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File 13117864883.jpg - ( 74.46KB , 400x644 , 1311785029709.jpg [iqdb] )
406 No. 406 ID: c496cdd1

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>> No. 407 ID: f95e57fc
File 131178658522.jpg - ( 245.60KB , 849x1177 , 1302956159712.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 408 ID: d853b505
Still flat, I see.
>> No. 409 ID: 6e9de716
That might be because this Helma doesn't belong to the what-if 1947 series. This is just a random Helma pic Humikane drew. You notice how it wasn't posted on the "Gracefully aging" thread
>> No. 410 ID: c496cdd1
File 131179002397.jpg - ( 66.06KB , 350x784 , 1311789871710.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 420 ID: 82629b72
File 131189638396.jpg - ( 49.24KB , 350x525 , 358366004.jpg [iqdb] )
They all went swimming?
>> No. 428 ID: 0ee35f38
File 131195891939.jpg - ( 83.56KB , 400x644 , 1311941576703.jpg [iqdb] )
That's your dream isn't it?
Relax Helma, you are still young.
>> No. 429 ID: 61077bf2
File 131196634238.jpg - ( 54.75KB , 300x704 , 359113639.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 436 ID: 82629b72
File 131205548169.jpg - ( 66.20KB , 400x574 , 360032496.jpg [iqdb] )

Google Translate
I came down suddenly and drew 14 year old Gothic Gerd chan
>> No. 439 ID: c496cdd1
File 131208414912.jpg - ( 48.42KB , 300x576 , 1312073204947.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 440 ID: eb58f09a
File 131208483467.jpg - ( 31.57KB , 300x576 , 360432374.jpg [iqdb] )
白ゴス>ウェディング>新妻 という過程
>> No. 444 ID: 61077bf2
File 131212558513.jpg - ( 50.69KB , 300x497 , 360894852.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 445 ID: f48e4c92
I wonder who she married.
>> No. 446 ID: 61077bf2
File 131213576162.jpg - ( 44.95KB , 500x480 , 361010103.jpg [iqdb] )



and then...
>> No. 452 ID: dad364aa
File 131214373958.jpg - ( 74.87KB , 309x472 , ursula getting badgered.jpg [iqdb] )

i don't
>> No. 486 ID: 6e9de716
File 131230269440.jpg - ( 74.24KB , 400x617 , 362083711.jpg [iqdb] )
12 year old Tomoko
>> No. 487 ID: 6e9de716
File 131230314424.jpg - ( 26.69KB , 400x363 , 362639783.jpg [iqdb] )
"Background things are done, but I'll post this because it'll get partly concealed by a filter and an object."

Posted this here just because. Although it has nothing to do with these fan service pics. This Jane will be in the background of some official work, like those world witches articles. Don't know who will be the main point of the finished picture.

And if people are wondering about translations, only the Eila pic in the Hanna birthday thread had meaningful text, the texts about the pictures in this thread were all quite meh.
>> No. 491 ID: 61077bf2
File 131230977846.jpg - ( 42.42KB , 350x516 , 362712764.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 493 ID: 61077bf2
File 131235222756.jpg - ( 47.70KB , 350x516 , 362907297.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 496 ID: f8457331
So we're seeing younger versions now?
>> No. 497 ID: 6e9de716
File 131238955652.jpg - ( 40.52KB , 350x516 , 363488677.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 498 ID: 729949e3
File 131239634757.jpg - ( 29.60KB , 448x297 , Erich Hartmann07-Heinz Mertens.jpg [iqdb] )
>I wonder who she married

Heinz Mertens perhaps?
>> No. 507 ID: 91b7f722
Kind of interesting that he never got around to making a 1947 Yoshika. Or maybe I just missed it.

This could mean that the movie takes place in 1947 and Miyafujesus comes back, and he didn't want to spoil her appearance.
>> No. 508 ID: 6e9de716
Doubt that, he didn't do Lynette either
>> No. 535 ID: 2ec01823
File 131254122930.jpg - ( 67.72KB , 800x772 , Creepy Yoshika.jpg [iqdb] )
>Kind of interesting that he never got around to making a 1947 Yoshika.

<grimdark>She's going to perish in the movie</grimdark>
>> No. 536 ID: 91b7f722
File 131259961516.jpg - ( 79.25KB , 500x647 , 1312598022529.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 537 ID: f48e4c92
Did Humikane's twitpic account get deleted? Is that why he's uploading stuff to pixiv instead?
>> No. 538 ID: 6e9de716
He was having problems with new layout, and he said he couldn't delete the things he wanted to. He tried to fix things with twizard but gave up. At least for now he isn't using twitpic.
>> No. 542 ID: 79fc9fda
If he is using Pivix now, would you care to share the link to his account?
>> No. 543 ID: 6e9de716

It's not like this is the first time he uses it though
>> No. 546 ID: b672ac1d
File 131270486650.jpg - ( 40.43KB , 658x370 , sw_view.jpg [iqdb] )
Loli & Cold Winter made pixiv hotter.

Normally, it's around 40-60k view/ day but yesterday's stat was 87k!
>> No. 547 ID: eb58f09a
The hell happened back in March and July?
>> No. 552 ID: 2cc3405a
I'm not sure about July but in March is because earthquake. That time pixiv down and stat of 2-3 days mixed up.
>> No. 558 ID: 6e9de716
File 13127475511.jpg - ( 16.61KB , 291x591 , qq.jpg [iqdb] )
The Prinzessin in that picture is part of those KODOMO WICTHES, young witches, so I cut it out and post it in here because most of the other KODOMOs are here too
>> No. 564 ID: 6e9de716
File 13127910402.jpg - ( 53.88KB , 500x614 , 20916996.jpg [iqdb] )
Heidemarie had breasts early?
>> No. 568 ID: 61ea34d7
File 131286103736.jpg - ( 72.80KB , 500x614 , 368231568.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 570 ID: 6e9de716
Mostly the witches have the image of being bright and healthy, but an ill feeling can fit the night witches who struggle on the front lines.
Which makes it easier to draw them with a perverted atmosphere like this.
>> No. 577 ID: f48e4c92
Is that from his pixiv profile? I don't see it there for some reason.
>> No. 593 ID: b672ac1d
File 131306047256.jpg - ( 55.00KB , 400x600 , 370016651.jpg [iqdb] )

He's back to twitpic.
>> No. 595 ID: 6e9de716
Lent teaching Heidemarie the pincer move
>> No. 597 ID: 82629b72
File 131310639476.jpg - ( 58.60KB , 600x190 , 370378779.jpg [iqdb] )
自宅で一人コミケ開催 出し物は抱き枕カバー パッチセット 昔の同人誌 

One act at home, organized Comiket Doujinshi old patch set Pillow Cover
>> No. 601 ID: c496cdd1
File 131312783214.jpg - ( 56.41KB , 300x769 , 1313126614691.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 602 ID: 6e9de716
He held a comiket by himself in his home. With the patches and pillow cover. The green patch is 501 patch, camouflage version
>> No. 603 ID: 6e9de716
>With the patches and pillow cover.
And an old doujinshi
>> No. 604 ID: 6e9de716
File 131315186950.jpg - ( 20.14KB , 300x450 , 370928042.jpg [iqdb] )
It might be cute if their personal marks are similar also
>> No. 605 ID: d853b505

Was it ever scanned?
>> No. 606 ID: 6e9de716
It's looks really old, when he was starting with mecha musume.
>> No. 607 ID: 82629b72
File 131317969975.jpg - ( 946.97KB , 1133x1600 , moe 71689 pantsu shimada_humikane.jpg [iqdb] )

Here's a pool of scans probably from the book.
>> No. 608 ID: 6e9de716
File 131318145348.jpg - ( 520.49KB , 1600x1600 , cover.jpg [iqdb] )
I disagree. I think the scans that are in that pool are from the art book, and this is the cover of that art book.

That "old doujinshi", as Humikane put it, has clearly different cover.
>> No. 609 ID: 6e9de716
幻の歩兵戦 is the name of the old doujinshi.
It can be bought from toranoana http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/cot/pagekit/0000/00/35/0000003566/index.html

Judging by the sample pictures, it is indeed not the one that those scans in that pool are from.
>> No. 610 ID: d853b505

Isn't that the one with the timeline of the SW universe.

Someone posted it ages ago on /a/, but I missed the chance to save it.
>> No. 611 ID: 6e9de716
It came out in 2006, if it had any timeline it's massively outdated.
>> No. 618 ID: 43018846
File 131329298288.png - ( 1.19MB , 1532x1152 , SomeHistory.png [iqdb] )

If you mean this...
>> No. 619 ID: 43018846
File 131329316128.jpg - ( 424.09KB , 1720x1166 , HistoryChartFanbookMoon.jpg [iqdb] )

...or this, the answer is: No it's not where the chart is from.

The first is from a rather old art book and this one is from the first fan book.
Both should be handled with care as both aren't necessarily canon in any way.
>> No. 620 ID: d853b505
File 131329432123.jpg - ( 829.04KB , 1920x706 , 1342123121.jpg [iqdb] )

Not canon, but still interesting.

Wonder how differently will things play out after several thousand years.

>> No. 622 ID: 6e9de716
File 131331971555.jpg - ( 63.46KB , 400x412 , 372392799.jpg [iqdb] )
New book, new book is done. I'll take it tomorrow for the fourth day of comiket
>> No. 623 ID: 6e9de716
File 131331977770.jpg - ( 50.22KB , 300x628 , 21048566.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 626 ID: a41be408
I thought Comiket is a 3-day event?
>> No. 628 ID: 6e9de716
File 131340533312.jpg - ( 57.00KB , 400x408 , 373383464.jpg [iqdb] )
Sold out! Thanky you for coming all the way to Okayama inn. I'll go have some yakiniku alone to finish it off!

Don't really know, this thing might've been smaller and more private.
>> No. 629 ID: 6e9de716
File 13134054639.jpg - ( 33.35KB , 300x599 , 373669431.jpg [iqdb] )
Don't ask, Humikane didn't say anything about who she is yet.
>> No. 630 ID: 6e9de716
Because of the famous mark she has I'll give no more hints.

Something to do with JG54? Perhaps Nowotny or some other 503rd?
>> No. 631 ID: 61077bf2
the Green Heart symbol would mean Hannes Trautloft, I wonder.
>> No. 632 ID: 6e9de716
I won't give any hints except it's about JG 54. I'll tell all eventually.

So it could be Trautloft, but it could be any one else from JG 54 also. Nowotny, Bonin and Kittel who were in JG 54 already have existing witches, so it might be more likely that it's one of them.
>> No. 641 ID: 61077bf2
File 131349429915.jpg - ( 62.64KB , 500x623 , 21099521.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 643 ID: 6e9de716
New equipment.
Flight Lieutenant is getting fitted with experimental equipment. Having a night vision strengthening magic square to be sown in fabric might seem a bit exaggerated, but without it the power can be insufficient. Also, using magic creates a reaction in the ether, which causes the witch to rapidly loose her stamina, so it's good if one can use magic as little as possible but still have it be useful enough. Special maintenance members are necessary for equipping.
>> No. 644 ID: 6e9de716
Is it just me or does it look a bit like the maintenance person actually has breasts?
>> No. 646 ID: 6e9de716
File 131375116415.jpg - ( 36.47KB , 300x450 , 374590749.jpg [iqdb] )
The expert equipping maintenance member: How was it?
Prinzessin: I'm getting cold!
>> No. 647 ID: 6e9de716
File 131375132075.jpg - ( 55.59KB , 500x448 , 375095237.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 648 ID: 6e9de716
File 131375144473.jpg - ( 30.58KB , 400x377 , 375128751.jpg [iqdb] )
Calm down Flight Sergeant
>> No. 649 ID: 6e9de716
File 131375156849.jpg - ( 40.76KB , 400x388 , 375302295.jpg [iqdb] )
Shirley: Hoo..
Erica: Bunny Trude

They were trying to get her sign it afterwards
>> No. 650 ID: 6e9de716
File 131375164261.jpg - ( 46.34KB , 474x571 , 375778016.jpg [iqdb] )
The base is a footprint of a fox
>> No. 652 ID: 6e9de716
File 131375195186.jpg - ( 85.45KB , 500x707 , 375952139.jpg [iqdb] )
She has that facial expression as she tells herself that it's just work, nothing more

Work as in some kind of photoshoot I think
>> No. 653 ID: 6e9de716
File 131375203222.jpg - ( 57.81KB , 400x566 , 376087773.jpg [iqdb] )
Getting ready for the photoshoot

When 501 was disbanded, before she went to the eastern front Trude visited 504. That photo (>>652) was taken there, the costume and set were mostly Dollio's personal items. But since Luciana and Trude's bodies are similar, Luciana did small adjustments to the clothes so everything went well
>> No. 654 ID: 6e9de716
File 131375206399.jpg - ( 62.46KB , 300x812 , 21148953.jpg [iqdb] )
Full version
>> No. 655 ID: 6e9de716
File 131375216614.jpg - ( 80.25KB , 500x754 , 376713515.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 656 ID: 6e9de716
File 131375353981.jpg - ( 79.93KB , 350x1000 , 376821921.jpg [iqdb] )
Trude: *panting*
pointing at Waltrud: couldn't run away

Trude: Is Flight Sergeant Helma.. okay?
Helma: Yes

The countess planned things to happen like this, so it wasn't a meaningless death

She did it on purpose!? Tears are coming in my eyes when I think of her toughness, to willingly get punched by Trude's steel bar. She is really a human dynamo, unbelievably strong spirit.

Honestly I don't know why she did it, perhaps she did it to somehow get Helma there
>> No. 657 ID: 6e9de716
File 131376459773.jpg - ( 34.76KB , 400x390 , 376928654.jpg [iqdb] )
Photo that is stored in the personal archives of Dollio's film studio

I think Erica is a real winner to have slapped this bare bottom.
>> No. 658 ID: f0d2e010
File 13137651613.jpg - ( 34.64KB , 584x761 , 1292427581464.jpg [iqdb] )

>> No. 659 ID: 6e9de716
Oh yeah, Doglio
>> No. 661 ID: ac41814c
File 131376711860.jpg - ( 24.01KB , 400x377 , 370601806.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 662 ID: e949a042
Luckiest man alive? Or The Luckiest Man alive?
>> No. 664 ID: 6e9de716
I still think it might be a girl, I can only think that that odd lump is a breast >>641
>> No. 665 ID: dad364aa
File 131378496525.png - ( 97.49KB , 304x450 , prinnie nopan.png [iqdb] )

>> No. 666 ID: dad364aa

she has a lump in her breast? better head to the doctor.
>> No. 667 ID: 6e9de716
If you count the IF pictures I've drawn more than 50 pictures. New record

I'm looking forward to the two art books

I wonder if he means 50 in a month or.. And the two books Ningen talks about are most likely.
>> No. 668 ID: 6e9de716
Nephew (not even in primary school yet) came for a visit. I bought a really good looking pudding from the department store, but he wouldn't eat it because of the slight bitterness of the caramel. He said he wanted プッチンプリン (a certain type of pudding that doesn't have liquid caramel). Kids are difficult.
>> No. 669 ID: ac41814c
File 131385296675.jpg - ( 58.99KB , 400x600 , 377899479.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 670 ID: 6e9de716
The expert equipping maintenance member: How was it?
Prinzessin: It was cold!
Text pointing at pants: She wore them

Just cleaned the previous version

With this cleaned version it changed so that Prinzessin isn't cold because she doesn't have panties, but the panties were actually somehow cold. Perhaps relating to the liquid dripping out of them.
>> No. 671 ID: f48e4c92
Does anyone happen to have the "previous version"?
>> No. 672 ID: f48e4c92
File 131388216031.jpg - ( 101.72KB , 400x600 , 1313866622913.jpg [iqdb] )

If this goes against the rules of "keeping it classy", then I'll delete it.
>> No. 673 ID: 91b7f722

I'll let it slide this time.
>> No. 674 ID: e949a042
So the new equipment are the panties themselves? And they need an "expert" to fit them on?
>> No. 675 ID: 4160a6e9
This looks shooped, you can tell by the pixels.
>> No. 677 ID: eb58f09a
If you let that slide, how much else are you going to let slide? Just saiyan.
>> No. 678 ID: eb58f09a
>> No. 679 ID: e949a042
I'm calling Shenanigans on the maintenance crew
>> No. 680 ID: 4a78f4a4
Prinzessin > *

Just saying.
>> No. 682 ID: dad364aa
File 131391701750.png - ( 290.99KB , 400x600 , prinnie pants.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 683 ID: ac41814c
File 131391710280.jpg - ( 26.79KB , 280x721 , 001.jpg [iqdb] )
Johanna Wiese
model: Johannes Wiese
>> No. 684 ID: 6e9de716
If you post a shop of a Humikane's work, could you say that it is a shop done by someone else.
I know it can sometimes be very obvious but just to keep things clear.
>> No. 685 ID: 6e9de716
Hint is that this person, Hartmann, Barkhorn and Krupinski had an audience with the emperor of Karlsland.
The correct answer is Johanna Wiese. Simple wasn't it~. When Barkhorn was the chief of JG 52 second Staffel, Johanna was the commanding officer of the first Staffel. She is like a serious older sister. Both being of the same generation, she was an important person for Barkhorn who would ask advice from her. When they had to go to the audience with the emperor, Barkhorn would've gotten peptic ulcer because of the stress over the small trip if Johanna hadn't been there.
Johanna is an 18 year old Flight Lieutenant in 1944. When Barkhorn was in 501st Johanna worked as an instructor. So she wasn't on the front lines, but after the liberation of Gallia she was promoted to Squadron Leader and she went to the front lines again. She is a serious person but she also has this aura of an airheaded teacher drifting around her.

