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File 13338617111.jpg - ( 196.47KB , 768x1024 , DSCN1170 - Copy.jpg [iqdb] )
697 No. 697
gun thread? post collections, talk about them outside of the context of the series, et cetera.
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>> No. 698
I was actually thinking about making a thread for this a couple days ago. I might post some of my guns later tonight.
>> No. 708
File 133394691962.jpg - ( 195.92KB , 768x1024 , DSCN1074 - Copy.jpg [iqdb] )
sweet. I was waiting for a bit of a response before i started posting so there would be a degree of mutuality to the thread. here's one of my more heavily spammed pictures.
>> No. 709
File 133395098644.jpg - ( 895.46KB , 2000x1500 , collection.jpg [iqdb] )
This is my collection at the moment.

Lee Enfield No. 4 (Savage). Don't worry about the scope mount on it, it's a non modifying one and I can easily switch back to iron sights. In fact, I probably will because the scope is worthless.

Walther P1, 1982 manufacture.

Yugoslavian SKS. It can fire that WWII rifle grenade that I have next to it. Was in unfired condition until I got it.

I also included my Chinese military shovel, just because. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b60OZhrTB6o)

I ordered a Suomi KP31 a couple weeks ago, but I'm still waiting for the darn thing to ship. I'll post pictures if it ever arrives.

My father has about a dozen or so more guns, but I don't think I'm going to list them all.
>> No. 710
I've also got an obscene amount of military surplus/gear but there's no way I'm dragging all that stuff out.
>> No. 711
My Kar98k airsoft is to arrive tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I think there should be more witches with rifles.
SMLE wielding Britannian witch would be awesome.
>> No. 717
File 133420624647.jpg - ( 199.77KB , 1024x768 , DSCN0019 - Copy.jpg [iqdb] )
here's most of my collection. I also have a Brazilian single-shot 20.ga but i'll wait until i get more to take a new family photo. this summer, hopefully.

From top:
Marlin Model 60, I shoot this more than all the others combined

NEF single shot 12ga. that i bought from walmart when i was drunk. yes, you can purchase firearms at walmart when drunk.

1917 SMLE mk.III* oldest weapon i won, one of my favorites

Yugo M24/47 mauser, very nice rifle

Steyr M1987 carbine. ca. 1937. strait-pull, almost useless. the en bloc clip system is cool, but still useless compared to chargers or detachable magazines, and it is hard to find ammo for it

My Raifu. an AR-15 whose lower I assembled myself. upper is CMMG manufacture. it makes watching Upotte a very lonely experience.

Webley revolver, 38 S&W, 1940 manufacture. very nice piece in a very useless caliber.

I hope to get a stable, semi-well paying job once my knee heals up, so there might be more on the way. I'm looking to at least get a CCW and a .22lr pistol.
>> No. 720
File 133461536066.jpg - ( 21.90KB , 412x533 , Finnish-M44-Flamethrower-Mount.jpg [iqdb] )
Getting pretty pissed at the gun store I bought the kp31 from. Still haven't gotten it even though I paid them in cash over a month ago and they said "two weeks". They're giving me the run around and I can't even get a status update (they probably didn't even order the darn thing).

The desk jockey is getting really short with me as well, which strikes a nerve. It's not like I'm calling every single day about it, but he's getting an "oh it's this guy again" attitude.

If I don't see some results soon (or at least a status report) I'm going to get my money back from them.

..Don't mind me, just venting my frustration.
>> No. 721

I don't know where you are but is it possible to contact like, the local chamber of commerce or the BBB? I mean, I know the BBB is more or less useless (since Mitchell's Mausers manages to be a member) but it's better than nothing. Also, I hope you kept the receipt.
>> No. 725

Turns out when they ordered it, their card got denied and they didn't realize this for over a month until I finally got to talk to the boss. It -should- be arriving this week.

Hopefully this situation is resolved now.
>> No. 730

well THAT sure isn't sketch as fuck.
>> No. 731
File 133517533410.jpg - ( 73.33KB , 640x640 , helmad.jpg [iqdb] )

And I still haven't gotten it. Maybe today I'll get lucky.

