/personally do is to look over the pastebin links, because I'm certain some of those links are dead from when I tried to use them recently. Others fortunately redirect to their new homes.
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>> No. 1351
File 160885670280.png - ( 68.19 KB , 450x300 , 1462641356452.png [iqdb] )
Thanks for pointing that out. I was probably testing something out and forgot to unlock /sw/.

Updating the pastebin is on my to-do list. There are lots of dead links, as well as new releases since the last update. It will be done as soon as I get home, after Christmas.
>> No. 1352
File 160924762893.jpg - ( 405.85 KB , 1500x1500 , Cover.jpg [iqdb] )
• Replaced all nyaa.se links
• Replaced all links to the old wiki (strikewitches.wikia) to the new one (worldwitches.fandom)
+ Operation Victory Arrow Vol.3 Arnhem No Hashi Hime Uta(FLAC)
+ Brave Witches
+ Brave Witches Prequel Manga
+ 501st JFW Take Off! and 501st JFW Take Off! Movie
+ Road to Berlin


PSA: Mediafire will be deleting content from inactive accounts starting January 2021. Several of the links in the Pastebin are at risk. It's recommended to download whatever you can and re-upload it to Google Drive and/or Workupload, as well as keeping a copy on your hard drive. I'll be doing whatever I can but I'm not sure I'll be able to get everything.
There's no cloud, it's just someone else's computer.
>> No. 1382
File 163870832655.jpg - ( 51.67 KB , 500x700 , 1501454494935.jpg [iqdb] )
gj admin

also catalog view shows all threads on the board, not sure if that is ideal for bandwidth

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