This tweet meant that people should add tw/001.jpg after the e-wacs url. So in other words the picture source is http://www.ne.jp/asahi/humikane/e-wacs/tw/001.jpg

Also, about this picture >>669 Humikane says that those panties are indeed torn.
>> No. 687 ID: 6e9de716
>airheaded teacher
>naturally seductive teacher
Meant to correct that before posting
>> No. 689 ID: 6e9de716
File 131394127831.jpg - ( 53.64KB , 400x600 , 004.jpg [iqdb] )
From the Squadron Leader's personal collection. Seems to be a photo taken just before the Trajanus Operation.
>> No. 690 ID: f48e4c92
Humikane has a habit of slightly altering some pictures, and also deleting them. It didn't look like a shop to me, and considering his drawing spree, I wouldn't be surprised if it was done by him.
>> No. 691 ID: 6e9de716
He does alter pictures into something more risque sometimes, but Humikane does not publish entirely NSFW pictures, anywhere, ever. No matter how big of a drawing spree he is in he will not publish bare pussy. Not anymore now that he is a big name.
And judging by the filename you found that picture from futaba. Futaba. Humikane does not post new pictures in futaba.
And if you say he posted it in some place like twitter first and then deleted it, and then someone posted it on futaba, twitter would've been overflown with comments. That's how big of a deal it would be if he published NSFW pics.
>> No. 692 ID: 82629b72
They're still trying to retcameo her into season 2?
>> No. 693 ID: 91b7f722

I meant just this once.
>> No. 698 ID: 6e9de716
File 131418365884.jpg - ( 67.04KB , 400x600 , dhkgg.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 701 ID: 6e9de716
File 131427371914.jpg - ( 2.54KB , 48x48 , _____-2.jpg [iqdb] )
What is this new Humikane's twitter icon, Johanna Wiese?
>> No. 702 ID: ac41814c
File 131427452744.jpg - ( 40.22KB , 300x450 , Censura.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 703 ID: 6e9de716
Originally it was >>698 but Humikane deleted it and later replaced it with censura thing
>> No. 704 ID: ac41814c
File 131428528469.jpg - ( 3.60KB , 73x73 , _____-1_bigger.jpg [iqdb] )
new icon
>> No. 709 ID: f48e4c92
Any idea how long the original picture was up?
>> No. 710 ID: 5e1ac228

5 hours 35 minutes and 34 seconds
>> No. 711 ID: f48e4c92
Huh. I wonder why he took it down so fast. It doesn't seem any worse than some of the other stuff he drew lately.
>> No. 712 ID: 5e1ac228
It was just a joke, sorry.
>> No. 726 ID: 6e9de716

Her familiar is pug
>> No. 727 ID: dc9765ef
File 131454624521.jpg - ( 18.56KB , 333x356 , pug9.jpg [iqdb] )

>> No. 748 ID: 6e9de716
File 131479505973.jpg - ( 2.61KB , 72x72 , mark__.jpg [iqdb] )
The icon I'm using now is Krupinski's personal mark. Although she doesn't smoke, she "is always covered by smoke so it's fitting", as Rall puts it.

Covered by smoke from the strikers she crashes.
>> No. 767 ID: 6e9de716
File 131506129530.jpg - ( 5.29KB , 72x72 , 1947zt_01f.jpg [iqdb] )
Is he seriously going to start to change his icon this often?
>> No. 768 ID: 6e9de716
File 131506131651.jpg - ( 3.29KB , 73x72 , ______.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 777 ID: 6e9de716
File 131521804918.jpg - ( 5.20KB , 72x72 , _________.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 798 ID: ac41814c
File 131557298585.jpg - ( 4.80KB , 72x72 , _____-1_reasonably_small.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 804 ID: b4e79f19
File 131566392297.jpg - ( 5.80KB , 72x72 , 05_____reasonably_small.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 806 ID: 82629b72
That reminds me, is he ever going to finish or show >>487

I'm dying to see Jane and Dom in action.
>> No. 807 ID: 6e9de716
I think he finished the picture with that Jane. But he isn't going to show it, it's going to be published in some magazine. Perhaps another World Witch article
>> No. 809 ID: 82629b72
File 131585761657.jpg - ( 52.82KB , 500x500 , 1296434952548.jpg [iqdb] )
Ok, thanks for that heads up.

>I'm dying to see Jane and Dom in action.
So is Minna, God I can't believe no one else jumped on that.
>> No. 811 ID: 4bf0f610
File 13158739851.jpg - ( 227.38KB , 1264x1679 , Uq5cM.jpg [iqdb] )
you mean like this??
>> No. 814 ID: f48e4c92
I know that series of articles comes with 3 or so pages. Would you happen to have scans of the rest?
>> No. 816 ID: 30a8f31b
File 131591268350.jpg - ( 334.15KB , 1515x2047 , 1315807857044.jpg [iqdb] )

I got that from that karlsland.net place and so far, only two pictures have been scanned. I think. Here is said other scan.
>> No. 870 ID: 95c57261
File 131672090459.jpg - ( 446.39KB , 960x1400 , 1316687010062.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 871 ID: 95c57261
File 131672097474.jpg - ( 468.09KB , 800x1200 , 1316682311448.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 872 ID: 95c57261
No scan of this one
>> No. 873 ID: 95c57261
File 13167210677.jpg - ( 710.40KB , 1824x1028 , 1315835769343.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 890 ID: 9966b9a9
>> No. 912 ID: 8321429a
File 131719389910.jpg - ( 5.15KB , 72x72 , gyfyufjhy_reasonably_small.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 931 ID: 4647e60a
File 131761185930.jpg - ( 118.15KB , 400x478 , zig.jpg [iqdb] )
一番小さい300ピースでも結構時間かかりました・・・ 子どもの頃作ったのより、遊びが大きくてばらしやすい
>> No. 935 ID: 4647e60a
File 131766988193.jpg - ( 100.80KB , 300x794 , tic.jpg [iqdb] )




当時の鑑賞券 個人所蔵


>> No. 937 ID: 6e9de716
Poster for the 1938 movie Flash of the Fuso Sea for those who bought an early ticket or something
>> No. 940 ID: 6e9de716
File 131774092959.jpg - ( 230.19KB , 850x1200 , 4e8b1d833a8.jpg [iqdb] )
This is fucking awesome
>> No. 941 ID: 6e9de716
File 131774229465.jpg - ( 449.26KB , 971x1400 , 1317742026318.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 942 ID: 6e9de716
File 131774233360.jpg - ( 380.61KB , 971x1400 , 1317742146700.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1138 ID: 6e9de716
"When I'm finished with my work I want to bring this project into conclusion"
>> No. 1151 ID: 6e9de716
"Had a meeting related to music. Although I'm a complete outsider when it comes to music, I had a pleasant day eating with the music staff. Long times since that last happened."

Movie music people I'd guess
>> No. 1198 ID: 44c3e2db
File 132003108147.jpg - ( 1.81KB , 48x48 , _____normal.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1199 ID: c496cdd1
File 13200312331.jpg - ( 118.12KB , 516x736 , swd.jpg [iqdb] )
本文編集は終了。 時間も場所も決まってないけど
>> No. 1203 ID: 6e9de716
File 132004715956.jpg - ( 3.33KB , 72x72 , ____.jpg [iqdb] )
Don't just save the twitter pic directly from his tweets, go to his twitter profile page and press the bigger version.
>> No. 1204 ID: 6e9de716
"Text editing has been finished. Although I haven't even decided the time and place yet"

With time and place I assume he means where these will sold

He also said this to Dan Kanemitsu who asked what book that is:
"It's just something that collects some previously revealed works, so it has really no value to people who are after data."
>> No. 1242 ID: 6e9de716
File 132013447813.jpg - ( 21.38KB , 200x283 , hy.jpg [iqdb] )
"Drew this book cover in one night. I'll line up all kinds of things in this book, so it won't be just about Suomus witches"
>> No. 1258 ID: eb58f09a
コンプティーク12月号でついに あの漫画がスタートします! そのタイトルはズバリ「ストライクウィッチーズ アフリカの魔女」!! 漫画家:野上武志さんによる渾身のストライクにハートを鷲掴みされた担当より☆☆☆

x83x83チーズが掲載! 今回はジェーン・T・ゴッドフリー大尉が登場!! ふだん決して見ることが出来ない日常xe3

Something about Jane, Africa, manga, some familiar names, and Comptiq.
>> No. 1264 ID: 6e9de716
"Finally in the December issue of Comptiq, that manga starts. It's title is Strike Witches; Witch of Africa, by the mangaka Takeshi Nogami"

Welp, I don't really know what this means.

The other tweet says that there's World Witches article about Jane
>> No. 1267 ID: 6e9de716

It means this
>> No. 1269 ID: 6e9de716
"About the drawing collection books, I will probably get them to the winter comiket. But as I haven't even reserved a space yet nothing is set in stone."

Not sure if he is talking about the calendar book, or the Nipa book, or both.
>> No. 1270 ID: 55b20ee2
File 132042365093.jpg - ( 187.75KB , 1486x992 , 1320332843238.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1271 ID: 55b20ee2
File 132042373652.jpg - ( 245.61KB , 1564x987 , 1320332924316.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1280 ID: 6e9de716
File 132065638952.jpg - ( 67.91KB , 800x450 , gg.jpg [iqdb] )
"I was daydreaming and thought up a game like this. You are a veteran ace who has fought since the early days of the first great war, and now your body is heading towards it's "end". You are entrusted with one squad from your base. You need to train the members, better the equipment and gather fame. You can wage war online and mix your squad with your friend's squad. You get higher as you get more fame, and can do all kinds of different strategies with your ace witches."

Would be cool
>> No. 1281 ID: c42606e2

Since he has the money this could actually happen some time in the future.
>> No. 1282 ID: 59fc8878
I'd play that.
>> No. 1295 ID: f8457331
If it's online I think it will do especially well; are there any other multiplayer Strike Witch games?
>> No. 1296 ID: 6e9de716
File 132073973434.jpg - ( 40.12KB , 300x450 , kei.jpg [iqdb] )
"1947 Hijikata"
>> No. 1298 ID: 6e9de716
"About Barkhorn's colleague Johanna [Wiese] and why they have similar uniforms. They went into a tailor together and because of Johanna's suggestion they picked matching outfits, although Barkhorn resisted because she wanted something more plain.
"I'd like this"
"Come on, stop picking the ones that look like just work clothes, you're a girl."
They bickered like that before the tailoring old lady"

>> No. 1299 ID: 6e9de716
File 132077977894.jpg - ( 32.88KB , 300x450 , hu.jpg [iqdb] )
Maloney's adjutant, antagonist of Cold Winter 1947
>> No. 1300 ID: 80ad9ef0
He doesn't even have a name? It's just 'adjutant'?
>> No. 1301 ID: c324d6b2
File 132084036884.png - ( 365.28KB , 600x850 , 1320571442853.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 1302 ID: e16065a1

Arthur William Tedder
>> No. 1303 ID: 80ad9ef0
Uncensored version when?
>> No. 1340 ID: 6e9de716
File 132100951876.jpg - ( 160.05KB , 500x338 , gra.jpg [iqdb] )

"They require no glue or scissors"
>> No. 1351 ID: eb58f09a
Somebody better fucking scan those. Do want.
>> No. 1352 ID: 6e9de716
I think those are full products that don't require scissors, like Humikane said. So if there are ever any templates that you can cut off, those are made by fans most likely
>> No. 1360 ID: eb58f09a
>fan scans product
>I can print it and cut it out
>> No. 1371 ID: 6e9de716
File 132110898055.jpg - ( 1.03MB , 2932x1952 , 1321089617132.jpg [iqdb] )
Proper scans required
>> No. 1372 ID: 82629b72
So that's the flag of the United States of Liberion? looks different from the TV show.
>> No. 1373 ID: 6e9de716
The Liberion flag was shown in the anime? They've probably shown emblems or navy flags, but not the Liberion flag
>> No. 1380 ID: 9b0dd852

Looks very similar to the Liberian flag...
>> No. 1388 ID: 82629b72
One of the ships in episode 11 of season 2 had the USL flag, but it was just a blue field with 13 stripes instead of the blue field and stars with 13 stripes.
>> No. 1391 ID: 6e9de716
>One of the ships
That's what I mean when I said it might've been a navy and flag and not the "real" national flag of Liberion. The whole flag business is so complex in this series cause you can't be sure what sort of army flags they are.
But I like to think that the flags in these world witches articles are the proper flags of the countries.
>> No. 1419 ID: b6ad146d
File 132150144167.jpg - ( 385.13KB , 1500x960 , 1321231383252.jpg [iqdb] )
There are larger versions of it, but the board won't let them be posted.
>> No. 1423 ID: c42606e2

File size wise, or resolution size? If it's file size I can't really do anything about it because it's up to the host. If it's resolution I'll snoop around in the cpanel and see if there's anything about that.
>> No. 1424 ID: b6ad146d

Filesize wise
Here's a link to the big picture
>> No. 1425 ID: 55b045f9
File 132156142635.jpg - ( 467.55KB , 1120x1400 , 1321540215188.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1426 ID: 55b045f9
File 132156149611.jpg - ( 490.67KB , 1120x1400 , 1321540711349.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1427 ID: c42606e2

Ah. Yeah I can't really up the file size limit because the site's on a "shared hosting" server. Maybe some time in the future we'll get our own server and I'll probably up the size to something like 10mb.
>> No. 1436 ID: 6248e653
File 132164980976.jpg - ( 168.62KB , 483x552 , af95ebe47e832da130be742063e49ea0.jpg [iqdb] )

>162 cm

Jane's the same height as Trude!?
>> No. 1499 ID: 5821cbc5
Liberions run tall.

Except Francie.
>> No. 1520 ID: d2ec943c
Even Francie is as tall as Wilma...
>> No. 1523 ID: 6e9de716
"It seems that it can't make it to the winter comike, so there will be no sketch books from me there after all"

Some other time then
>> No. 1578 ID: 6e9de716
File 132256584495.jpg - ( 270.90KB , 600x999 , co.jpg [iqdb] )
Here are some picture that'll be in the book(s)

Some things never seen before: IF-Sanya is slightly different, couple more 1947 pics, Rossmann/Wiese pic, perhaps two Erica pics
>> No. 1579 ID: 6e9de716
File 132259334243.jpg - ( 27.05KB , 200x273 , 1.jpg [iqdb] )
"I'm two months late with this picture"
>> No. 1580 ID: f111dc9e
I wonder when Humikane will do the pics of Lynette and Miya in 1947, why the mistery?
>> No. 1634 ID: 6e9de716
"After a long time I'm drawing the Yoshika-Lynette pair, so I'm going to pour all my heart into it"
>> No. 1635 ID: 6e9de716
Probably should note that this tweet by Humikane has nothing to do with >>1580
>> No. 1643 ID: 6e9de716
"Next year is the year of dragon. There hasn't been a witch with a familiar like dragon. I wouldn't like it if there were scales all over the body. I wonder if it would just be a one single scale under the chin, and if it was touched she would get angry. The Strikers she would use would be the Dragon Slayers (nickname of Kawasaki Ki-45), and this pun would also piss her off.
The familiar dragon could look like a noble creature with that nobility-type of eyebrows."