The sad thing is that the manufacturer is almost as close to me as the gunstore is.

Oh well.
>> No. 732
File 133523931754.gif - ( 70.49KB , 640x640 , helmad2.gif [iqdb] )
Well I finally got it and while test firing it the bolt simply ceased to cycle and I had to spend a good 2 hours disassembling, reassembling, disassembling, and reassembling (no manual) over and over until it finally decided to work again..

I'm a bit underwhelmed with it to be honest.

I'll get a picture later tonight.
>> No. 735
File 133534050593.jpg - ( 361.61KB , 1948x646 , suomi.jpg [iqdb] )
Here it is.

This thing weighs a ton by the way. Even more than my SKS. I heard it's around 15.5 pounds with the drum mag.

Trigger pull is about 12 pounds too, which I really want to change. A pull like my P1 would be so much better.
>> No. 745


here's a manual. might help some
>> No. 750
I was just at a gunshow and got to handle one of those guns. Jesus it weighed a ton. I have even more respect for the crazy Finns huffing those around and freezing their asses off. I have a Sino-Soviet SKS and will totally agree with the weight comparison.
>> No. 759

Thanks. I actually found that though while I was searching around, but the internals on my gun are slightly different (one spring, etc). It's working fine now, although I'm going to take it apart again soon.

I don't have much faith in these new production parts so in the long run I'm thinking about replacing as many of these after-market parts as possible with original production ones from parts kits.


Yeah, it's pretty hefty. I heard one common technique that the Finns used was that they basically kept the gun sling on their shoulder and hip-fired the guns, while letting the sling deal with most of the weight.
>> No. 1055
File 136062099695.jpg - ( 198.15KB , 1024x768 , DSCN1428.jpg [iqdb] )
new-ish, got her in december and put 1000 rounds through her so far. had to wait until i actually found my camera to post her glamour shots.
>> No. 1056
Got a nugget, but sadly don't have any ammo yet as I got cash to buy a shitton of ammo in bulk too late.

Fucking Sandy Hook is making everything get sold out.
>> No. 1057
My dad got an email from an online retailer saying the caliber he wanted was in stock, but the email came in the morning and he didn't read it until that evening, and it was already sold out. Even fucking .22 is getting over priced. Goddamn bullshit. Good thing we already have a fair amount of various ammo still in the safe...
>> No. 1058
Yeah, I haven't touched my ammo stash in ages because of the prices.

I did fire off some of my super un-reliable surplus 7.62 a couple days ago, but that's about it.

This ammo situation is a real shame, because I want to fine tune my Hakims gas valve, but I also don't want to drain my extremely limited 8mm supply.
>> No. 1059
If I could only get an SKS, ammo wouldn't be an issue.

...The only problem is getting an SKS in this current social/political state post Sandy Hook.
>> No. 1060

my range sells remanufactured ammo on side for pretty cheap. I try and get a 250-rd box for shooting and if i can't i only shoot 150 rounds per trip.
>> No. 1063
File 136199085777.jpg - ( 78.79KB , 600x576 , 1300663526951.jpg [iqdb] )
And got a message from a vendor last night saying more milsurp ammo was in stock.

And it went out in 23 minutes. Just as I was finishing up my order...
>> No. 1065
File 136340480188.png - ( 480.43KB , 1360x2248 , cgl.png [iqdb] )

...now we just have to wait for the shitty Washington and we'll have dodged a metaphorical bullet.

Also I just put my 1250th round though my glock. :3
>> No. 1066
I'm still perplexed out how a set of ammo that is used in primarily only two guns for civilian use (Mosin and SVD, I'm ignoring the three lucky bastards with PK's) is endlessly out of stock.
>> No. 1067
File 136365250272.jpg - ( 204.07KB , 1037x775 , m305.jpg [iqdb] )
Just got me a m14
>> No. 1068
that M1A?
>> No. 1071

>> No. 1109

>> No. 1187
File 138378905889.jpg - ( 3.28MB , 4128x2322 , 20130906_142632 - Copy.jpg [iqdb] )
So... I got this one a little while back in September but I guess I never posted it here.

