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File 139615548340.jpg - ( 547.47KB , 800x1181 , 697eb3d28c88d1c512bd0df9486ed399.jpg [iqdb] )
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Am I the only one that checks /sw/ daily, knowing full well that nothing new has come up, and then closes the tab after a brief period of scrolling through the same few threads? I look forward to this place picking up when the anime announcement happens.
>> No. 1209
I hope the place speeds up a bit as well.
>> No. 1228
Don't worry, I do that too.
>> No. 1233
I spend a lot of time lurking. I need to read through the new mangas or at least look at them (since I can't read japanese)

File 139621583941.jpg - ( 62.04KB , 600x800 , 34223829_p1.jpg [iqdb] )
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I'm working on a new Strike Witches RPG to more or less replace Dive into the Sky, I've already gotten useful info on mechanics from /tg/ and the game itself is mostly complete. The only things it needs now are an official name and a listing of vehicles (tanks and planes)that I can then research and assign values to for striker units.

The vehicles I need are just the most common ones, any that are striker units in the show, and/or any prototypes that had physically existed.
>> No. 1206
Being that this community is the most likely to play the game I'd also like some opinions on some things. I'd like to know if the character sheets should include details regarding fanservice elements or if it should be left up to players to write that down in the "notes" section of the sheets?
>> No. 1210
Those old BD books are a great resource for all the stuff used in the show. I don't have them handy right now, but I'm sure you can still find them.

I'm not a big fan of the fan servicy things, but I don't know anything about making an RPG/character sheets so I can't really give an opinion about it.
>> No. 1227
Very cool! I played in two campaigns of that before, and had lots of fun.

>I'd like to know if the character sheets should include details regarding fanservice elements or if it should be left up to players to write that down in the "notes" section of the sheets?

Do you mean like statistics with mechanic significance? Or just like breast size and stuff?

File 139959917549.jpg - ( 739.77KB , 1920x1080 , 678887459EBC34B5BFAE3A607383693E80083313.jpg [iqdb] )
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Has anyone made a strike witches mod for grand strategy games?

I've seen the idea for a Victoria 2 mod, but I think it could also work for Hearts of Iron.

Besides that, Grand Strategy thread?
>> No. 1225
A long time ago I found a witches mod on a Japanese board for HOI II, but it only added one unit and barely worked. I might have the zip buried somewhere, but it's not really worth uploading.
>> No. 1226
File 14002098401.jpg - ( 552.11KB , 1920x1080 , F15DF1A593810C7211F2C2DEAA64B639194F6BD2.jpg [iqdb] )
That's unfortunate.

It's not that hard to mod games with the Clauswitz engine, like Victoria 2. So I think someone could manage something better than one unit. It's just a lot of time.

File 135044274467.jpg - ( 181.11KB , 1920x1080 , wt_screenshot_7a.jpg [iqdb] )
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Is anyone else playing it? I saw a Perrine in-game, but I doubt he goes here.

So far it seems like its a lot better than WoWP.
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>> No. 1219
File 139770272248.jpg - ( 250.36KB , 1280x720 , shot 2014_04_16 19_30_21.jpg [iqdb] )
Jennifer DeBlanc's F4U.
>> No. 1220
File 139790512172.jpg - ( 221.70KB , 1280x720 , 2014-04-19_00001.jpg [iqdb] )
Totally forgot that I could do something with Geena Preddy too.
>> No. 1223
Handy dandy witch chart if you want to be accurate with who goes on what.

File 139764361448.png - ( 10.51KB , 1096x166 , 8aPmz[1].png [iqdb] )
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I also came up with this handy list for the American planes.

File 137450344639.png - ( 59.04KB , 355x340 , 1373187474678.png [iqdb] )
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Just an Anon who moved this discussion to here, as suggested by a number of Anons.

It all began from a certain Anon here

Last confirmed, we have the following 501 routes:

You end up reuniting her with her papa. Eila's route is intertwined. Once you done the above you end up giving Eila the D.

You help her get over her dead lover step by step while you become her new one.

You've always admired her from afar, you end up helping her master the true Reppuzan.