The type of eyebrows I think he means are the ones that are very thick in the inner ends, and the outer ends might be even entirely non-existant.
>> No. 1644 ID: 6e9de716
Also, Humikane isn't saying he's going to make a witch with dragon familiar, he's just throwing ideas around for fun. Because as said, the year of dragon is coming.
>> No. 1646 ID: a17305b1
>one single scale under the chin, and if it was touched she would get angry.
>> No. 1653 ID: 6e9de716
File 132316639542.jpg - ( 5.62KB , 72x72 , _______.jpg [iqdb] )
More Shizuka as twitter pic
>> No. 1654 ID: 6e9de716
"She saw military cadet (talking about -Humikane
>> No. 1680 ID: 6e9de716
File 132342469726.jpg - ( 37.62KB , 352x263 , qeqeq.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1686 ID: 9e32c7b5
File 132348919986.jpg - ( 883.77KB , 1996x3006 , 1323487946884.jpg [iqdb] )
Column Scan again~
Not very clear though
>> No. 1687 ID: 9e32c7b5
File 132348931620.jpg - ( 858.75KB , 1997x3034 , 1323488217035.jpg [iqdb] )
Mysterious ex-501 witch with not much description. The only description was made by the maintenance crew.
>> No. 1691 ID: 6e9de716
File 132353783068.jpg - ( 34.99KB , 400x400 , daki.jpg [iqdb] )
"Sleeping Erica dakimakura. Has this ever been done before? (I'm not really planning on making this)"
>> No. 1694 ID: 9e32c7b5
File 132357367456.gif - ( 56.12KB , 361x365 , 1323432349699.gif [iqdb] )
>>(I'm not really planning on making this)"
>> No. 1695 ID: 80ad9ef0
File 132359857976.png - ( 2.53KB , 185x185 , 1322308629656.png [iqdb] )
Does he just hate money or something?
>> No. 1696 ID: 9e32c7b5
I suppose he just wanted to troll on us...
God, I am imaging him saying "Problem?" with that troll face...
>> No. 1697 ID: 6e9de716
File 132361249191.jpg - ( 25.28KB , 200x422 , daki2.jpg [iqdb] )
"Cleaned version"
>> No. 1698 ID: b672ac1d
File 132361379919.jpg - ( 221.38KB , 550x450 , 81-1asw1.jpg [iqdb] )
Why don't they ask Humikane drawing this instead ; __ ;
>> No. 1699 ID: d78a43ac
Because it's cheaper to hire a shit artist to draw shit.
>> No. 1728 ID: d527d6c5
What I am actually surprised about is that she's wearing panties while sleeping.
>> No. 1800 ID: 6e9de716
File 13242187155.jpg - ( 63.06KB , 300x400 , zero.jpg [iqdb] )
"The outer box of Zero second volume limited edition. Released 26th of January"
>> No. 1802 ID: a17305b1
My birthday!
>> No. 1819 ID: 6e9de716
File 132456770348.png - ( 80.61KB , 360x379 , 477779982.png [iqdb] )
Mikado, that some non-witch character or whatever from Fuso Sea. Perhaps inspired by this tweet >>1643 Null made his interpretation of dragon familiar with her. She has the eyebrows Fumikane mentioned, and a name pun, Mikado(ragon)
>> No. 1820 ID: 6e9de716
File 132456773811.jpg - ( 78.33KB , 480x315 , 478036320.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1827 ID: 6e9de716
File 132457502436.jpg - ( 26.23KB , 180x458 , 11111.jpg [iqdb] )
"It will be distributed in Okayamakan with a thing that makes a sound when the forehead is pressed"
>> No. 1830 ID: 17c3876d

>an emperor of Japan

So she's supposed to be Hirohito!?
>> No. 1831 ID: 5821cbc5

>> No. 1876 ID: 6e9de716
File 13249916718.jpg - ( 71.60KB , 437x300 , 1324990181922.jpg [iqdb] )
Waiting for better scans
>> No. 1913 ID: 16cf75e0
File 132515229893.jpg - ( 27.32KB , 250x423 , mi37.jpg [iqdb] )
Minna, 1937
>> No. 1914 ID: 16cf75e0
File 132515233524.jpg - ( 32.27KB , 200x400 , hr.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1915 ID: ac799177
File 132515260283.jpg - ( 16.48KB , 300x300 , hnnnnng.jpg [iqdb] )
Oh god my heart.
>> No. 1916 ID: 0cd25ca0
Not bad
>> No. 1919 ID: 6e9de716
File 13251872827.jpg - ( 72.92KB , 520x420 , 1325151039255.jpg [iqdb] )
10 years
>> No. 1920 ID: 80ad9ef0
File 132520013333.jpg - ( 471.37KB , 854x1133 , b0a8d969a5a3bc32f992442965c18700.jpg [iqdb] )
Yes. Yes. YES
>> No. 1923 ID: a17305b1
File 132522098419.jpg - ( 37.37KB , 200x559 , mi37h.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1924 ID: 3d137a7d
File 132522933968.jpg - ( 5.43KB , 251x201 , images.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1925 ID: 82629b72
Quite youthful looking for someone who is 31.
>> No. 1926 ID: 6e9de716
"Trude's face has always been a bit childlike so she hasn't changed much"
>> No. 1950 ID: a17305b1
File 132524425517.jpg - ( 36.70KB , 180x542 , fafa.jpg [iqdb] )
Sweet jesus, Trude IS the imouto!
>> No. 1951 ID: 6e9de716
"Something like dark blue would've fit better though"
>> No. 1952 ID: 82629b72
File 132525065846.gif - ( 56.07KB , 449x705 , 1298936604031.gif [iqdb] )
Holy Christ, she was right the whole time
>> No. 1953 ID: a7e4ca65
-I love imoutos!-
>> No. 1954 ID: 6e9de716
File 132533139320.jpg - ( 51.23KB , 300x446 , am.jpg [iqdb] )
"Last drawing of the year. Gallia's pride is their agricultural system, and she is the front figure"

The text on the picture:
"Eat vegetables to get a healthy body
-Gallian agricultural department"
>> No. 1955 ID: e94ac7fc
>> No. 1962 ID: 6c0dc7ad
She's encouraging the little kiddies to eat carrots to improve their eyesight for the war effort. How nice. Either that or Humikane played her having a rabbit familiar for all its worth.
>> No. 1982 ID: 648e4a20
File 132549876314.jpg - ( 35.55KB , 250x350 , Neuroi attack.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 1984 ID: 6e9de716
"It's kinda like an event in an RPG, if you rescue her she'll join your party.
Young lady Amelie entered the field to stop the mischievous rabbit from laying havoc on the crops. But when she got there she found out it wasn't the rabbit who was causing it.. or something"
>> No. 1989 ID: 82629b72
That's great, taking an idea of stay-behind Neuroi units and making it into that.
>> No. 1998 ID: 1ad52d4a
A 'land army' tale; I kinda like that idea as you rarely hear of them in print or TV!
>> No. 2020 ID: 6e9de716
"Isabelle! Look! There's a rabbit!"
"I'm sorry Kunoka, but this rifle is so big that I don't think there would be much left for eating"
"What!? idiot! "Boys" are always like that!"
("Wow she didn't get the joke" kinda situation)

This is partly connected to that picture. Apparently Isabelle was joking
>> No. 2025 ID: 82629b72
File 132584787171.jpg - ( 81.02KB , 450x600 , 24192051.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2028 ID: 2934b307
File 132584844630.jpg - ( 98.71KB , 600x597 , kids.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2030 ID: 6e9de716
File 132595734511.jpg - ( 142.38KB , 800x845 , gq.jpg [iqdb] )
"The fellow adventurers who will accompany you in the Gallian Quest"

Elaborating more on that rpg idea from >>1984
>> No. 2031 ID: d2ec943c
>Even though she failed a teleporter spell, she came out of stone just fine.

Holy shit that's awesome
>> No. 2032 ID: 82629b72
File 132600714085.jpg - ( 85.11KB , 480x720 , 24213882.jpg [iqdb] )
People like these kind of Trude apparently
>> No. 2033 ID: 6e9de716
I wouldn't say this otherwise but most things that have been translated since the /a/ threads died were translated by me. I will be away for six months, coming by some weekends, so if there are lurking translators here it would be nice if you translated things.
If your translating is just using google translator don't post it, those things just add to the confusion
>> No. 2035 ID: d2ec943c
I would translate stuff if I could, but my ENGLISH isn't so good...
>> No. 2036 ID: 4039260a

Even so, it might be worth a shot. If it's in English at least the native speakers might be able to get the gist of it. Can't be worse than google translate at least.
>> No. 2037 ID: 517371cf
>>2033 I always wondered who it was who had been doing the translations, kinda.
Thanks for everything, dear.
>> No. 2040 ID: d2ec943c
Very well, then.
I will post my crude translation.
Hope it's not worse than nothing.
>> No. 2041 ID: 82629b72
File 132608940475.jpg - ( 77.02KB , 420x730 , 24244758_p0.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2042 ID: 82629b72
File 132608949683.jpg - ( 65.21KB , 600x500 , 24244758_p1.jpg [iqdb] )
And then...
>> No. 2059 ID: b672ac1d
Some new short story on humikane's twitter.


http://www.ne.jp/asahi/humikane/e-wacs/tw/halt.txt 導入部だけ 

ハルトマンのエース オブ ザ ワールド(仮)

バルクホルン(以下バ) 「起きろ、ハルトマン!」

ハルトマン(以下ハ) 「うぅ~~ん、後30分・・・」











I don't have enough japanese skill to understand all of it and I don't think my english is good enough to help in translation.
But at least, I'll try to catch up and put it here.

Also, thank you >>2033 for your past translations.
>> No. 2081 ID: 80d19ba3
File 132688843081.jpg - ( 34.60KB , 300x600 , ghdfhg.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2082 ID: 82ce1962
Possibly related

ne.jp/asahi/humikane… ぼちぼち

あ、しっぽ忘れてた オオカミで

陸ストライカー装着図は、仕事の合間に書くには手間かかりすぎるので。 三突Gかな 丸太振り回すぜ!
>> No. 2084 ID: a17305b1
File 132692718089.jpg - ( 231.59KB , 566x800 , 498447515.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2085 ID: a17305b1
File 132692720565.jpg - ( 162.80KB , 519x1000 , 498521643.jpg [iqdb] )
Loli Eila HNNGGG
>> No. 2086 ID: c8cf3031
Hello, translator-tan here, with translations.

"ぼちぼち" - "Little by little."

"あ、しっぽ忘れてた オオカミで" - "She lost her wolf tail because of a (neuroi) beam."

"陸ストライカー装着図は、仕事の合間に書くには手間かかりすぎるので。 三突Gかな 丸太振り回すぜ!"

- "Because her job requires land striker units, finding free time to write much is inconvenient.

Her striker unit is probably based on StuG III Ausf. G"

Not 100% that the part about "not having enough time to write" is the best translation, so I would appreciate someone proof-reading it.
>> No. 2087 ID: c8cf3031
I should note that the "probably" part stems from the original tweet, not speculation on my behalf, it translates literally as I wonder, but I don't think "Striker unit" meshes well with it in a sentence. So basically, it's just Humikane pondering on the matter.
Keep in mind though, I believe that his twitter account isn't canon. Or so he claimed?
>> No. 2088 ID: 9e32c7b5
He just said things on twitter are not yet confirmed by writers and other people in the creation team (after all, he is just the character designer). Some of them are just products of daydreaming.
But then, most of the time designs got passed after a while, so it is pretty safe to say they are mostly canon.
>> No. 2090 ID: 923fc43b
>"あ、しっぽ忘れてた オオカミで"
Pretty sure that actually says "Ah, I forgot her tail. It's a wolf."
>> No. 2095 ID: 82629b72
I like it, I just hope that there's more art of her in the future.
>> No. 2096 ID: 82629b72
File 132695683955.jpg - ( 196.27KB , 800x730 , 24468813.jpg [iqdb] )
Scratch that, she's already in art.
>> No. 2097 ID: b2f9ba20
File 132695905711.jpg - ( 443.34KB , 716x716 , yukitii_498568110.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2098 ID: 7fec0246
That was very fast
>> No. 2101 ID: e0cae0aa
File 132698074485.jpg - ( 32.02KB , 300x600 , tyty.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2102 ID: b8939cc3

She's equipped with Mjolnir.
>> No. 2103 ID: c8cf3031
>>2101 Clearly her tail regrew >_>
>> No. 2104 ID: 4b530fc9

Not sure if serious, but it's a satchel charge.
>> No. 2106 ID: 853f6130


[picture link] カサパノスをさらに3連結した特製の対ネウロイ手榴弾を振り回して突撃するさまは、ミョルニルを手にし
>> No. 2110 ID: b8939cc3
File 132700427027.jpg - ( 28.23KB , 456x509 , Polttopullo.jpg [iqdb] )

Well, yeah. But Humikane called it Mjolnir, I don't know if it's a specific finnish type.
>> No. 2111 ID: ebf730ae
It's kasapanos anti-tank grenade.(one on the leftin the pic)
Three of them stacked together is appearetly effective against Neuroi.
>> No. 2112 ID: 0a556db8
What Humikane is saying is the way she wields the grenade is similar to Thor and his hammer.
>> No. 2113 ID: 07ff033f

I have a sudden urge to listen to amon amarth
>> No. 2118 ID: 6e9de716
Not entirely accurate translations

"Forgot her tail. Her familiar is a wolf"

"I don't have time to draw her in her strikers, as I'm drawing this between jobs. But it's most likely StuG III... wielding a log!" (referring to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_War ctrl+f logs)

"She attacks wielding Kasapanos, a weapon with three explosives attached together, which works effectively against neuroi. She could be called the reincarnation of the Mjölnir wielding God of Thunder Thor"

"-Shit, I'm out of ammunition.. Ah! Commander, don't you have Molotov Cocktails!?
-Yeah, spirit (the distilled beverage kind)

She's like that"
>> No. 2119 ID: 6e9de716
Those are not entirely accurate translations*
>> No. 2120 ID: 6e9de716
File 132708413995.jpg - ( 48.76KB , 300x449 , op (1.jpg [iqdb] )
Text in picture: Bo-o-bs
(This is drawn by Humikane. It looks a bit different from usual so I felt the need to emphasize that)
>> No. 2125 ID: a17305b1
File 132713516940.jpg - ( 42.13KB , 300x449 , op2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2129 ID: 6e9de716
Actually, I wrote it a bit wrong, it's
"She attacks wielding three Kasapanos explosives attached together, which works effectively against neuroi. She could be called the reincarnation of the Mjölnir wielding God of Thunder Thor"
>> No. 2131 ID: 6e9de716
File 13271517405.jpg - ( 43.83KB , 300x414 , op3.jpg [iqdb] )
"What's wrong, say the last letter.. say it"
>> No. 2132 ID: 6e9de716
If anyone knows what the kanji on the left of the middle row is, tell me. For some reason I can't figure out what it is, and I can only deduce based on the rest of the text and comments on futaba that someone did something slightly negative to Nipa, and Aurora is demanding that person to step forward.
So the point is she's protecting Nipa
>> No. 2135 ID: 9e32c7b5
The whole sentence read:
"Anyone who've teased at Nipa, come forward now."
That middle part is "the one who teases".

Apparently she is part of the recovery team for downed Air Witches and that she hates people teasing at Nipa.
>> No. 2136 ID: 6e9de716
Tease? What kanji is it exactly?
>> No. 2137 ID: 30439499

笑った = to smile / laugh at / sneer
I think it would be more proper if translate to "laugh at"

There's also another version of translation on danbooru.
>> No. 2138 ID: 6e9de716
Yeah, "laugh at" is better.
I did think it might be 笑, but it just looked too different to my eyes
>> No. 2139 ID: 6e9de716
File 132717773428.jpg - ( 40.40KB , 300x440 , dnfhuahye.jpg [iqdb] )
"Occasionally she goes on counter offensive.. I mean she's just nursing her"
>> No. 2205 ID: 640635e1
http://t.co/S69aLeva ちょっとだけ506話 

Don't forget there is still a short story to get done.
>> No. 2214 ID: 6e9de716
Beginning of 1945, Central Gallia, Dijon
The base of 506th JFW B-unit

"It was just for a short while but, thank you for letting me help you!"
An energetic voice, and deep bow was engraved into everyone's memories, as the black haired witch flew away.

"She was an amusing girl, hopefully we'll meet again."
The Liberion Marine who watched the black haired witch leave, Flight Lieutenant Jennifer J. DeBlanc murmured. Her wish would be granted in 30 minutes.

"Hey, isn't that Flying Officer Kuroda?"
Hearing the noise made by the maintenance members, Flight Lieutenant DeBlanc went out to the runway, thinking that it couldn't be. There indeed the black haired witch they just saw off was arriving, Fuso Army Flying Officer, Kuroda Kunika.

Having just spent few days together, they don't exactly cry bitter tears when they have to part, but they've become partners who wish nothing but good for each other. Although it's nice to meet again, because the separation was just 30 minutes long there really aren't any deep emotions going around.

It's just that before the now serious looking Kuroda appeared here again, there was a report of Neuroi breaking through the Karlsland-Gallia border, and that they were heading towards this base... So ominous feelings were welling in her heart.

"What on earth.."
Before DeBlanc could finish her sentence Kuroda bowed like she did when she was leaving and said:
"I'm sorry!I forgot something!"

Slightly amazed, she helped Kuroda to pack all of her things in her duffel bag to make sure she had everything. After she saw off the witch for the second time in one day, DeBlanc's coworker called out for her.

"I can't believe she is a Fuso noble"
The frank words belonged to the Liberion Marine Flight Lieutenant Marian Carl.

"But she isn't a difficult person"
DeBlanc retorted.

"Well that's true. Just because one is born in a noble family doesn't mean one has to be petty and mean."
Carl is harsh, she was born in a farm and she had troubles finishing her education. But in her tone there is a voice of a child who she would scold the most. She has cynicism mixed in her thoughts of her past self.

"That's not what I meant... You're so mean, Marian."
DeBlanc had a Liberion nationality, but she was a descendant of a Hispanian noble family. So she murmured that in a pouting tone, as if Marian was saying that towards her, trying to take some substantial meaning out of her life.

Carl is weak against DeBlanc when she takes this attitude.
"Aah... Sorry. I'll take that back. Besides, I don't hate Kuroda."
Awkwardly hiding her embarrassment, Carl turns the discussion into other direction.
"Kuroda fits here better than that place (A-unit), right, Wing Commander?"