1917 Erfurt Luger. All matching except the Magazine. $950 at Cabelas, and the only flaw is that light patch in the blueing on the slide you can see up by the barrel.

She shoots pretty well, patterns similarly to my Glock so i know that in both cases, it's me, not the gun. I've only put about 50 rounds through her lately because I've been playing around with my AR more lately than going to the pistol range.

The AR has an Asap plate and an MS3 sling now, but is otherwise the same gun.
>> No. 1231
File 140660393467.jpg - ( 3.43MB , 2322x4128 , 2014-06-20 19_09_40.jpg [iqdb] )
I took a new family photo this summer
>> No. 1232
File 140660399217.jpg - ( 4.38MB , 4128x2322 , 2014-07-21 18_30_26.jpg [iqdb] )
...Then I made it obsolete 3 weeks later.
>> No. 1234
Very nice. I'm hoping to pick up my Chinese SKS this week.
>> No. 1240
Many thanks! I actually spent a lot more than one hour looking for our. htaccess data and lastly located the item due to your personal content!
>> No. 1294
File 145263970713.jpg - ( 190.80 KB , 1200x1200 , sturmweb1.jpg [iqdb] )
I know I'm basically the only perswon that posts in this thread, but this is a thing now.


It's basically a Sturmgewere that's been improved a little bit, partially to keep costs down, partially because they're manufacturing in a time of peace and don't have the same imperatives to consider when making production decisions. My wallet hates me, but I ordered one in .300 blackout. Hopefully, they catch on, though part of the reason I preordered now is a hedge in case they don't.
>> No. 1295

Funny, I was just discussing the possibility of re-chambered reproduction STGs a couple days ago.

Bit pricey for me though, especially since I'm saving up for a ptr32.
>> No. 1296
File 145696199383.jpg - ( 2.54 MB , 4032x3024 , image.jpg [iqdb] )
Recently purchased a M38 Mosin Nagant, my first actual gun purchase. All others were either inherited, or belonged to family members. So far really happy with it.
>> No. 1297

Are you still lurking around anon?

If so, how is your Yugo underfolder treating you?
>> No. 1298

It's ok, I have a minor problem with the trigger staying depressed after I fire it and I need to eventually take it in to get that fixed. I think I would have gone with a full M70 instead of an Npap if I did it over again. I like the gun a lot though, it's pretty much my teddy-bear gun for fondling while I watch my stories.


M38 looks pretty neat, I like the idea of a nugget carbine that doesn't have the folding bayonet like the M44 (because that's just silly)
>> No. 1299
File 14601743609.jpg - ( 1.60 MB , 2548x3021 , image.jpg [iqdb] )
Yeah, but unfortunately it doesn't accept a bayonet. Which is why the M44 went into production I believe, due to close quarters combat during Stalingrad and beyond.
>> No. 1300

Does it have a Tapco G2? That's what the century M70s are built with.
>> No. 1305

It has a Tapco G2, yes. It's an adequate trigger on every other AK I've used, this probably comes down to being installed by CAI monkies.
>> No. 1306

I should mention the trigger isn't why I should have gotten a regular M70, but the bulged trunnion, gas-cutoff/grenade sites, and 1.5mm reciever would have been cool to have. the M70 is a fucking tank. The Npap is nice but it's sort of a bridge between the M70 and the AKM rather than being a copy of either of those two guns.

I don't need any of those features, it would just be neat to have.
>> No. 1307

I actually picked up an M70AB2 a few weeks ago. Pretty fun. The stock isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be. The things you listed are the same reason I got it, it's just cool and unique looking. The longer handguard and thicker barrel make it look shorter overall.

The OPAP is closer to the M70 series and generally regarded as higher quality; century has been fucking up the NPAP lately.

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