You become her new mechanic, overhearing Shirley talk her about dream about reaching light speed you decide to help her achieve it.
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>> No. 1157
/sw/ is more for discussion of the series proper, while fan creations go here in /ot/. (Especially something as polarizing as a VN.)
>> No. 1158
SWQ is short for "Strike Witches Quest", it's a choose your own adventure series of threads that originate from the 4chan board /tg/. The setting for SWQ is different from Strike Witches, it's more of a mashup of real world and Strike Witches (Witches fight for real nations, WWII continues unchanged until December 7-8, 1941, instead of Neuroi it's Martians, etc). There's also has been spin offs of it including a 1989 variant with it's own spinoffs.
>> No. 1168
File 137670437757.jpg - ( 98.60KB , 604x888 , Gaijin4koma1.jpg [iqdb] )
>Strike Witches VN

File 135433880350.jpg - ( 116.68KB , 500x400 , NOPLANEFAGNO.jpg [iqdb] )
970 No. 970 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm sure most people have heard about Strike Witches Quest, but I just found out that there's a whole board of it's fans.

There's a bunch of threads and even an archive all of the CYOA stuff /tg/ has been making in there.
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>> No. 1162
Dive into the Sky.

It was basically a /tg/ challenge in which someone made a tabletop roleplaying game for what is basically Strike Witches. Being that at the time I was the only one in my group who had seen all of seasons 1 and 2 I ran the game and the group had fun with it. Being that it is a TRPG you can make it as grim, realistic, happy, lesbo, etc. as you want. You could still find DitS on 1d4chan last I checked. The first edition has original rules while the second edition has WH40K:DH rules.

I was thinking of making my own version of it by splicing Maid RPG and the original Dive into the Sky to create a more complete while still simple game more people can play. So if you're upset with SWQ you could just play DitS and forge your own path with some friends.

I was also thinking of making a GuP TRPG but that would be a bit more complex and challenging for in-tank and out-of-tank gameplay.
>> No. 1165
Ah, I remember playing DitS online! Good times. We might have been in the same campaigns.

I was thinking of updating the system myself. I think the setting has a lot of potential for good roleplaying. It looks like you're going in the same direction I thought would work: keeping it as a "light" RPG, but adding more detailed rules for special powers, skills, etc. And making the combat more than just "roll a lot of dice and hope to roll high," but with actual tactical choices to make.
>> No. 1167
The main bit of inspiration I had from it and WH40K was having 2 combat stats with one for close and one for distance. The two stats would allow for having a difference in characters similar to Lynette and Sakamoto.

File 137564480926.jpg - ( 42.06KB , 267x400 , o0300045012435277742.jpg [iqdb] )
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File 131468288326.jpg - ( 348.70KB , 1366x706 , shot_022.jpg [iqdb] )
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>> No. 1116
Don't lose hope.

I had someone who in the 9+ months they had been playing never once got brothers in arms so I made sure to help them get it. Just keep trying and stay positive, while there isn't much that can be done about bad teams you can still make quite a contribution and get paid.

>I had a match where I got 8 kills and an ally got 3, we still lost because nobody else got any and I ran out of ammo.
>> No. 1159
Girls & Panzer to Collaborate With World of Tanks Game in Japan
>> No. 1163
I would pay for the premium membership on WoT to have access to that.

File 137323897061.jpg - ( 136.66KB , 850x645 , wrong hand you twat.jpg [iqdb] )
1142 No. 1142 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone else have the terrible misfortune to actually be part of a national military? I have only come across one other person in service who knows what Strike Witches is--are we a rare breed?

I'm US Air Force, and every day is Strike Witches irl.

What's your story?
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>> No. 1149
My friend and fellow SW fan recently entered the US Navy, currently training for nuclear subs. His favorite witch is Erica.
>> No. 1150
This probably doesn't count because there's enlistment in my country, but still. Ex-pioneer here
>> No. 1151
>he stuck Orussian flag on his flight helmet
That would be the most amazing picture ever. It would make my day.

I'm stationed in Japan right now, but I only do administrative stuff. Unfortunately, my life isn't as interesting or colorful as any of that.

My fav witch is Heidimarie.

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