Being brought into the conversation, the Commanding Officer of B-Unit, Wing Commander Geena Preddy raises her eyes from the magazine that was delivered from her home country. She just shrugs in a way that doesn't show if she agrees or disagrees.


Same day, some hours later, Northeast Gallia, Sedan
The base of 506th JFW A-unit

In 1944, due to the efforts of the 501st JFW, Gallia was liberated. But there were all kinds of haggling and chaos in the internal politics surrounding the reconstruction. In addition there was all kinds of speculation and trifle about the clout that is in the aid many major countries have been offering.

The after effects of the disorder manifested themselves also in the military. The newly organized defence of Gallia, 506th JFW, was not formed with just military necessities in mind. As a sort of symbol for that, the A-unit was formed only of the nobles of the world, and the B-unit was formed entirely of Liberion witches. And they were separated into two bases, one in Dijon, the other in Sedan.

"Haahh, I'm finally here"

Flight Lieutenant Kuroda received orders to go to Europe and Gallia, to take her place as a member of the 506th JFW in the appointed time...
But she didn't arrive at the appointed noble A-unit in Sedan, instead because of some mistake she appeared in Dijon in the B-unit. Surprising the commanders of bothe bases.
Because the Strikers she used were in a bad condition, she stayed in the B-unit for maintenance and rest. So she arrived in her destination, A-unit of Sedan, two days behind schedule.

"They're the same unit but they're separted into two bases.. Aah, it's complicated"

Kuroda complains, trying to set aside her own carelessness.
Although, just because of those peculiar circumstances, she was sent there from her branch family made of poor nobles. So that they could get there hands on some economical special favors.

For Kuroda the economic factor is surely a motif as she was told to work hard enough for Gallia so that she won't get kicked out of her duties. This was said as if it's completely natural.
Even with such a short time, she was charmed by the relaxed atmosphere of the B-unit, forgetting all her worries. But first comes the monetary things.

"I wonder if I can make it easier for granpa and granma with this"
If anyone of the main family had heard that they would murmur "What plebeian expressions" with wide eyes. So Kuroda arrived to the base in Sedan.

>> No. 2216 ID: 5b0fbe7b
File 132784988620.jpg - ( 27.00KB , 300x300 , ins.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2217 ID: f29ead15

Mmm, Humikane hates McDonalds?
>> No. 2235 ID: dc9fe5aa
Japanese McDonald's is running "American Places" themed series of burgers recently (Grand Canyon burger and Las Vegas burgers n such)
This one is Innsmouth Burger.
This one is "
>> No. 2265 ID: 86ff52cc
File 132809962654.jpg - ( 37.19KB , 182x284 , Lovecraft1934.jpg [iqdb] )

>mfw Lovecraft reference
>> No. 2292 ID: 6e9de716
File 132827017463.jpg - ( 31.87KB , 435x300 , 1328242705334.jpg [iqdb] )
Did anyone every find better scans for this?

Here are some new ones that need better scans
>> No. 2293 ID: 6e9de716
File 132827020240.jpg - ( 28.95KB , 415x300 , 1328242768577.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2294 ID: ce79c911
File 132827794329.jpg - ( 161.36KB , 704x1000 , Gundula Rall.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2385 ID: 6e9de716
File 132905868134.jpg - ( 58.05KB , 408x640 , 20056546_p0.jpg [iqdb] )

Part B


Approaching the runway of the Sedan base, Kuroda's eyes caught a sight of a single witch who stopped on her tracks.

Being near the runway, by the entrance to the base facility, the witch indeed was waiting for Kuroda.

Even though Kuroda had finished her long trip from Fuso and finally landed safely, she didn't have time to relax.

In front of her was standing a black uniformed witch who looked at Kuroda's Strikers with a frown. They were maintained in the B-base but they were not in the best of conditions.
She had long, luxurious blond hair. From her black uniform with red piping, and the silver eagle on her chest, Kuroda could see she was attached to Karlsland Air Force.

"Flying Officer Kuroda, isn't it"
"Ah, yes, Kuroda Kunika, Fuso Army Flying Officer"
"Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. Karlsland Air Force Flight Lieutenant. 506th's Commanding Officer in battle."

"Eh... umm..."
Kuroda getting bewildered by the onslaught of information, the Karlslander repeats, without really being able to hide the feeling of "this always happens" from her voice
"...Wittgenstein is fine. Squadron Leader Grunne is waiting"

"Y-yes... umm... did the Commanding Officer in battle come here just for me..."
"Hmph, a "careless thing" who manages to go to the wrong base when taking up a new post, I just wondered what she was like"

Wittgenstein didn't intentionally mean to reprimand her partner who was stepping almost for the first time on European soil. But she wanted to show with her strictness that even if Kuroda had even one excuse for her tardinesss, it would not help her position to try and explain it here.
After all, first impressions are crucial, however.

"I'm sorry!"

Hanging her head and yelling out her apology, the maintenance crew of the hangar gathered a bit to see what was going on, making the situation quite embarrassing for Wittgenstein.

"Wha-... Hmph, it seems you're reflecting on your actions. You too! Get back to work!"

"Haaaa... I don't have any excuse"
"Enough of that. Report yourself to Squadron Leader Grunne to take up your post"
"Isn't there some kind of punishment... or, tangible cut in salary...?"

This has confused Wittgenstein, or more like, making her bring out her maliciousness.
"I don't have control in such affairs. Regardless, as I said everything concerning this discourse is to be overlooked, so be in peace"
"Wah... Thank goodness!"

As if she was told she wouldn't die tomorrow, Kuroda light steps were on the verge of skipping. Wittgenstein looked at her back dumbfounded.

--New post--

"Kuroda Kunika, Fuso Army Flying Officer, reporting to take up a new post"

Looking at the office, a unit for the nobles wouldn't come in mind due to its modesty. The impression is not bleak, it has more the charm of a study of a writer who is very scrupulous when it comes to tidiness. Kuroda embraced this nice feeling.

Squadron Leader Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne. She is attached to the Britannian Air Force, but she is the heiress of two families of earls from Gallia and Belgica. She had a uniform from the Belgican side of her family, with a black stand-up collar, and white tights with boots.
Looking at it with modern eyes, it seems like it has too many decorations to use in battle, but Grunne is after all an honorary Commanding Officer that doesn't take command in front lines. She gives the feeling of an antiquated "Aristrocrat Soldier" that has nothing but good will for other people.

During her interview with Grunne, Kuroda looked into her deep turquoise eyes and her light blond hair with a braid that ended in a round form at the nape of her neck. She looked like a princess from fairy-tales, or rather the tender mother of that princess.

"Thank you for coming all the way from the far away Fuso. It seems you've gone through some trouble..."
"Auh, yes... as I thought, it's a problem...?"

Bringing up the failure that happened couple days ago made Kuroda lower her head in quite a grandiose way and say her words very slowly.

"No... Ah, that's not what I meant"
"Not what you meant?"

This time Grunne was at a loss for words.
"Didn't something painful happen at the Dijon base?"

Kuroda's wild reply made Grunne lower her pose like a small animal.

"We aren't... well... really loved by the Liberion witches..."
Not really understanding Grunne's words, Kuroda's voice became noticeably louder.

"All the people there were really nice. Well I can't know what kind of people they are with just two or three days. But still, it's not like they feel like my childhood friends, but they taught me how to play with cards and such, they were really nice! Ah, I taught them how to walk on stilts, in return..."

Grunne was slightly overwhelmed by the thoughts that were vigorously put into words as they popped in Kuroda's head, but she was releaved to see her energy.

"So you didn't have any bad expriences"
"I see... good"

Even though she said that Kuroda couldn't relax
"Don't you get along with those people?"
"No... well... We don't really have any quarrels, but there is there, and here is here, so we haven't really had any intercourse... We know that this isn't really a good thing"

Kuroda didn't really know how to answer. At any rate, she was assigned here to work and get paid, so that she could make it easier for her grandparents. Using her head wasn't part of her duties. But piling up the cheerful and friendly Liberion people to some troubles Grunne mentioned, has left an uncomfortable feeling over her.

"Oh yes! Squadron Leader, this"

Kurida takes a bottle out of her hand luggage.

"What is this...?"
"It's Cola. They gave it to me as a present. It's sort of what black tea is for Britannian's, some thing they won't get tired even if they drink it every day. Like they would die if they didn't. It might stink like medicine for us who aren't used to it though"
"Can I have it?"
"Yes, they didn't really address it just for me, also"

Opening her luggage a bit more, she shows a duffel bag filled with bottles.
"I have my share already"
Kuroda declares cheerfully.

"Well then, excuse me"
"Yes, if there is anything you don't know, do come ask"
"Thank you. Ah... by the way, Squadron Leader. Can you manage the bootle opener? You understand how to use it?"
"My... I'm not that much of a princess"
Grunne smiles tenderly and Kuroda leaves her room releaved... At that moment.

"Wa... Hya!"
Grunne's yell rises from the other side of the door.

"Squadron Leader!"
Kuroda rushes back in the room, and Grunne's documents and uniform soaked from the Cola that had bursted from the bottle.

"I'm sure... she'll hate me for this..."
>> No. 2388 ID: 6e9de716
File 132906293253.jpg - ( 43.43KB , 300x450 , maru.jpg [iqdb] )
"Marseille, age 8, summer.
She still doesn't know why she has the strong powers she has, and what she should achieve with them."
>> No. 2389 ID: 6e9de716

"An old eagle appeared before this young Marseille. The pupils that stared straight into her eyes seemed to want to convey something...
"What's this bird flying around for! I'll pluck it's feathers!"
Something like that happened"
>> No. 2397 ID: 1ac2c8dd
File 132912743226.jpg - ( 64.26KB , 300x450 , maru2.jpg [iqdb] )

There's also a v2 for 506d
>> No. 2402 ID: ef5cc252
Hanna: "You aren't so bad, bird..."

Eagle: "You too, little girl..."

Arrow pointing to the eagle: Nearly dead
>> No. 2438 ID: 82629b72
So he's going to keep lolifying the cast at this rate. Can't say that I approve.
>> No. 2454 ID: 6e9de716
Anyone happened to save this? Humikane already deleted it, and it would be a shame if it was entirely lost
>> No. 2455 ID: 318efe3f




















>> No. 2456 ID: 6e9de716
>> No. 2462 ID: 6e9de716

Part C


After having taken up the new post, Flying Officer Kuroda sneaked into the Witches' lounge room, but there was no one there. She had heard from a couple of soldiers, that Flight Lieutenant Wittgenstein and the other Flight Lieutenant of this Wing, Adriana Visconti of the Romanian Air Force, prefer a hands-on approach to leading, and spend a lot of time in the simple lounge room next the hangar. It was also implied that Wittgenstein heavily observes how her subordinates work.

"This is "simple"..."
Kuroda has a dry smile as she looks at the interior design of the room which is like from a high-class hotel.

Kuroda's name is the name of a branch family of a noble Fuso family. It's not like she ever had to feel hunger, but she lived modestly, and was very far apart from the image of someone noble. So she couldn't deny that she had an anxious feeling in the base which was like "The Residence of the Aristocrats".

She felt much more calm in Grunne's office, where you could really see the personality of it's inhabitant.

"It seems there is a lot of money here."
She mutters with a sigh.

However, behind a door there was a corridor which connected the room directly to the hangar, and there the expensive wallpaper suddenly changed to something you could see in a work place, a place where schedules are to be strictly followed. After confirming that there were no people there either, Kuroda moved towards the hangar. As the new types of Strikers have slowly been accepted, engineers from Fuso have been dispatched all around, and also here. But at the moment, they were working just on some ordinary duties for this local Wing. Kuroda wanted to greet them.

"Oh, are you the newcomer?."
Near the entrance, in a dark corner, there was a witch. She had the healthy looking skin of a Southern European and long but light, wave like hair with deep chestnut color. She had a dark uniform which fit her firmly, and on her loop tie as a finishing touch there was shining a brooch that looked like a long dragon that was bending it's body back and forth.

"Adrian Visconti. Romagnan Air Force Flight Lieutenant. Nice to meet you."
Her back parted from the wall it was leaning against and she stepped towards Kuroda. And just from that you could see her flexibility and strength. Coupled with her greyish blue and sharp eyes, Kuroda associated her with some kind of large carnivorous cat.

"Nice to meet you too. My name is Kuroda Kunika, I'm a Flying Officer of the Fuso Army. I'm looking forward to working with you."
"Yeah, it seems you will be under my command. Well, at ease."
"Ah, come to think of it."

There was something Kuroda was interested about.

"Flight Lieutenant Wittgenstein is a night witch, isn't she? Isn't it hard for her to be a Commanding Officer in battle?"
"Woah, you have some courage to say that around her, Kuroda."

Visconti pointed with her thumb towards the open of the hangar, where Wittgenstein was giving orders to the hectic mainentenance crew members.

"Wah... No, I mean, it wasn't about her abilities, but her sleeping or the like, that is she alright!?"
Becoming flustered, Kuroda's last words were more like a yell and Viscontin let out a small chuckle.
"So you got lectured by the Princess. How unlucky, or careless. Try your best Kuroda."
"I can hear you, Flight Lieutenant Viscontin."
"Oops, excuse me"
"Truly... well it matters not. It is partally inevitable that I'm seen like that."

This reaction made Viscontin let out a knowing sound.
"I wonder if something good happened during last night's patrol. She's the type who shows her attitude right after that."
Kuroda replied as Viscontin whispered this in her ear.

"As I said, I can hear you!" For some reason slightly blushing Wittgenstein seemed to already be loosing the leadership of this quarrel.

"In actuality, I entrust the daytime battles to Viscontin. Flying Officer Kuroda, you also basically fight under her command.
In night patrols and emergencies, you are under my command."
"I see..."
Kuroda had a question in her mind, tha how it would actually work in the end, and Viscontin answered that.

"The so called political decisions. It was agreed upon the creation of this Wing, that a Karlsland soldier would be the figurehead of the battle command."
"It seems you'll say everything you want to say. But, no one has any reason to say anything bad about the performance in battle behind our backs, mine or my subordinates."
"There is no doubting your strength. And thinking about the paperwork connected to commanding a multinational Wing gives me chills. For taking on stuff like that I'm also thankful to you."
"How cheeky... Not having your abilities to match your duties would be troublesome for the name of my family. Even under normal circumstances, people who are noble..."

Viscontin interrupts Wittgenstein
""Noblesse oblige", you mean? If this was a war in some Medieval times I would say you have a splendid dedication... but this is a different time, above all the enemy is different... Our enemy is not like humans"
"...I know that"
"If you ask, the neuroi won't take part in a fair one-on-one fight. This battle is not just duty and responsibility of the noble."
"I know that!"

"...If you know it then fine"
Viscontin seemed to look at her partner with gloomy, worrying eyes.

"Uuuhhmm... Is this my fault..." Kuroda couldn't bare the atmosphere she thought she created with her loose lips, trying to find a proper timing for her to get in the conversation. But those thoughts were blown from her mind as the base echoed with the sound of the alarm.
"Enemy attack!!"
>> No. 2475 ID: e14a85dd
Thanks for the translations
>> No. 2515 ID: 7ee52613
File 133022856630.jpg - ( 32.39KB , 300x523 , kuni.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2516 ID: 7ee52613
File 133027254165.jpg - ( 92.84KB , 500x1197 , kunikuni.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2517 ID: 7ee52613
File 133027307268.jpg - ( 58.01KB , 716x542 , kuni3.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2518 ID: 7ee52613
File 133027309629.jpg - ( 54.28KB , 400x893 , kunit.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2519 ID: 1304a758
S'that Doglio?
>> No. 2521 ID: f8457331
In the back? Yes.
>> No. 2525 ID: 500dc80f
Huh, thought so that it was her. I wonder what's her business with Kuroda? Probably something not perverted. *wink* *wink*
>> No. 2527 ID: b3ec8a13
File 133036991663.jpg - ( 474.85KB , 1117x1400 , WW_AF06_01.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2528 ID: b3ec8a13
File 133036995738.jpg - ( 409.81KB , 1117x1400 , WW_AF06_02.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2540 ID: 6fca8897
File 133044599848.jpg - ( 37.18KB , 300x459 , kunip.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2541 ID: f7126ec3

Who's the girl on the right?
>> No. 2543 ID: 923fc43b
Going by the text, her name is Wendeline Schröer.
>> No. 2553 ID: a17305b1
File 133055033488.jpg - ( 867.87KB , 1186x1212 , what is this.jpg [iqdb] )
I'm reserving excitement over that "TV" and "3" until I know what that says beyond "TV," "Strike Witches," and "3".
>> No. 2554 ID: aedd2874
Top bit says something like "The long awaited continuation of the television series!"
"A new battle is beginning for the witches"

It's hard to read the kanji after the huge 3...
>> No. 2555 ID: aedd2874
Ok, I used my powers of kanji deduction and ended up with two possible things:

"Nationwide airing decision" or something more like it's a 'conclusion'. Given the huge 3, I'm guessing the former. Let's not get too excited yet.

To the person that posted the pic, is it yours and can you get a better shot of those blue bits?
>> No. 2556 ID: a17305b1
Not my own pic unfortunately.
>> No. 2557 ID: aedd2874
File 133055492075.jpg - ( 301.08KB , 1280x960 , 20120229-455.jpg [iqdb] )
Thank you anyway. A quick search of the kanji I guessed for bottom blue bits yielded the blog which seemed to be the origin of the picture. Unfortunately it looks like it's some crafty Photoshop.

