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File 133533529494.jpg - ( 854.34KB , 1024x768 , hearts-of-iron-3-10.jpg [iqdb] )
733 No. 733
I've had an interesting idea in my head floating around the past few days.

It would probably be as impossible for me to get into as much as the base game itself (but no less awesome) but what if there was a mod for Hearts of Iron III (or any other game in the Hearts of Iron series) that was based in the setting of Strike Witches?

Imagine being at the helm of Gallia as you watch it fall apart under Neuroi assault, and after the initial assault, fight with the other nations to retake it with what little forces you have left.

Imagine creating the various strike witch units and deploying them to where they would have the most effect.

Imagine just deciding to fuck the world and declare war on other countries just to get some land because you're a crazy power hungry despot.

Imagine the steep as fuck learning curve. Imagine the detail.

I probably wouldn't be able to get into it, just like the other games in the series, but still, the potential. The potential is what is so great for me.

What say you, everyone?
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>> No. 734
There was a Strike Witches mod for HOI II, but it was pretty basic. All it added was a unit called "air mechanized infantry" or something.
>> No. 736
File 133534539852.jpg - ( 74.36KB , 765x632 , cat.jpg [iqdb] )
In my currently tired as hell state, I'm cognizant enough to be able state with the utmost confidence that that sounds pretty lame.
>> No. 737

Yeah it was pretty mediocre.

But really, any mod I can think of making wouldn't be much more than flavor-text/images. But I suppose that's the nature of the game.

Unless modding's significantly different in HOI III of course.
>> No. 738
I think there could be a lot of work put into it, with the humans there wouldn't much more than changing country names and boundaries to fit the setting, coding in the mechanics for how the witch squadrons and I suppose brigades or what have you for the land units work, and of course altering the technology tree.

I'm thinking you'd have to work your away up to actually developing the tech for the striker units, which then give access to witches as a military unit.

One would also have to work out the mechanics of how the Neuroi work as well; their "economy", their unit types and how they work and so on. Their beam weapons would of course rip apart infantry, tanks, you name it.

Aside from all that stuff, the playable dates would be an issue, as since the franchise is still having new material added, we don't have a clear picture of the setting. It isn't like world war 2 where there could be preset scenarios for the fall of france, invasion of russia, the US entering the war, etc.

1939 is when the invasion starts but what happens before that? When does the war end "historically?"

I have no idea about modding, but it strikes me as a neat idea and there could be a lot done to make it more than "just flavor text." Of course, that depends on how much leeway Paradox gives to modders.
>> No. 739

There would have to be some limitations in place so the player can't just build nothing but witches though.. maybe if I could add a new rare resource called "witches", or maybe modify an existing one (rare materials or oil). That would kind of make it so you have to have at least some grunts.

I think something like having two tech trees, one for normal units and one for the witch equivalent would work well. Maybe give the witch units a simple 2x bonus to all their stats compared to the normal unit.

I don't have HOI III so I can't actually mod any of this in. And all my not-so-legit HOI II files are long gone.
>> No. 740
The way it seems like the production of witches would work to me would be to have a separate "manpower" resources that is solely used to create Witch units. Given the rarity of witches in the setting, each country would of course have a small amount, other resources would include the usual "rare materials," metal, and so on. I imagine the striker units are mighty expensive, being new tech as well as relying on magic so the resource cost of that combined with the low amount of witches would mean that witch units would be in the grand scheme of things, rare to uncommon.

That's one possible way it could work.

The tech tree, that seems like it'd be more complicated to deal with. Given the possibility of anything occurring, if a mod was made, the Striker units wouldn't have necessarily been invented by Yoshika's dad, going off of that, he had to have had some sort of inspiration, some sort of basis in tech at the time to draw upon when designing and inventing those units.

I'm thinking that you'd somehow have to have the striker tech stuff branch off from the contemporary tech in some category in the technologies and go from there. The issue with tech then invariably ties into the lack of clarity with regards to the setting. We don't really know how much magic influences the setting.

We at least have the Striker units, but given that witches had been around since forever, its probably fairly safe to say that there had been people that thought of how they could apply magic to technology.

Quite a conundrum. It may have to end up being simplified, but at the same time, I think the development of the tech that enabled the feasibility of witches for use against the Neuroi should be somewhat difficult to get a hold of. In the show, it is mentioned how the humans would have been screwed were it not for that one guy's invention.

But I could just be over analyzing.

Ah, I just remembered that were such a mod to be made, the entire map would have to be edited, as there are some ways in which the setting of SW is immensely different geographically than our world.
>> No. 1292
Im working on it actually so far all countries who have SW names that i could fine have been changed (liberon, britannia, dacia, moesia, karlsland, neue-karlsland, fuso, siamro gallia, baltland, romanga, ostmark, helvantia, and both republican and nationalist hispania.)

I have a single teir of witchs right now for all major countries just need to tweek the stats and make varients (bomber witchs interceptor witches etc) and to create the ministers and officers which is easy just change the name in a text file and substitute the portrait.

That being said im not making this into a mod i just copyed all the game data stuck it in a flash drive and edited everything.
>> No. 1293
Which basically means you have a larger file but it will run a crap ton faster.
>> No. 1308
Found this:
>> No. 1323
>> No. 1324
Did it work?

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