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File 133331737596.jpg - ( 377.62KB , 1000x1200 , 1331355607870.jpg [iqdb] )
684 No. 684
Oi oi folks, it's me again... I'm here to ask about some things which I forgot about the other day. Firstly, do we have any gamers here? Particularly those who participate in first person shooters? If so, wonderful, if not then oh well.

Secondly, I'm to get to the point of the first inquiry now. The reason I ask is because of a wish I've had even before now, when I first watched Strike Witches and had, in the very least, Fallout 3. Of course now, I have Fallout New Vegas as well. Oh, and I really don't care about "lore" and what not, I just play it for the challenge and entertainment. You see, I wish that I could have some of, if not all of the girls of the 501st JFW or others as companions, or in the very least, have their weapons at my or other players' disposal. Do we have anyone here who might be capable of such a feat? Or possibly have the mod or mods in their private stocks?

I'm thinking in fighting terms, not flying... I mean, you could add strikers and probably use the flight physics of the Mister Gutsy bots; hell, add a few custom animations and port it onto the flight physics of the Vertibirds (beware of Pika-Man type deformations if done improperly), they're VTOL capable!

Think about it though... Shirley'd be good company in the Mojave, or she would do great in the DC ruins; Sakamoto's being in DC would be like a subtle revenge on real history, seeing as what happened to Fuso/Japan during the end of the Pacific Theater... Hell, there are times when I wouldn't have minded having Minna or Trude with their guns blazing when I moved through dangerous territories such as mutant-controlled areas. And having Sanya? One couldn't help but step in front of .308 rounds or, if in New Vegas for some reason, those of the Anti-Materiel rifle; this would go to Lynne, unless we were given a Boys A/T rifle.

Can ANY of you help me? Willingly? I can't make mods, but others can.
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>> No. 685
File 133332424260.jpg - ( 124.38KB , 1280x1024 , ScreenShot81.jpg [iqdb] )
I don't think anyone here will make anything, but there -are- pre-existing mods that can be combined to give the illusion of Strike Witches.

Pretty much at the bare minimum what you need is one of the basic anime hair mods (find one that has the most similar hairs), and an animal ear head wear mod (I know there's at least one for cat ears).

Biggest problem is that it's damn near impossible to make characters not look ugly as hell in the NV engine, even with mods, or at least with the mods I had a couple years ago.






School uniforms etc:

Large machine gun and tank-witch esque tiger tank cannon:

Etc etc..

Your best bet is going to be just searching the nexus for things like "wwII" or anime and finding lots of "good enough" mods.
>> No. 686
File 133332625116.jpg - ( 148.04KB , 810x1200 , 35621764a74a040dc609b4f87677941a.jpg [iqdb] )
Well on the Fallout3nexus a while (a few years) back, I found an amazing uniforms mod; it gave me US Army/Marines/Airborne, German Army and SS uniforms as well as Waffen SS, Red Army uniforms, Japanese uniforms and desert ops dress, jumpsuits for appropriate countries soldiers, and etc. It came with most if not ALL caps including panzer caps, but sadly lacked French or other uniforms; basically it had the uniforms of the countries strong enough to beat the living shit out of each other at the time.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention it has British Army threads and what appear to be RAF dress blues from the time.

Link, of course: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/3445

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