It also seems like they had the intention of circulating it around foreign sites to fool us into thinking season 3 was coming along.

The text at the bottom was changed from 'nationwide roadshow' to 'nationwide television decision'.
>> No. 2558 ID: aedd2874
Wow, they even changed the title too.

It used to say "Long awaited film adaptation".
I'm pretty glad I decided to google that phrase now, otherwise we'd be none the wiser. Anyway, I'm going to get back to translating the novels.

I guess season 3 isn't coming then...
>> No. 2559 ID: a17305b1
File 133055740813.jpg - ( 101.50KB , 424x470 , 1268033269988.jpg [iqdb] )
>It also seems like they had the intention of circulating it around foreign sites to fool us into thinking season 3 was coming along.
I ain't even mad.
>> No. 2561 ID: b3d83100
2ch says "If it goes to oversea sites, it will make them panic."
It's just a joke of 2ch.
>> No. 2565 ID: 7a25abfb
You guys actually believed it!
I do wish this would come true tho
>> No. 2578 ID: 6e9de716
File 133089974791.jpg - ( 30.75KB , 300x538 , gdgd.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2579 ID: f23e5d73
File 13309406161.jpg - ( 43.07KB , 300x624 , gdgd2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2581 ID: 6e9de716
File 133096166442.jpg - ( 58.48KB , 300x706 , gdgd3.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2584 ID: 6e9de716
File 133096825937.jpg - ( 69.32KB , 400x721 , min.jpg [iqdb] )
"A memo thing I drew. I wonder if Neuroi have things like land mines.
When the explosion-proof mask closes, its silhouette could resemble the gun turret of Panzerkampfwagen I"

The text on the picture: explosion-proof mask
>> No. 2586 ID: ef17b2ba
Yay, Josie!
>> No. 2600 ID: 9e32c7b5
Finally some semi-official Tank Witch drawings! I love them more than air witches actually :D
>> No. 2601 ID: 82629b72
I'm not sure how I feel about the gloves/gauntlets, but it's nice to see tank witches get drawn.
>> No. 2607 ID: dc8a1517
Only because she is an EOD Witch

And don't you forget about Major Miles!
>> No. 2611 ID: 6434b1da
File 133104845149.jpg - ( 160.68KB , 500x688 , 1331028562130.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2612 ID: 6e9de716
File 133105012221.jpg - ( 35.70KB , 201x600 , 1331028351010.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2625 ID: 6e9de716
File 133122990877.jpg - ( 146.73KB , 713x1000 , Laura_Scan.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2628 ID: eaf7b3a2
File 133126710769.jpg - ( 35.38KB , 500x396 , malch.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2678 ID: a17305b1
File 13315196729.jpg - ( 60.53KB , 300x635 , ada.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2682 ID: 6c93130a
File 133158618792.jpg - ( 54.86KB , 300x540 , eli.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2690 ID: f8457331
Looking kinda Swedish there, Eila.
>> No. 2692 ID: 82629b72
File 133167759638.jpg - ( 225.39KB , 800x1067 , 25781932.jpg [iqdb] )
It suits her more than the Alice garb she was in for boot camp of all places.
>> No. 2693 ID: f36e67b9
File 133169034987.jpg - ( 53.62KB , 210x219 , 1324691041104.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2697 ID: 5746fcf4
File 133184602935.jpg - ( 12.71KB , 300x300 , mark.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2725 ID: 073d3e49
I guess it's Helma's personal mark. Cute.
>> No. 2800 ID: 22e745dd
File 133205644313.jpg - ( 115.72KB , 800x489 , Chibi Movie Cast.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2827 ID: d56b3783
File 133213622663.png - ( 30.96KB , 128x128 , profile_reasonably_small.png [iqdb] )
Where did Tanaka Rie's twitter icon come from?
>> No. 2828 ID: 3606bc10
File 133214028912.jpg - ( 107.03KB , 566x800 , 1332117761860.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2829 ID: 52f87b5f
File 133214095295.jpg - ( 43.42KB , 221x211 , sakura.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 2830 ID: a383621b
File 133214681223.jpg - ( 106.78KB , 1077x828 , 1332141877450.jpg [iqdb] )
I wonder what's going on...
>> No. 2835 ID: 6923c888
Awww they're just backscrathin that's all.

Said with an obvious wink and nod.
>> No. 2841 ID: 040c1f76

What is that... tentacled... squid thing she's yelling at?
>> No. 2842 ID: 715c273b

Humikane's persona.
>> No. 2844 ID: 040c1f76
>Humikane's persona.

2,475 reaction images, and I have not a one for my expression at this juncture.
>> No. 2914 ID: 6e9de716
"8 years old, at a festival"
>> No. 2915 ID: 6e9de716
Text on pic: "Let's go, Hattori!"

"There's still so much in the world
>> No. 2919 ID: 6e9de716
File 133250581936.png - ( 111.58KB , 292x219 , WS001057.png [iqdb] )

Some kind of thing for those who go watch the movie
>> No. 2930 ID: bf78b7fd
File 133253086645.png - ( 323.83KB , 419x563 , Yoshika is watching you.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 3113 ID: 6e9de716
File 133318492640.jpg - ( 449.98KB , 1680x1050 , str-i-ke_w-i-tches2-d (1.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3116 ID: 81f8b070
File 133323247145.jpg - ( 159.97KB , 712x1000 , Francie Scan.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3173 ID: 1225db39
File 133363329353.jpg - ( 34.44KB , 300x462 , nipa.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3174 ID: 5dcb1b09
File 133363378590.jpg - ( 34.41KB , 300x460 , Heidemarie Bathing.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3177 ID: 6e9de716
File 133364614130.jpg - ( 45.03KB , 400x438 , nipa2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3180 ID: 6e9de716
File 133373478030.jpg - ( 24.82KB , 400x440 , tei.jpg [iqdb] )
I think the roof of Humikane's veranda was ripped some days ago, so this is a thing about that.

"Devil invasion"

Text next to Humictopus: "with bare hands.."
>> No. 3200 ID: b3d83100
Does any one got the scan of recent World Witches?(Especially the text part)
Also, who is in World Witches of Comptiq 2012/04?
>> No. 3203 ID: 5f7e8c88
File 133415497484.jpg - ( 726.71KB , 1150x1512 , 1334150790586.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3204 ID: 5f7e8c88
File 133415520372.jpg - ( 805.64KB , 1143x1512 , 1334150846572.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3205 ID: 5dcb1b09
File 133417063638.jpg - ( 767.19KB , 1003x1497 , 1334150662228.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3206 ID: 5dcb1b09
File 133417070722.jpg - ( 678.99KB , 1007x1505 , 1334150724248.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3209 ID: 938c9485
Literal Dropping of bombs. No Bomb sights or Reticules needed LOL! Reminds me of World War I
>> No. 3217 ID: a383621b
According to the article that's the M9 Rifle Grenade, so it's probably sufficient to just drop them head on.

In fact bomb sight is still need for larger bombs, as shown in >>3204
>> No. 3329 ID: 81acbdf6
File 133530875665.jpg - ( 252.35KB , 985x704 , Romagnan Witches.jpg [iqdb] )
Is there a cleaner version of this picture?
>> No. 3344 ID: 525dc283
File 133556230566.jpg - ( 363.92KB , 1024x768 , 7118883581_a5cf778f16_b.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3345 ID: 3dbc3e66

>> No. 3346 ID: b7155c06
Looking very Navy there, Marian.
>> No. 3347 ID: 491ff445
She's a Marine!
Now give me fifty!
>> No. 3349 ID: b7155c06
Exactly. That's a Navy uniform she's wearing.
>> No. 3352 ID: b7155c06
(And Jennifer, too. Forgot about her for a moment.)
>> No. 3355 ID: 3dbc3e66
File 13355946863.jpg - ( 276.58KB , 1024x768 , 1335589526752.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3381 ID: dce3eb10

is there a scan of this?
>> No. 3408 ID: a383621b
File 133631563381.jpg - ( 520.22KB , 1485x1011 , 1336302940137.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3416 ID: bdd188fd
I guess Sadako is a lost member of the Kuruta clan LOL

PS: I know it has something to do with her "night vision ability".
>> No. 3417 ID: 179ec0e3
File 133641148520.jpg - ( 216.91KB , 768x1024 , 20120507-1001a.jpg [iqdb] )
Why doesn't any japanese scan these images?
>> No. 3419 ID: c7a0b682
A mix of :effort: and "buy that shit for yourself, baka-gaijin" I'd guess
>> No. 3420 ID: 9a6fd7ac
What is it even from?
>> No. 3423 ID: 0ac7f5c9
File 133643065910.jpg - ( 56.46KB , 400x503 , j.jpg [iqdb] )
Somebody know what the hell is this? Himake posted it the May 5
>> No. 3424 ID: 0ac7f5c9

Sorry, i wanna say Humikane
>> No. 3425 ID: 91a241e8

Its Humi preparing to draw a new sw chapter
>> No. 3426 ID: 467caf65
Theory, because the very few gaijin who have this magazine dislikes Yoshika?

The japanese are unlikely to scan it themselves. If I understood it correctly, scanning a magazine for free interwebs distribution is similar to piracy.
>> No. 3427 ID: b3d83100
It's an impression of MSM-04G Juaggu's nose and cockpit.
>> No. 3436 ID: 82b628af

Eh, they just don't like us baka gaijins.
>> No. 3437 ID: a383621b
It is not similar to privacy. It IS privacy.
Specifically, book scanning is copyright infringement. I know most people don't really care about that these days, but still the law is the law.

The copyright law in Japan is especially strict, and at least a handful of charges were made every year so most people wouldn't dare to scan images from magazines and upload to the interwebs just for sharing. Photographs of a book are most likely wandering in the grey area of the law so that's why you can see many of them around.

Of course, there's also another reason where people just simply don't want scan their book, maybe because of not wanting to damage it or whatever.

On a side note, I remember there's a IRC channel or something similar which deals such "files". I'm not sure if it's still there though.
>> No. 3438 ID: 179ec0e3
File 133656955212.jpg - ( 62.48KB , 400x640 , wqwqwq.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3441 ID: aa143acf
File 133660762780.jpg - ( 271.13KB , 792x1024 , sukima018729.jpg [iqdb] )
What's this?
>> No. 3442 ID: dce3eb10

it's hard to get a good scan of anything near the spine without damaging the book. considering it usually costs in shipping several times what the book is worth, that definitely factors into it.
>> No. 3443 ID: a383621b
The Complete Guide for the movie
(Just like the one that was released after both TV seasons)
Includes character descriptions, random posters, design drafts, etc.

I've got myself a copy from a Chinese friend, and would probably get it in June. Not that expensive, about 2000 yen (excl. shipping).
>> No. 3444 ID: 1278fca6
Hmm, AmiAmi have it back-ordered, so if you're really desperate, order it from there.
>> No. 3445 ID: aa143acf

If the majority of the cost is shipping, it seems the go-to solution would be to order two books and take one of them apart for scanning.
>> No. 3446 ID: ba4599fb

> If one book and shipping is too expensive, just buy TWO books

That doesn't make it any cheaper, you know.
>> No. 3447 ID: a383621b
Just checked the site out...
shipping cost is about double of the book's price
>> No. 3448 ID: 84f8400e

I'm planning to buy it, eventually.
I'm just waiting for the Yen to drop.

Although I'd like to see more photos of the book as as for now I've only seen >>3344
>> No. 3455 ID: 84f8400e
File 133674564966.jpg - ( 85.10KB , 500x882 , Eila traditionally dressed.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3456 ID: 84f8400e

Directly from the Finnish embassy homepage.
>> No. 3457 ID: d2917bba
I want Finland embassy to fund Suomus Misfits OVA.
>> No. 3458 ID: 6e9de716

Liberion breast sizes according to Humikane
>> No. 3460 ID: 6e9de716
Humikane actually drew that specifically for the embassy. It's Eila as suomineito, Maiden of Finland

He was interwviewed by them also http://www.finland.or.jp/Public/default.aspx?contentid=249007&nodeid=41206&culture=ja-JP

Partly translated in this sankaku article http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2012/05/11/finnish-embassy-smitten-by-eila-interviews-creator/
>> No. 3461 ID: 50e349b9

I dont know, why there is not dedication about the others embassy, WHY ONLY EILA?

I never understeand why she is very popular, is just for her relaiton with Sanya?

Eila and Sanya are the witches that got a very few participation in both seasons and the movie (even Mio, that appear close to the final, got more participation that Eila and Sanya)

If Eila is very popular, why dont try to make popular the other witches with the others embassy?

What about the embassy of France, Germany, USA, Italy when was the birthdays of Perrine, Minna, Gertrud, Erica, Charlotte and Francesca?

Why only Eila?
>> No. 3462 ID: fe854fa4
Because thus far. only the Finnish embassy (in Tokyo) has actually chosen to recognise the series.
>> No. 3463 ID: 5330e18e
Aye. Unlike the other embassies, the Finnish one is cool/full of 'bros.

I don't think the US embassy would acknowledge the existence of a big-breasted character inspired by Chuck Yeager that's in an anime series about girls (witches) that fly around in their panties fighting aliens.

That's like, 5+ strikes against them acknowledging it.
>> No. 3464 ID: 95abfd0e
Argh, movie spoilers. Eila is similarly well liked for her personality when she's apart from Sanya. Unfortunately when she's with Sanya that all changes.
>> No. 3465 ID: aa143acf

Yeah, the main thing holding Eila back is that she turns retarded whenever she's near Sanya, and that's often.

Of course "holding back" is relative here since she's still pretty much the best and most popular character.
>> No. 3466 ID: a383621b
I guess because there's not really a historical/political issue for them to recognise a WW2 inspired show, judging how they were never really into the war between the Axis and Allied (relatively).

That said, I couldn't imagine the impact in Germany if the German Embassy officially recognise the show...
>> No. 3467 ID: aa143acf
It's amusing how far Humikane goes in praising Eila in the interview.

>“Her trademark monotone delivery, calm aloofness, sense of duty and compassion, and willpower, along with her cool and smart looks, all of which hide her passion, are Eila.”

Though I suppose I'd try to butter 'em up too in the same situation.
>> No. 3468 ID: 50e349b9

Senser of duto and compassion...i dont think so...

Eila is very selfish, she dont care NOTHING the squad, she only want be with Sanya, nothing more, she dont care if the mission (of the capter 6 season 2) finished in a fail.

She dont care if Perrine was wounded for the bullets of Lynnette, she only use her shield for Sanya.

definitly, i wonder why Eila and Sanya are the most popular witches of the 146 witches, specially Sanya, that in the 24 episodes, her participation are few of 45 minutes.
>> No. 3469 ID: aa143acf
>>Eila is very selfish, she dont care NOTHING the squad, she only want be with Sanya, nothing more, she dont care if the mission (of the capter 6 season 2) finished in a fail.

It didn't finish in a failure. She knew she could do it, and said so from the start. And Sanya was the one who insisted she should come with her.

The reason the training failed was because she _couldn't_ suppress her reflexes for Perrine. As soon as it was a serious situation, she pulled it off easily.
>> No. 3471 ID: a383621b
File 13368219683.jpg - ( 740.26KB , 1545x2043 , p1itM.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3472 ID: a383621b
File 133682198959.jpg - ( 564.51KB , 1280x1613 , EHXhw.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3473 ID: fc19829e
Hell yeah, Georgette. Most underrated witch
>> No. 3474 ID: 91a241e8

i'd give her my chocobanana
>> No. 3475 ID: 50e349b9
File 133684822015.jpg - ( 728.58KB , 1143x1600 , 32260b0c0b27ae9599ad7a8127c237ea.jpg [iqdb] )
oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD!!!
>> No. 3476 ID: fc19829e
Cris really looks like Yoshika
>> No. 3479 ID: 6e9de716
That really has no reason to be in this specific thread though
>> No. 3482 ID: 50e349b9
File 133692743480.jpg - ( 55.78KB , 350x560 , qwq.jpg [iqdb] )
Now for Angela
>> No. 3483 ID: cb896166
Not gonna lie, I yelled "Holy shit" out loud when I saw that
>> No. 3484 ID: 36bc0304

So have I.

It's great that Humikane is so active in this period.
>> No. 3487 ID: a383621b
Official English ver. of the news and the interview of Humikane.


