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File 132903764937.jpg - ( 134.29KB , 1200x1200 , 1329028555667[1].jpg [iqdb] )
396 No. 396
Witches are smalltime.
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>> No. 409
So tell me, why do you guys hate Strike Witches Quest?
>> No. 410
I don't (although I haven't read it), but some people just hate everything so it can't be helped.
>> No. 412

i dont. been playing along since thread 2.

though the minna shitstorms do wear a little.
>> No. 413
We don't. The old thread was just in the wrong section, and there's that one guy that hates fun.
>> No. 418
It can't be helped when the game is kinda shit.
>> No. 428
Game? What game are you talking about?
>> No. 429
File 132927111441.jpg - ( 105.51KB , 550x500 , ff86dadea6b4e937cf29cfe8474245ef.jpg [iqdb] )

actually it's not very good, sorta ruins the whole "cute girls doing cute things" theme.
also, i think they are going to kill off minna
>> No. 431
It's not a game, fool. It's a quest. And yeah, of course we are steering away from cute girls doing cute things. Planefag is doing what the anime didn't; action.

And why would /tg/ want to kill off Minna? We already got Chris killed.
>> No. 432
We also have a hate-boner for Minna.
>> No. 433
File 132928940065.jpg - ( 111.79KB , 800x571 , 9a808d166c22f5789f737dcbb028f040.jpg [iqdb] )
The animu already has action, just loli flying machine action.
Introducing dicks to a dormitory of teenaged girls seems a bit "off?"

anys, Heidimarie was here, P-61 is dicks, He219 Uhu rules
>> No. 434
If you want action, there are 1001 war films set in the same period. And why can't you use original characters? This like killing Chris is what makes this so ridiculous.
>> No. 435
File 132932924912.jpg - ( 11.84KB , 182x151 , 1291272932148.jpg [iqdb] )
The Neuroi showed up on average once a week, right? We're getting attacked by Martians every damn day.

We want Strike Witches. We want more action. If we wanted just action we'd go watch those movies or have a non-SW quest. Why bother with original characters? Most of the people participating who are familiar with SW only saw the anime; they're going to want to see the 501st. If there's already characters he can use, why make new ones? And Chris might not be dead anyways. Whats wrong with trying to add a little drama?
So you're probably just going to call it fanfiction (a shitty one; that's subjective). That's fine as long as it's well written and entertaining. (I know, also subjective). SW is set in alternate reality in the first place, so I find alternate reality "fanfiction" appropriate. I think it's fun, and a large group of people also find it fun. It's not going anywhere soon.
tl;dr, Deal with it.
>> No. 436
File 132934033927.png - ( 181.86KB , 501x380 , Faggot.png [iqdb] )
you have made a bad choice coming here fa/tg/uy

As a table top gamer, you are on the bottom of the nerd totem pole, so take your abuse, take it and ask for more!
>> No. 437
File 132934081121.jpg - ( 1.17MB , 1200x1697 , 1323579141965.jpg [iqdb] )
>well written
>player character kills chris in cold blood
>player character mocks minna's loss of loved ones
>player character rapes trude
>player character plans to kill minna

/tg/ is bad peoples

pic related, what passes for cute girls doing cute things on /tg/
>> No. 438
Seems legit to me, I say let the fa/tg/uy stay.
>> No. 439
File 132935543525.png - ( 52.14KB , 190x190 , 1312145749602.png [iqdb] )
>player character kills chris in cold blood
>player character mocks minna's loss of loved ones
>player character rapes trude
>player character plans to kill minna

None of that ever happened.
>> No. 440
File 132936870384.jpg - ( 154.98KB , 800x320 , swq reg.jpg [iqdb] )
I've read your last few threads and this is what I have to say.
>> No. 441
Welp, Sanya killed Minna.
>> No. 442
Guess who!

