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File 133113617964.jpg - ( 713.49KB , 1142x1600 , #00.jpg [iqdb] )
490 No. 490
Found this manga not too long ago. It's kinda like SW but with boats and pants. The twist being that the girls are the actual ships as opposed to famous aces and the like.
It follows the girl Yukikaze (based on the ship the Yukikaze, which never got hit during WWII), her friend shipgirls doing mecha girl like stuff and fighting shipgirls from ABDACOM. (Australia(!), America, England and the Netherlands(!)).
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>> No. 491
File 133113639087.jpg - ( 1.88MB , 1998x1600 , 002.jpg [iqdb] )
Here are the first two volumes of the series: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15161590/Battleship%20Girl.rar
The third volume is coming out later this year.
A chart with all the characters introduced so far.
One thing to be aware about is that it's a Japanese manga and by such, events that Japan would've normally lost in WWII are vastly different here.
For example, the first ship the Yamato sinks is the USS Missouri.
These ships never met and the Missouri was actually the ship on which the surrender of Japan was declared. There are plenty of other moments like this in the manga, so for the sake of entertainment, turn a blind eye to it.
>> No. 492
File 133113647954.jpg - ( 528.76KB , 1103x1600 , 116.jpg [iqdb] )
I do like how the manga has characters from the Netherlands and Australia, which generally never show up in Japanese media.
>> No. 493
File 133113651242.jpg - ( 648.68KB , 1113x1600 , 115.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 494
File 133113654714.jpg - ( 596.01KB , 1109x1600 , 056.jpg [iqdb] )
Stupid sexy HMS Hood.
>> No. 495
File 133113657916.jpg - ( 577.23KB , 1105x1600 , 030.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 498
girl on girl combats?
this is my fetish
>> No. 501
File 133119715327.jpg - ( 692.32KB , 1115x1600 , 067.jpg [iqdb] )
There's even a carrier girl
>> No. 504
post some panels of shipgirls exploding and sinking please
>> No. 507
Wow, Thanks a lot for sharing!
>> No. 512
File 133131186392.jpg - ( 652.06KB , 1128x1600 , 049.jpg [iqdb] )
Sinking amounts to this
>> No. 513
File 133131192999.jpg - ( 492.55KB , 1115x1600 , 135.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 515
File 133131248643.jpg - ( 721.27KB , 1116x1600 , 013.jpg [iqdb] )
Katanas, because WWII ship combat was totally about Katanas.
>> No. 678
I just got hold of this manga up to Vol3.
Apparently, the actual "sinking" is a bit more serious.
They killed off couple characters in the Battle of Midway.
>> No. 679
you can read moon speak?
>> No. 680

Oh, and there was DKM Scharnhorst appearing from vol2, because having a German character in the pacific is absolutely necessary.
>> No. 681
File 133275312662.jpg - ( 606.94KB , 1115x1600 , 094.jpg [iqdb] )
Magical German loli.

Time to look up volume 3 on the web.
>> No. 682
I'm uh..guessing they won't mention the Battle of Midway or Phillippine Sea?
>> No. 683

Philippines will probably be in later volumes, I'm assuming.

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