Got to say, that Finnish embassy is awesome!
>> No. 3489 ID: da62e978
>> No. 3490 ID: 5330e18e
Other embassies don't want to be affiliated with "pedo-shit" (not my opinion but they would think of Strike Witches as being just that.)
>> No. 3491 ID: e15fee81
Other countries' politicians are simply too uptight and serious to acknowledge something like animu.
>> No. 3493 ID: c3e5d692
File 133707829154.jpg - ( 55.06KB , 350x560 , qqqq.jpg [iqdb] )
>MFW this is the first official online picture of Rosalie.
>> No. 3494 ID: c3e5d692
File 133707836551.jpg - ( 43.91KB , 400x386 , dddd.jpg [iqdb] )
I don't even...
>> No. 3496 ID: 5504dbc0
File 133712590731.jpg - ( 50.78KB , 350x560 , gddd.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3498 ID: cb896166
He's slowly inching towards actually releasing some of his allegedly massive stash of of Georgette porn
>> No. 3499 ID: 5504dbc0
File 133714348079.jpg - ( 111.57KB , 600x600 , gdddd.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3500 ID: a383621b
Translate of Georgette's line
"I seems to have been assigned to a horrible place..."
>> No. 3502 ID: c3e5d692
So Federica is the Sexy Leader? I can agree with that.
>> No. 3521 ID: c675ec7d
That giant boot was made by Frederica, and this photoshoot happened right after Angela had recovered from her injuries.

Trivia: Gallia's national animal is domestic chicken

Domestic chicken is a joke emblem of the 506th. Grunne's familiar isn't chicken, nor is she Gallian. The chicken is from the photography accessory stash as Angie's giant boot.

Secret Society of Sexiness. You should just let them take their pictures

Rather than Sexiness it's more like Cuteness though
Text next to Kuroda: Local recruitment

Three texts on the left: the strong Number One, Number Two of art, Sexy Leader
In the first Jose pic I got the ankle wrong way round. Thank goodness it wasn't for work..

I have taken part in the making of the new anime Girls und Panzer

>> No. 3522 ID: c675ec7d
File 133735699158.jpg - ( 36.71KB , 300x480 , sasasa.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3524 ID: 29854472

>> No. 3525 ID: cb896166
Good to see more Gunny. Humikane's been unusually slim with putting out more of her for being a member of the 502nd
>> No. 3527 ID: 8ac3dc82
The 502 are very focus in Sadako, Kanno, Nikka and Waltrud but Gundula are very forgetty
>> No. 3529 ID: dce3eb10

Rossman also got a lot of love early on but she definitely needs a little more love
>> No. 3531 ID: c675ec7d
File 133750289944.jpg - ( 48.23KB , 350x560 , sdsds.jpg [iqdb] )
Krupinski: "This way we can utilize the heat that is generated in your body after you've used your healing magic, and put vanilla ice cream on your stomach and..."
Rossmann: "Then we must start by getting you a big injury first"
>> No. 3532 ID: a383621b
File 133752063012.jpg - ( 182.79KB , 750x750 , 20251025_big_p7.jpg [iqdb] )
>>Georgette porn
>> No. 3533 ID: 8ac3dc82

Why Sadako is the only one that dont appear normal?
>> No. 3535 ID: a3d43c0f
She's probably holding the camera.
>> No. 3536 ID: 8ac3dc82

I mean, why Sadako appear like a "shadow monster" and dont like the others members
>> No. 3537 ID: a17305b1
Because she loves to hug cute things in the same way Yoshika loves to grope boobs.
>> No. 3538 ID: 491ff445
506B team profile

>遠距離視と高い動体視力の複合した「ホークアイ」の持ち主 趣味はクロスワードパズル

Geena is neither aggressive nor passive type of leader. She like maintaining schedule and executing them properly.

>エーテルを媒介にした魔法冷却能力の持ち主 ストライカーにラッキーガールという名前を付けている
Carla is cheerful and confident Liberian with love of combat.
She also know most about Europe in the B team. Likes both Coke and tea.
Her magical ability is ether conducted cooling magic.
Names her Striker "Lucky Girl"

Carla uses water-cooled (pressurized ether mixture) M2 HMG.
The firing capability is significantly increased, so she can provide prolonged suppressing fire.
In a regular ether density of atmosphere, you would only feel slightly cooler around her.

>> No. 3539 ID: 491ff445
missed a sentence for Geena

>Her magical ability is combination of far-seeing and improved movement vison called Hawkeye.


Marian looks most like a noble if she stays quiet, but she has a dirty mouth.
She's usually sarcastic, but actually sentimental at heart.
A speed buddy with Shirley.

Jennifer was considered to be assigned to A team originally, and has the best upbringing in B team.
Her anscestor is Hispanian noble, but she was born in Liberion and considers herself Liberian citizen.
>> No. 3541 ID: 66c76e64
File 133766478251.png - ( 6.56KB , 630x592 , index_php20110724-22047-58b7hk.png [iqdb] )
>>M2 HMG
I can't imagine the sheer firepower she can produce with that thing...
>> No. 3550 ID: eadda0d0
I think all the new information (some of it isn't in this thread's translations) is now somehow integrated in the wikia articles

>> No. 3565 ID: 671cb6ca
Now if only someone could do something about those poor excuses for profile images.
>> No. 3568 ID: a383621b
File 133821129854.jpg - ( 52.43KB , 400x571 , 1338191732569.jpg [iqdb] )
Sanya in the Liberation of Gallia Anniversary Celebration Ceremony, with Memorial Paintwork
>> No. 3571 ID: 82629b72
Nice to see Liberions get a new uniform in addition to the USAAF one.
>> No. 3572 ID: 5bbca8a4
File 133824622755.jpg - ( 32.17KB , 300x481 , 1222.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3573 ID: e3ad3f51
Not possible for this time, as these were obviously scans from the movie book that's only circulated in Japan. Unless some random gaijin buys one and scans it for the rest of the world.
>> No. 3575 ID: a383621b
I've got mine but it won't arrive until June. I'll see what I can do once I got the book.
>> No. 3577 ID: 5fb8b0c9

We have to wait for Humikane to post them in the e-wacs site...
>> No. 3583 ID: 9269bbb9
I actually meant removing them but it doesn't matter. Probably getting rid of some of the excess images first is a better idea.

I'll think about scanning the book at some point though.
>> No. 3584 ID: 5bbca8a4
File 133843831513.jpg - ( 16.84KB , 300x233 , Vizzini.jpg [iqdb] )

>removing images from the wiki
>> No. 3593 ID: eadda0d0
The paintwork is nicknamed "Midnight Sun"
>> No. 3610 ID: eadda0d0
Someone: "You two are completely in love.. but who was the one who confessed?"
Dominica: "Jane"
Someone: "Oh! Really?"
Dominica: "When was that, you remember? That "I haven't had a shower yet so could we.." "
Jane: "Gyaaa!! What are you telling! What are you telling!"

Had a thought when walking
>> No. 3614 ID: 073d3e49
Thanks for the translation!
>> No. 3659 ID: 4034d03b
File 134012679084.jpg - ( 101.47KB , 711x1000 , Helma Scan.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3660 ID: 4034d03b

So in the end, the propotype Striker Unit was introduced before the end of the Neuroi war.
>> No. 3689 ID: 5891a318
At long last, Helma in a Schwalbe Striker.
>> No. 3740 ID: eadda0d0
File 134046849550.png - ( 329.12KB , 511x365 , 1340258317213.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 3781 ID: 9a54d2c4
>座椅子の背もたれ、突然壊れて背中ぐきってなった 時間差で痛くなりそう・・・
Did humikane just have a near death experience?
>> No. 3782 ID: 5330e18e
File 134066510142.gif - ( 945.35KB , 427x240 , 1333683987897.gif [iqdb] )
Thank god he's still alive, whatever it was that happened.
>> No. 3783 ID: 491ff445
>Backrest of my chair suddenly broke and My back snapped. This is going to hurt later...
Not so much of near-death, just fucking painful.
>> No. 3784 ID: 5330e18e
Like the other guy said, near death experience.
>> No. 3792 ID: b2c5b832
File 134075319071.jpg - ( 28.57KB , 400x364 , tri.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3808 ID: eadda0d0
Humikane says that's the famous illusion when two people face each other, and the space in between their faces forms a vase of sorts. But with them it's the whole upper body.
>> No. 3809 ID: 5330e18e
I see it!
>> No. 3810 ID: 78a25e3f
I thought they were just being in love with each other.
>> No. 3831 ID: 65c523f7
File 134121795785.png - ( 1.31MB , 659x957 , Kuroe Scan.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 3833 ID: dce3eb10

looks like P-51 strikers, also, damn shame she isn't wearing her experimental uniform
>> No. 3834 ID: 41ff5449
I don't mind, Kuroe looks good in anything she wears!
>> No. 3851 ID: b59f0a46
File 134148047435.jpg - ( 65.16KB , 600x394 , haris.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3852 ID: c31c064c

She's Cecilia Harris from the 508th JFW.
>> No. 3854 ID: 82629b72
I think they're Ki-61's.
>> No. 3855 ID: 491ff445
It's P-51C with M1919
She's performing tests on those
>> No. 3862 ID: eadda0d0
Her familiar is American Shorthair, or Domestic Shorthair, as it was known at the time
>> No. 3881 ID: ff6f21e7
File 134208088714.jpg - ( 30.92KB , 300x420 , tate.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3889 ID: 20b04e00
File 134214376643.jpg - ( 374.99KB , 551x773 , 615960232.jpg [iqdb] )
From Hi-Ho
>> No. 3894 ID: 9a54d2c4
does this belong here?
>> No. 3926 ID: dcefd48f
File 134226676765.jpg - ( 439.60KB , 1121x1400 , Hanna-Justina_Scan.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 3927 ID: a17305b1
Not really. This is pretty much the Humikane Twitter thread.
>> No. 3996 ID: 64bec767
> アキネーターの静夏chang 魔女?>黒髪?>自己中心的?>主人公が大好き?で怒濤の絞り込みされて怖かった
humikane is having fun with akinator.
>> No. 3999 ID: f8457331
File 134302093252.jpg - ( 356.48KB , 1731x1200 , 1343011523014.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4025 ID: 55166763
File 134319067875.jpg - ( 19.81KB , 400x556 , 11111.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4032 ID: 91a241e8

dat ass
>> No. 4085 ID: a17305b1
File 134354581837.jpg - ( 46.03KB , 300x450 , 22232[1].jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4110 ID: 1ef24787
File 134377324823.jpg - ( 61.39KB , 350x614 , 12121212121.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4113 ID: 50d36614
The young spook of Sint Truiden
>> No. 4135 ID: eadda0d0
When she was 13

The dark wine cellar was her playing ground. Her parents ran a wine store.

I would want to make some kind of commentary for the movie, to tell little known facts and explain details.

>> No. 4167 ID: a0994b7e
File 134433653735.jpg - ( 54.97KB , 293x671 , nipanipa.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4169 ID: 55166763
File 134441581426.jpg - ( 29.07KB , 300x469 , kyou.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4170 ID: 3ec12f9d

It's... kind of disturbing.
>> No. 4171 ID: c8c7c136
Have you not seen a bust before?
>> No. 4172 ID: 82629b72
To be fair, most are bronze or marble.
>> No. 4173 ID: 41ff5449
Yeah, Perrine's looks more like.. a hunting trophy.
>> No. 4174 ID: c8c7c136
The Eva-01 one wasn't. It was in full colour.
>> No. 4175 ID: 3ec12f9d
File 134446568091.jpg - ( 188.92KB , 714x1000 , Aleksandra Scan.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4178 ID: b7e5c4bd
At long last! I've been waiting for Humikane to draw her donning a Striker Unit.
>> No. 4179 ID: 82629b72
File 134452008456.jpg - ( 391.45KB , 1280x851 , P-39Q_Airacobra_weapons_bay.jpg [iqdb] )
I do like the PTRS-41, I just wish she was flying with P39 strikers instead.

Pokryshkin flew P-39s and the plane had an internal 37mm gun in it, as seen in the restored US model. In case you're wondering where the engine is, it's behind the pilot.
>> No. 4184 ID: 9a54d2c4
I must be one of those fans who have no knowledge of the military equipment and just watch it for the cute girls.
>> No. 4185 ID: 460969a2
Wich is the weapon that she using?
>> No. 4187 ID: 82629b72
File 134462211638.jpg - ( 169.64KB , 793x407 , ptrs41-1.jpg [iqdb] )
It's a PTRS-41, a semi-automatic anti-tank rifle from World War II. It fires a 14.5×114mm round.

Pic related, it's PTRS-41 minus magazine and dust cover.
>> No. 4189 ID: 40a5a6a6
File 134470146712.jpg - ( 35.93KB , 381x500 , 51fUsjV0lKL.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4199 ID: 525dc283
File 134482872316.jpg - ( 33.12KB , 300x450 , 47v.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4201 ID: eadda0d0
The mysterious witch that appeared in the battlefield, "the Red Tulip".
The disappearance of Engineer Flight Lieutenant Ursula Hartmann.
In the skies over Karlsland, the "Black and Red" that weren't meant to cross each other's paths, finally clash!
Strike Witches 1947 ep2 "Two-coloured Tulip"

>> No. 4202 ID: 41ff5449
Ursula Hartmann no Shoushitsu? All the 1947 stories sound so interesting.
>> No. 4204 ID: 8747bfc2
Ursula dissapear? That sound terrible, but tue 1000 000 question is:


Come on, there are profiles of Helma and Yoshiko and not of Yoshika and Lynne?
>> No. 4206 ID: 6d43220c

There is a profile on Helma? I've never seen it!
>> No. 4271 ID: 6b482832
File 134571638138.jpg - ( 102.37KB , 606x766 , nipa3.jpg [iqdb] )
「またやっちまったのかよ、ほんとツイてないな」「うっさい」「ほら、立てっか?」 という感じで裏表 抱き枕のシチュじゃないけど・・・
>> No. 4272 ID: eadda0d0
"You've gone and done it again? You really are unlucky"
"Shut up"
"Come on, want to get up?"

This sort of scene from both sides. Although now it's not a dakimakura...

>> No. 4276 ID: eadda0d0
File 134588930273.jpg - ( 120.49KB , 500x776 , nipa4.jpg [iqdb] )
This isn't a pillow case but a regular sheet.

>> No. 4277 ID: e044f503
I want this, but it's the wrong size for my bed, and I may have a bit of trouble explaining it to the wife...
>> No. 4290 ID: 176cd3fe
File 134618035115.jpg - ( 71.54KB , 350x530 , zan.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4292 ID: eadda0d0
File 134643665358.jpg - ( 186.96KB , 500x688 , wawaw.jpg [iqdb] )
I had to scan some sketches I drew amidst working, thought I'd show them

>> No. 4293 ID: eadda0d0
File 134643670931.jpg - ( 179.13KB , 500x688 , erett.jpg [iqdb] )
For some reason there's a lot of Erica in this one

>> No. 4296 ID: 9013c5a7
Bottom left, Erica using her sexy gal move on Minna?
>> No. 4297 ID: eadda0d0
File 134651026942.jpg - ( 45.14KB , 400x600 , rwrwqqw.jpg [iqdb] )
12 year old Shirley. She's faster than someone riding a bicycle!

>> No. 4298 ID: 9e32c7b5
File 134651383282.jpg - ( 416.21KB , 768x1024 , 1346510585106.jpg [iqdb] )
This month Fuso World Witch
>> No. 4299 ID: 5cf05927
Great, more new witches....BUT...WHERE HELL ARE THE WITCHES OF THE 503, 505 AND 508?
>> No. 4300 ID: 9e32c7b5
>>12 year old
>> No. 4302 ID: d7522da1
To think Yeager's parents would let her dress like a skank at such a young age.

How lewd.
>> No. 4306 ID: dd361aa7
God bless Liberion
>> No. 4316 ID: 9722fa6e
File 134690208937.jpg - ( 311.08KB , 1280x905 , LIBERIONFUCKYEAH.jpg [iqdb] )
Dear lord, yes.
>> No. 4322 ID: 9a54d2c4
What if she had no parents?
>> No. 4323 ID: eadda0d0
File 134704520150.jpg - ( 506.90KB , 1519x1027 , 1346928594218.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4329 ID: 2c06eef0
File 134716940120.jpg - ( 55.55KB , 625x351 , Liberion Fuck yeah.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4335 ID: 4ceb2d32
File 134721645650.jpg - ( 57.31KB , 376x522 , www.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4339 ID: e0bad36e
Father's perspective
>> No. 4346 ID: 9e32c7b5
File 134738734383.jpg - ( 626.82KB , 1463x2042 , 1347379446884.jpg [iqdb] )
New Afrika Witch (Eugenia Horbaczewski)
>> No. 4347 ID: 9e32c7b5
File 134738738883.jpg - ( 445.02KB , 768x1022 , 1347380444226.jpg [iqdb] )
Double M1A1 Thomson!
>> No. 4358 ID: 82629b72
Anyone else disturbed that the Ostmark flag is the same as the Lord Resistance Army's?
>> No. 4361 ID: dce3eb10

so are the ages of most of the combatants
>> No. 4362 ID: a17305b1
File 134757627591.jpg - ( 85.43KB , 444x800 , 653693827.jpg [iqdb] )
So that's who this was.
>> No. 4363 ID: 9e32c7b5
File 134762777142.png - ( 128.19KB , 3520x2147 , 1347534757950.png [iqdb] )
didn't really realize this until you pointed it out...lol
>> No. 4364 ID: dce3eb10

strike witches has at least 30% less Meth, and depending on how you define it, between 5% and 95% less cannibalism.