Player character != writer. Not to mention >>439
>> No. 444
File 132955027052.png - ( 63.29KB , 340x191 , image026.png [iqdb] )
>Sanya shoots Minna in the face
>Trude commits suicide after being raped and Chris's funeral
>Sanya is court marshaled and scheduled to be executed
>Eila tires to break her out (as expected) but is caught and apprehended, thrown into the brig
>Sanya is executed by firing squad.
>Hartmann under psychiatric observation after breaking down and losing her shit from losing her 2 best friends in the same week
>Eila kills her guards, steal a striker and flees the base, she is now a fugitive with a capture or kill order out for her

call up the 502, we are running out of witches!
sure is grim and dark
>> No. 445
>Player character != writer
Yeah, I guess not, character is just the sociopath tendencies of /tg/ as a whole. You guys are a pack of weirdos, that that's coming from a board loli flying machine fans
>> No. 446
I must say the obsession with trolling the girls is a bit too strong. We probably could have avoided this Sanya shooting Minna thing if we immediately went to Minna after Sean told us about the signal.
>> No. 447
File 132956122594.jpg - ( 38.73KB , 405x405 , Angry Ursala.jpg [iqdb] )
Shh, you never know where Planefag may reside and get his ideas from.
>> No. 448
>Trude commits suicide after being raped and Chris's funeral
>after being raped
Nigger, what?
>> No. 450
File 132960195431.gif - ( 12.66KB , 220x218 , goodnightminnapride.gif [iqdb] )
have i told you recently, that i hate minna?
>> No. 451
File 132963993350.jpg - ( 67.18KB , 297x400 , WARLOCK MAGIC.jpg [iqdb] )
Great news, /sw/. We beat up Sanya.
>> No. 452
Skimming through this thread, I can really see how only
> that one guy that hates fun.
could possibly dislike this abomination.
>> No. 455

none of this shit happened. except beating up sanya. that did happen.
>> No. 456

Oh, in that case I take back everything I said. Except I don't.
>> No. 458
That really contributed to this discussion, thank you so much for your input.
>> No. 459
File 132979465328.jpg - ( 114.23KB , 500x400 , STRIKE WITCHES QUEST THREAD! copy.jpg [iqdb] )
Here's a image if you want it.
>> No. 460
Lynette - crushed by panzer
Perrine - legs crushed by panzer, crippled

you are running dangerously low on witches
>> No. 461
File 132989243263.jpg - ( 106.50KB , 1280x720 , Band_of_Brothers_Ep03_2001_720p_HDDVDRiP_x264_AAC(.jpg [iqdb] )
Minna shot us in the gut and foot. And she and MC couldn't be happier.
>> No. 463
The PC sounds like a terrible person, I'd have shot him too, but would have aimed a bit higher
>> No. 464
Sounds like, sure. But here's something Mio said to him in a private moment: "Downplay it all you like, but other's aren't blind to that. You guard your crewmen like they're your children, you go out of your way to make little girls feel better when you think nobody's looking..."
Jerk with a heart of gold is what I figure 90% of players are aiming for.
>> No. 465
>heart of gold implies breaking minna's face so she never sings again

The 1940's may have been a different time, but I would assume breaking frau Von Wilke's face is not considered action befiting an officer or a gentleman
>> No. 466
When the fuck did that happen?
>> No. 467
We saved her life twice doing that. Stop crying
>> No. 468
File 133015042779.jpg - ( 65.59KB , 501x1000 , 1327639402481.jpg [iqdb] )
SWQ is really the highlight of my week. It's the entire reason I've found helma.us and re-watched my favorite episodes.
>> No. 473
File 133058592114.jpg - ( 238.73KB , 1080x1080 , 74681f963b53a107563728922a92fe91.jpg [iqdb] )
sad, sad man
Here, have some Vostyran first born to cheer you up
>> No. 496
File 133116652699.png - ( 447.97KB , 1920x1075 , atypicaldayofSWQ3.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 497
looks like autism to me, a whole gaggle of autism
>> No. 500
>My other ride is a widow
>> No. 716
File 133420601963.jpg - ( 167.30KB , 600x800 , fcbd52a2acd376887f26cdceed17bbde3ead1db7.jpg [iqdb] )
MC got THIS close to fucking Minna
>> No. 718
>implying her powerful buttox wouldn't rip off your meager man bits
>> No. 719
File 13344109308.gif - ( 20.96KB , 540x490 , antiminhammer.gif [iqdb] )


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