TYL: Crystal Meth was invented by the Japanese in 1919. After World War II, the Japanese government's massive stockpile of military-grade methamphetamine hit the civilian black market, and hilarity ensued.
>> No. 4372 ID: 9a54d2c4
ゲーム化して欲しい 失敗すると国債購入額が減る

If a Captain America game comes out again, I wish there is a war bond rhythm mini-game. If you fail it the amount of war bonds bought will decrease.
>> No. 4482 ID: 6f31127a
File 134875059755.jpg - ( 78.72KB , 316x450 , 1348746825196.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4577 ID: 7a5d5995
File 13497504316.jpg - ( 625.04KB , 1320x2011 , 1349700785068.jpg [iqdb] )
From karlsland.net
>> No. 4578 ID: 7a5d5995
File 134975046054.jpg - ( 697.26KB , 1317x2024 , 1349700825211.jpg [iqdb] )
From karlsland.net
>> No. 4580 ID: 9e32c7b5
Nice braid
>> No. 4583 ID: bee97ce6
She's from JG 54
>> No. 4642 ID: 16e9fdca
File 134996014168.jpg - ( 48.82KB , 250x679 , hsrga.jpg [iqdb] )
あの人に絵を付けた なんか肩の荷が下りたかな・・・
>> No. 4643 ID: e9c50abd
Squadron Leader Huberta von Bonin, 1940, I think she was 19 then.
At the time of the second anime season she was the Deputy Commander of the 503rd, and was promoted to Wing Commander.
Her familiar is a stray cat.
Her jacket isn't made of magic fibres, as are clothes of many witches, it's just from a regular shop. She doesn't repair it often either so it's really shabby.

The first 503 witch with a profile picture!
>> No. 4656 ID: bee97ce6
Even after reading that I think she looks...stylish
>> No. 4703 ID: e9c50abd
File 13509295115.jpg - ( 76.08KB , 600x350 , sdfgsaf.jpg [iqdb] )
503rd - Typhoon Witches
>> No. 4704 ID: a17305b1
File 135092959066.png - ( 139.46KB , 600x350 , 1228441-TOFRQKM[1].png [iqdb] )
>> No. 4707 ID: 525dc283
File 135097146481.jpg - ( 55.46KB , 323x650 , gsdd.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4709 ID: d8c9e7f6
503 HELL YEAH!!!!
>> No. 4712 ID: e9c50abd
Flying Officer Alexandra Şerbănescu, from Ostmark. Her familiar is the Shepherd Dog [most likely German Shepherd, but that's how Humikane said it, perhaps because he wanted to avoid the country name]
She lost her Strikers during the fall of Ostmark and ended up in the land forces for a while, so she has experience from land combat also. She might have gotten experience in using the Land Strikers too.

Later she hurt her face and became blind in her left eye, but it bloomed into a magic eye afterwards. The scar never went away. She prefers raw fire power over mobility and uses things like 20mm cannons.

She is strict and importunate, especially when it comes to untidy clothing. She is the natural enemy of Deputy Commander of the 503rd, Wing Commander Bonin. Bonin is the type of personality who believes that "the powerful should take command, regardless of their rank", so Şerbănescu decided to challenge her to a battle to get her dress more properly, but when Şerbănescu confronted her Bonin just sayed "If it's because of clothing shouldn't it be a modelling battle?". Şerbănescu lost completely.

By the way, since Bonin was born in a noble family, she used to wear stylish dresses and such whenever she wanted.

>> No. 4714 ID: bee97ce6
Raw power over mobility. I'm starting to like her already.
>> No. 4717 ID: 9a54d2c4
Hoping humikane draws what she likes to wear.
>> No. 4718 ID: dfb90ab3
Wait a moment, Huberta is noticias the Wing Comander, is Bronislava F. Safonov

>> No. 4719 ID: e9c50abd
Wing Commander isn't a position, it's a rank, both Bonin and Safonov are Wing Commanders.
>> No. 4740 ID: 6ebe5ac5
Actually, it is both. There is an Air Force rank called Wing Commander (virtually the same as a Navy's Commander) and a position of Wing Commander, which refers to the leader of a Wing corps (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wing_%28military_aviation_unit%29).
>> No. 4742 ID: e9c50abd
I meant that in this case it's used just as a rank. I should've been more clear
>> No. 4758 ID: 525dc283
File 135148747680.jpg - ( 55.67KB , 376x626 , hghj.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4766 ID: a17305b1
File 135158289440.jpg - ( 56.13KB , 400x589 , adadasas.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4774 ID: e9c50abd
Left: Flight Lieutenant Waltraud Nowotny
Right: Pilot Officer Ottilie Kittel

Nowotny is the Commanding Officer in battle of the 503rd. She is a very skilled fighter, but her ability to command others efficiently is exceedingly great. She has a mild personality. She is very much liked by the people around her but she doesn't return their feelings at all with her unsocial behaviour. Her familiar is Great Dane

Kittel is a young genius who flourished while fighting next to Nowotny. Kittel adores Nowotny as her "Destined", but her slight greed over money and food can sometimes grow stronger than those feelings. Her familiar is Fox

Kittel was worrying because her kill count would soon exceed Nowotnys, so she changed to a shift where Nowotny wasn't in, and stopped reporting her own kills. In reality, Kittel's kill count indeed grew bigger than Nowotnys, but she was seemingly in a slump, with no new official kills. Nowotny got worried and kept trying to help her. Eventually Kittel revealed the whole thing and Nowotny praised her greatly instead of getting angry. Nowotny thought to herself that it was fun having a "peppy protegee" like Kittel.
>> No. 4775 ID: 72c5c4a1
File 135163287782.jpg - ( 60.70KB , 400x683 , Ottilie Upskirt 2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4787 ID: e9c50abd
Refining, I rushed the previous picture of her just before going out.

Text in pic: "What are you looking at?"

>> No. 4791 ID: 9e32c7b5
File 13517845102.jpg - ( 811.72KB , 2795x1881 , 1351780967599.jpg [iqdb] )
Finally, Mio's mentor...
>> No. 4796 ID: de75ec3b
>> No. 4802 ID: 4db9c326
File 135192855678.jpg - ( 51.37KB , 300x450 , ly47.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4805 ID: 9a54d2c4
File 135193643138.jpg - ( 47.24KB , 300x448 , sa47.jpg [iqdb] )
1947 Sanya revisted
>> No. 4806 ID: 9a54d2c4
Lynette Bishop 1947 Photoshoot just before retirement as Lieutenant. Highest rank is Flt Lieutenant. Although she received officer training as a result of recommendations, her calling was not in battle. After Romanga was freed, she continued exchanging letters with Miyafuji who was pursuing medical study in Fuso.

I had written this a long time ago but because this world diverged from story between S2 and the movie, I did not publish this until the movie was released on disc. -Humikane
>> No. 4807 ID: 9e32c7b5
>>this world diverged from story between S2 and the movie
Oh God why?
>> No. 4808 ID: cd50ef69
So, the movie has changed the real history that Humikane thinked? Is'nt?
>> No. 4810 ID: 2b1356d5
Conspiracy theory. Takamura is slowly changing Humikane's idea and image of the Strike Witches universe. Eventually, it will be so radically different that it would alienate even Humikane.

Case in point. Humikane and Nogami keep on drawing "Opaque" Propellers for the Striker units while in the anime and collectable figures we get the "magical" transparent ones.

I wouldn't be surprised if one day, the whole Strike Witches Anime would be re-booted and the series directed or perhaps written by Humikane himself.

Looking back at reality, this seems common. Just look at Hayate no Gotoku or even some of the hollywood films out there.
>> No. 4811 ID: 93791258
It's only a "What-if" setting Humikane created to draw for fun without sticking to universe settings.
He just wanted to make sure that these what-ifs would not bind future development of the franchise in any way.
He probably hasn't given too much thought on how the Neuroi War turned around in '45-47 for these pictures in terms of setting development.
Thing can (and likely will) turn out differently from these what-ifs as the series progresses over next few years.
>> No. 4812 ID: 2b1356d5
and... that's why I called it a conspiracy theory LOL but thanks for that opinion anyway.

Though I think a reboot without Takamura would be nice. No unnecessary ECUs of girl butts and crotches, and perhaps Yoshika wouldn't become a Mary-Sue. LOL
>> No. 4813 ID: 9a54d2c4
Good to know not everybody reacts. And I think the main difference in 1947 and the movie should be that Lynette didnt meet up with Yoshika and she went to Officer School.
>> No. 4816 ID: 2b1356d5
I did not publish this until the movie was released on disc. -Humikane

Still I'm stuck with this one trying to read between the lines or perhaps I'm just being too trivial. Is he stuck in some legal mumbo jumbo contract. I mean the '47 stuff won't really affect the movie.
>> No. 4817 ID: a5fe264f
I think it's because perhaps the difference is greatest in where "what-if" Lynette ends up and where Lynette post-movie is.

I think it's more that he wanted people to see the movie first before letting the cat out of the bag though.
>> No. 4818 ID: e9c50abd
>Photoshoot just before retirement as Lieutenant. Highest rank is Flt Lieutenant.

"Photoshoot just before retirement as Pilot Officer. Her final rank was Flying Officer."

Just to keep the ranks consistent with wikia, and make that last sentence a bit less ambiguous.
>> No. 4819 ID: 9a54d2c4
Thanks for the fixes. My sentence was awkward. Embarrassed to say English is my first language now.
>> No. 4837 ID: e9c50abd
File 135204055735.jpg - ( 35.89KB , 414x299 , how to rank chart.jpg [iqdb] )
No problem. Here's a thing. It's been used for a long time for all the witches, which country the witch is from doesn't make a difference.
>> No. 4838 ID: 231f9f73
File 135205425561.png - ( 304.73KB , 600x448 , 349613702.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 4842 ID: 47831709
File 135207013552.jpg - ( 59.90KB , 370x552 , 1351998162000.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4904 ID: e9c50abd
File 135247782122.jpg - ( 8.46KB , 180x292 , 4f1d8a11543708f71c7227c03677132a.jpg [iqdb] )
In C83, in the Kadokawa booth, there'll be "Shimada Humikane Festival"
Stuff to get there includes, but is not limited to: Sanya and Eila snow dome, IPhone 5 exclusive Barkhorn and Hartmann screen protector thing, "Strike Witches the Movie" memorial commentary book by the Striker Unit (apparently Striker Unit is the 5 man team that riginally created Strike Witches). And the stuff on these photos
>> No. 4905 ID: e9c50abd
File 135247784645.jpg - ( 5.27KB , 150x209 , 4fc75889f7475ce8795688527e28f12a.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4954 ID: ca016c5a
File 135269124833.jpg - ( 17.34KB , 128x128 , AXd8GI9CQAAsgnQ_large.jpg [iqdb] )
Alt 501st patch by humi, posted ????
>> No. 4962 ID: ebfd86bc
is it ture?
I didn't see any new pic from humikane's twitter
>> No. 4963 ID: e9c50abd
I don't believe so
>> No. 4970 ID: 93791258
iirc, that insignia is for Mosquito air patrol squadron within 501st from Unknown Witches doujin.
I forgot which, but either humikane or yamibun designed it.
>> No. 4982 ID: 9a54d2c4
"Sergeant Lynette... Somehow, she feels quite similar to Minna. She's progressed a lot since she scored her first aerial victory. She's strong-willed and has a good sense of grasping the whole picture, so she looks promising as a future Commander. But well... first we have to teach her about strategy and tactics."Getrud Barkhorn from Himegoe. So it was always intended for Lynette to be a commander, in a way?
>> No. 4986 ID: f8963ea4
i don't know if this is the right place to ask but, i would like to know where can i find the 2nd chapter of sea fuso incident?
>> No. 4988 ID: 95abfd0e
This thread is for Humikane's posts; the Zero thread is somewhere back there. Here's chapter 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?kj7jt08nch0wi08

I'm not sure if anyone has chapter 5, and I don't think translation continued past 6.
>> No. 4993 ID: f8963ea4
Thanks, i just found all the translations in spanish good thing i know the language.
Anyway the guys from /u/ translations are willing to give it a shot if anyone can get them the tank raw.

Sorry for offtopic
>> No. 5016 ID: 231f9f73
File 135329460023.jpg - ( 39.25KB , 300x795 , jfjf.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5052 ID: ff47856f
File 135363019124.jpg - ( 45.41KB , 350x672 , sib.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5053 ID: ff47856f
File 135363021762.jpg - ( 11.88KB , 400x400 , kswa.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5111 ID: 2989c2fe
File 13541893941.jpg - ( 477.05KB , 672x1024 , 1354188270330.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5112 ID: 2989c2fe
File 135418944428.jpg - ( 239.49KB , 654x1024 , 1354188332161.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5217 ID: 9e0ee85e
File 135512775049.jpg - ( 65.08KB , 400x517 , book.jpg [iqdb] )
Throwing money etc.
>> No. 5256 ID: 21aaee79
File 135558662955.jpg - ( 42.58KB , 300x763 , ni.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5265 ID: 21aaee79
File 135568004714.jpg - ( 63.81KB , 250x753 , gr.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5267 ID: 73ce34c8

whelp my nutbladder just exploded
>> No. 5270 ID: d323f41e
When you got used to seeing them not wearing skirts/pants all the time, you kinda miss skirts and pants (greedy human wants everything)
>> No. 5277 ID: f3e1cc3b
File 135576905766.jpg - ( 101.78KB , 500x827 , gr2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5286 ID: e09017de
File 135587014189.jpg - ( 40.65KB , 286x719 , Kadomaru Misa Cheerleader.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5308 ID: c4c8d6d6
File 135618776796.jpg - ( 53.77KB , 500x749 , sfasf.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5350 ID: e9c50abd
File 135689696576.jpg - ( 105.46KB , 450x840 , kghgh.jpg [iqdb] )
Lynette: Study hard, Yoshika!
ShadowYoshika: As if I could!
>> No. 5373 ID: 252a7c74
File 135711389529.jpg - ( 376.91KB , 736x1024 , 掃描00031.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5374 ID: 252a7c74
File 135711392210.jpg - ( 515.61KB , 745x1024 , 掃描00041.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5376 ID: c0193425
Gotta love those spats
>> No. 5377 ID: e92d17a6
File 135712251328.jpg - ( 52.08KB , 400x600 , 2013.jpg [iqdb] )
Happy new year
>> No. 5382 ID: e92d17a6
File 135716085486.jpg - ( 93.77KB , 500x750 , cheehe.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5384 ID: efc05798
File 135717314286.jpg - ( 182.71KB , 500x1067 , Gertrud Cheerleader.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5385 ID: c8bf44e9

There will never be enough pictures of Trude with her hair down
>> No. 5386 ID: a171e969
How can the ski-masked crew be there without their sexy leader Federica?
>> No. 5387 ID: a4f4d47d
Can't Trude just rip apart those ropes?
>> No. 5388 ID: a171e969

Are Kunika Kuroda and Isabelle from the 506th considered to be a canon pairing?
>> No. 5389 ID: 94d4e894
She might have super strength but if she can't move her arms then it might be a little hard to break them because of the forces acting on the ropes when tied so tightly.
>> No. 5390 ID: 9b39622e
File 135731810718.jpg - ( 83.21KB , 500x375 , tape.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5394 ID: 9b39622e
File 135734229481.jpg - ( 64.72KB , 400x742 , chs.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5395 ID: 1a99d7bd
File 135734346076.png - ( 82.15KB , 217x246 , 1350182226026.png [iqdb] )
oh yeah
>> No. 5397 ID: 1fe12ee9
Best posterior drawn by Humikane ever
>> No. 5398 ID: 1a99d7bd
File 135735634564.jpg - ( 62.01KB , 600x536 , Dallas-Cowboys-Cheerleaders-774956.jpg [iqdb] )
i can dig that, jack
i also love how her outfit resemble the dallas cowboys' cheerleaders.
I guess you can even call them, "Liberion's team".
>> No. 5399 ID: 82629b72
leave and never come back
>> No. 5400 ID: 1a99d7bd
File 13573623474.jpg - ( 580.52KB , 800x1129 , f40d7ed1a2af2238021ed3ab7fd4294c.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5408 ID: 74642223
File 13575026689.jpg - ( 48.30KB , 320x702 , sejg.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5409 ID: aa143acf

Is there any text accompanying this dress of Nipa's?
>> No. 5410 ID: c8bf44e9
File 135752612174.jpg - ( 395.39KB , 600x800 , Trude and Charlotte 18.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5415 ID: 9e32c7b5
From Twitter: いつも頑張ってるからねえ プレゼントあげようねえ

I kinda understand what he's trying to say with that caption but I can't seems to think of a proper translation...
>> No. 5423 ID: fad8918c
"She's always trying her best, right? So I'm going to give her a present"

I think.
>> No. 5433 ID: e9c50abd
File 135807446778.jpg - ( 43.35KB , 300x440 , fjjf.jpg [iqdb] )
if-past; Forgotten first encounter

"Sakamoto, don't stare at the foreigner, it's not polite"
"Hmm.. I just thought she's pretty"

And in the sort of present time:
"I once went to Fuso before the war started"
"I see"
"I sprained my ankle there.. and a girl who was the same age as me helped me immensely"
"What a coincidence, I once helped a Karlslander girl who had sprained her ankle back to her parents"
>> No. 5440 ID: 525dc283
File 135889318267.jpg - ( 42.58KB , 300x423 , hdsgg.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5444 ID: f275e833
"I will protect the dignity of Karlsland!"
>> No. 5451 ID: 1dc85167
File 135930825998.jpg - ( 60.56KB , 359x641 , dsgsd.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5452 ID: 1a99d7bd
Witches can evolve!!!
>> No. 5453 ID: 80e83a5e
I hope we'll get to see some of that in the next season.
>> No. 5454 ID: 3a643c63
You really want to see that next season?
>> No. 5455 ID: 47831709
Pssh, why not?
>> No. 5456 ID: b06c971f
Is that Yoshika's final form?
>> No. 5457 ID: f275e833
SuperMiyafuji, based on a dream Humikane had
>> No. 5474 ID: 6450dc8f
Over Powered Sue Alart!
>> No. 5490 ID: 32c7bb99
File 13596451988.jpg - ( 53.22KB , 300x810 , hgkgh2.jpg [iqdb] )

(Heinrike is the sexiest Witch in all the land, there is no denying this.)
>> No. 5491 ID: f275e833
Just so people don't get confused, Humikane just said he felt like drawing something h0t
>> No. 5492 ID: afc8d81d
Why is it always Princess?
>> No. 5495 ID: 32c7bb99
File 135981556054.jpg - ( 97.77KB , 462x800 , fff.jpg [iqdb] )
Oh yes.
>> No. 5498 ID: 20eaeba5
File 135987647661.jpg - ( 47.79KB , 300x480 , rrr.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5499 ID: 20eaeba5
File 135990018834.jpg - ( 57.85KB , 600x343 , btev.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5500 ID: f275e833
Even the chicken of B-Team are poweful.
When Marian told that the Liberion men he knew used to have the cocks cockfight by attaching sharp blades to their legs, Grunne fainted.

Crossword puzzles are Geena's hobby
"Start's with F..."
>> No. 5512 ID: 0ac939a5
File 136016602285.jpg - ( 106.59KB , 500x543 , upiu.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5513 ID: 22581873
There can never be enough spats witches.
>> No. 5514 ID: d4944368
Identification please
>> No. 5516 ID: 95abfd0e
Inufusa Yuno.
>> No. 5534 ID: 32c7bb99
File 136067570898.jpg - ( 58.81KB , 400x563 , sfsaf.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5535 ID: 1e053f18

Second image of Hakkinen after almost 4-5 years.

The first one:
>> No. 5538 ID: f275e833
I drew the face for fun, and it just continued and continued and ended up here.
Häkkinen is a commander type person in the Misfits Squadron's base, so she isn't a witch. That's her witch cosplay.
>> No. 5540 ID: 98744e9b
File 136076966049.jpg - ( 76.04KB , 500x704 , sfsafb.jpg [iqdb] )
>ポーチを片方書き忘れてたので修正したついでに尻尾 ズボンの上側にクリップかなんかで引っかける

(... are those anal beads? Oh God...)
>> No. 5542 ID: f275e833
Of course not. If Humikane draws something that suggestive (which I'm sure he has) he will never show it in public.
It's a clip that attaches to the upper rim of the panties.

In that world there are be-a-witch sets for around 10 year old girls. It include ears, tail and gun made of plastic/wood (mostly Liberion-made)
"What is this, Flight Lieutenant Leivonen?"
"It is a be-a-witch set. Many girls were wearing them when they came to the base opening ceremonies... Someone forgot theirs here"
"I... see"
That's where the situation started.
>> No. 5544 ID: 98744e9b
File 136078295658.jpg - ( 42.43KB , 500x425 , ljl.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5546 ID: f275e833
Also, these pictures are from the period of the second season, so Häkkinen is about 30 and Elma 21. Elma was 15 in Misfits.
>> No. 5550 ID: 82629b72
File 136088003719.jpg - ( 32.67KB , 500x376 , SaL22.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5553 ID: 23f23cec
File 136096689790.jpg - ( 38.16KB , 300x683 , cvcxc.jpg [iqdb] )
Skirts, you say.
>> No. 5554 ID: f275e833
Style for a competent woman. Still the young witches love to meddle with her.
>> No. 5558 ID: 23f23cec
File 136121927319.jpg - ( 48.84KB , 400x533 , gafa.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5561 ID: fa355c8a
Boobiemarie is so lovely!
>> No. 5566 ID: cc33298c
File 136146953045.jpg - ( 58.84KB , 600x570 , dddd 2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5568 ID: f275e833
Erica with the P1101
She uses them in high-altitude high-speed interception, to support Barkhorn and her high-calibre rifle. It also gives her the ability to use some radar powers.
Erica herself has said this about jets "Hate them, they make me hungry suddenly"
>> No. 5573 ID: cc33298c
File 136155265463.jpg - ( 47.14KB , 450x635 , eeee.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5575 ID: f275e833
Lynette on Spitfire Mk22 with contra-rotating propellers.
The engine output is 10% more powerful compared to previous version.
The gun is based on new technology, where the calibre changes from 28 mm to 20 mm.
These are her equipment for hunting down very large targets

I'd guess the fighter is based on Seafire Mk46, which is Spitfire Mk22 modified for naval use, it had three-bladed contra-rotating propellers.
I'd guess the gun is sPzB 41, the calibre was 28 mm at the chamber, and 20 mm at the muzzle
>> No. 5576 ID: 0a52cc2b
Beautiful "what-if" concept.

I want humikane to put out one for each of the 501st.
>> No. 5579 ID: dce3eb10

...or at least Perrine :3
>> No. 5583 ID: cc33298c
File 136182046864.jpg - ( 61.42KB , 446x656 , ffff.jpg [iqdb] )
Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday/etc.
>> No. 5586 ID: f275e833
Perrinu with Arsenal VG-64
During the fall of Gallia, the development of Arsenal VG-30 series fighters was interrupted. After the liberation they started again basing everything on VG-60, fuselage that has more powerful engine. The number of ether propellors increased from 3 to 5.
She can "place" spherical lightning bolts in the routes of the enemies, so that she is in fact mining the sky. It's called Saint Elmo's fire.
Oh, I forgot to draw the front side intake...

Not entirely sure if the lightning thing was somehow connected to the strikers, so that Perrinu is able to do it only when she wears them.
>> No. 5589 ID: dce3eb10

better than i could have ever imagined.
>> No. 5590 ID: cc33298c
File 136204586188.jpg - ( 53.58KB , 600x488 , ffff 2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5591 ID: cc33298c
File 136204591094.jpg - ( 41.06KB , 600x438 , fffff.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5593 ID: f275e833
Humikane would personally wish to see media about Suomus and 502 witches.

Source: http://dilemmanichijyo.blog109.fc2.com/blog-entry-2374.html

Also, from now on the World Witch articles will also hold powerlevel infographs about that witch.
>> No. 5594 ID: 66bbf035
valiant Amelie!
>> No. 5595 ID: df4ac664
More of the Suomus and 502 witches. Exactly what I need.
>> No. 5644 ID: f275e833
File 13628176213.jpg - ( 103.00KB , 800x291 , mug.jpg [iqdb] )
501st mugs, Spring-Summer
Rest of the characters will be in the Fall-Winter one
Erica is more of a Spring character, but I've prioritized the combinations of characters.
>> No. 5651 ID: 8dfc3bfa
A forthcoming mug design?
>> No. 5685 ID: cc33298c
File 136345767735.jpg - ( 50.29KB , 300x397 , gsg.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5686 ID: f275e833
They borrowed a chicken costume for some festival held at the base (as you might remember, chicken is the joke emblem of 506th), but for somehow it got magiced into life. The festival was perhaps had because Grunne needed to raise some money.

Not using -Humikane tag because fuck these surreal tweets
>> No. 5699 ID: f275e833
File 136378547051.jpg - ( 53.35KB , 800x269 , mu2.jpg [iqdb] )
Fall-Winter mug
>> No. 5700 ID: d2bf3751
So... where can these be purchased at?
>> No. 5701 ID: cc33298c
File 136380326043.jpg - ( 56.54KB , 500x591 , gggg 2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5702 ID: f275e833
Lucchini with mc.205 Veltro
She can use multiple shields to push the bullets. They bullets are very powerful, but they disintegrate after about 100 meters
>> No. 5704 ID: 8072950c
Looks like the dakimakura cover Humikane made, personal items not for sale.
>> No. 5714 ID: cc33298c
File 136412663478.jpg - ( 48.54KB , 400x565 , khk.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5716 ID: f275e833
When I'm troubled I feel like drawing Nipa
>> No. 5717 ID: 438043b2
Admirable sentiments.
>> No. 5723 ID: cc33298c
File 136419899574.jpg - ( 41.09KB , 350x494 , utyuyt.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5724 ID: f275e833
Every day is fun at the 502nd
I first considered giving micro-bikini to the "short girl", those are crazy
>> No. 5727 ID: cc33298c
File 136423151831.jpg - ( 48.67KB , 350x494 , utyuyt2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5728 ID: f275e833
Forget the tail

Krupi: Secret Technique: String Cut...
Sadako: Bravo!
>> No. 5730 ID: cc33298c
File 136426284780.jpg - ( 43.46KB , 282x495 , xbcc.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5731 ID: f275e833
Something like babydoll fits her

>> No. 5732 ID: 323fcb17
I interpreted it as

"The guy who first though of micro-bikinis on short girls was awesome"
>> No. 5734 ID: 252a7c74
File 136440156668.jpg - ( 557.02KB , 687x1024 , 掃描00017894546512.jpg [iqdb] )
Constantia Cantacuzino from 505JFW
>> No. 5735 ID: 252a7c74
File 136440160469.jpg - ( 422.76KB , 700x1024 , 掃描00022546377512.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5737 ID: f275e833
You're right.

But let me ravage some more tweets
More characters of the 505st in Compace World Witches series, this time Cantacuzino. Previous was Inufusa, but the illustration in that article was from when she wasn't yet in 505st.

Gollob, who led "the Longest Evacuation War", calls the relationship between Cantacuzino and Inufusa as "the dog and its owner". And she doesn't do it in a friendly way

Gollob: "I thought I've told you to keep your dog in its leash, Flight Lieutenant"
Cantacuzino: "With all due respect, she is not my servant. She is my friend"
Gollob: "...People are meant to choose their friends more carefully"
She is harsh
>> No. 5738 ID: ac2880dc
It's a shame that there are new witches that pop out once in a while but we don't see most of them (and probably never will) in animated media. I'm still wishing that other animation studios would tackle the other Fighter Wings and make spin off series.
>> No. 5748 ID: 5c05f52d
File 136470660631.jpg - ( 62.85KB , 300x608 , sdggds.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5858 ID: 55166763
File 136636069412.jpg - ( 32.79KB , 300x372 , iout.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5861 ID: d0dbe666
File 136639041745.jpg - ( 69.06KB , 500x546 , LpqDB.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5867 ID: f275e833
Humikane's present to Nogawa Sakura and Tanaka Rie. It was given some time ago, and Humikane said that "it can be given to everyone also". So in honor of Erica's birthday, Nogawa made it public.
>> No. 5872 ID: 3d6c3a83
File 136656371058.jpg - ( 70.12KB , 600x464 , rwer.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5873 ID: f275e833
First time at the sea
I wanted to show the face and the back, so making it into too pictures was actually quicker than trying to figure out how to fit it into one shot.
This is sometime during 1939, or even earlier, at a more peaceful time.
>> No. 5890 ID: f275e833
Nyantype WW article on Katharine O'Hare
I drew her familiar as the common raccoon that she has in the novels
>> No. 5891 ID: f275e833
Is that her familiar in the novels? Frankly I'm too lazy to check and otherwise frustrated with the 507 familiars
>> No. 5892 ID: dae7f9b2
File 136742179512.jpg - ( 71.24KB , 320x621 , fsafsaf.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5894 ID: b64587f5
File 13676895934.jpg - ( 29.61KB , 300x533 , kjh.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5901 ID: f275e833
File 136821354666.jpg - ( 32.15KB , 300x278 , oit.jpg [iqdb] )
Little by little

Don't ask me what he means by that
>> No. 5902 ID: f275e833
File 136829415889.jpg - ( 469.10KB , 960x1280 , 1368293806733.jpg [iqdb] )
Gollob in da house
>> No. 5903 ID: 42fb1401
Vampire squadron
>> No. 5904 ID: ff1b9351
Humikane says the most obfuscating things sometimes
>> No. 5908 ID: 04bb168e
Some sort of progress is being made?
>> No. 5909 ID: f275e833
File 136844138798.jpg - ( 1.01MB , 1278x1600 , Grete M_ Gollob.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5910 ID: f275e833
File 136844141857.jpg - ( 733.40KB , 1278x1600 , Grete M_ Gollob_2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5912 ID: f275e833
How Gollob sees the world
Karlsland: best
Continental Europe: acceptable
Britannia: pretensious
Orussia: boonies
Liberion: newcomer
Fuso: Far East? Don't care(feigning ignorance)
>> No. 5913 ID: 9751c137

Please, just tell me than that is not a witch´s grave
>> No. 5915 ID: b98d5faf
Because nobody dies? Especially during war time?
>> No. 5917 ID: d2bf3751
I think he just doesn't like the thought of a dead witch.
It's rather depressing.
>> No. 5922 ID: f275e833
File 136871321988.jpg - ( 121.72KB , 480x360 , 1s-IMG_2179.jpg [iqdb] )
You're never going to have this
>> No. 5923 ID: 9cd8803d
Where can I buy this book???
Apart from Amazon.
>> No. 5924 ID: a886e2de
I have it. Came with a nice iPhone 5 case too, but the book is b&w and about 60% is text I'm not smart enough to read. I found it on yahoo Japan auctions but cost me $230 USD in total.
>> No. 5926 ID: 56b0da06
Do hoy have the link of the item?
>> No. 5928 ID: a886e2de
>> No. 5930 ID: 90e7bfc3
File 136883477973.png - ( 311.48KB , 653x799 , 1358313361227.png [iqdb] )
>dat snow globe
i want with the intensity of a thousand warriors
>> No. 5934 ID: b6ff6f3a
File 136893898365.jpg - ( 58.35KB , 600x206 , hvg.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5935 ID: 1dd0c4ac
At last, ago time that we dont see nothing about 502
>> No. 5936 ID: d895783c
Yes, please. More of that!
>> No. 5937 ID: f275e833
Everyone's together
It's a bit hard to see but Jose a has an extra large portion of curry
>> No. 5939 ID: ff6f21e7
File 136912523338.jpg - ( 39.32KB , 300x450 , gssdg.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5940 ID: f275e833
It's very hot and humid. I want it to be breezy

Talking about the weather in japan
>> No. 5965 ID: fd50036d
File 136975041528.jpg - ( 900.27KB , 1093x1600 , Ursula Scan1.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5966 ID: fd50036d
File 136975053023.jpg - ( 729.16KB , 1093x1600 , Ursula Scan2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5986 ID: 93f096b3
File 137053430179.jpg - ( 16.37KB , 300x220 , lmnb.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5994 ID: f275e833
File 137070298437.jpg - ( 80.66KB , 350x498 , yuy.jpg [iqdb] )
A woman who considers her white T-shirt to be her best clothes
>> No. 5995 ID: 90e7bfc3
>A woman who considers her white T-shirt to be her best clothes
>Shirley's face when
>> No. 6001 ID: f275e833
File 137080815134.jpg - ( 45.01KB , 350x602 , jgf.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 6003 ID: 93f096b3
File 137088802469.jpg - ( 47.42KB , 367x791 , jgf2.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 6004 ID: 93f096b3
File 137088804177.jpg - ( 50.61KB , 350x567 , ewqt.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 6005 ID: eea241b3

Why STILL represent to Haruka with a tanuki familiar and not with a cat?

>> No. 6006 ID: 68bfabee
File 137090149611.jpg - ( 62.32KB , 320x725 , 1370869031344[1].jpg [iqdb] )
Quoting from the current /a/ thread:

Okay, now that misfits are getting WW articles, the mysteries about their familiars can hopefully finally be put to rest.
Before the articles came out, people were confused because they seemed to change from one to the other, and then there was this one tweet by Humikane which I horribly mistranslated.
But, if we were to take the WW articles as the most latest and correct canon, then Ursula's familiar is in fact European Badger (In the previous thread people posted WW articles as source for Ursula having Dachshund as her familiar, but these people didn't know how to read Japanese, because this article clearly says her familiar is Badger. It is exactly because this article only came out recently, her familiar was put as Dachshund for so long.), O'Hare's familiar is Raccoon, and those would mean that Haruka's familiar is Tanuki, Elizabeth's Dachshund, Tomoko and Cenni's familiars stay as Fox and Wild Cat respectively, and Elma's familiar is in fact unknown.

When the characters were being designed, the characters were drawn with "wrong" familiars. Ursula was Dachshund, O'hare, was Abyssinian, Haruka was Calico Cat, Elizabeth was Irish Setter, and Elma was Mink.

In a way the Misfits have two familiars now. The reason why there was so much confusion is that they were drawn by fans and creators alike with different familiars now and then. For example, Haruka WAS drawn as Calico Cat in the cover of the second novel.
So in a way the "wrong" familiars can be considered right in the older novels, perhaps, maybe, sometimes, but n