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File 134347357278.jpg - ( 63.01KB , 400x640 , 134114713610.jpg [iqdb] )
821 No. 821 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Let's be honest here. How many of you have fapped to SW material?
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>> No. 926
Too bad for me: anal is a huge turn-off to me, but his art is so amazing.
>> No. 930
I can't say I have. Then again, I'm not much of a fapper to begin with.
>But why are you watching SW?
I don't fucking know dudes... It's just awesome.
>> No. 931
I don't know about you guys, but I always have my hand in my pants when I'm watching strike witches

File 135102935812.jpg - ( 381.44KB , 1280x1548 , l85 m16 stitch.jpg [iqdb] )
923 No. 923 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, would anyone want one?
>> No. 924
Go ahead, but this belongs in /ot/. I'll move it later.

I'm going to keep /gup/ as girls und panzer only until the show's done airing. After that I'll remove the board if it doesn't pick up.
>> No. 925
File 135118480283.gif - ( 469.71KB , 444x250 , Ellehug.gif [iqdb] )
So yeah. I have no way of owning an L85 because lolbritain and lol922(r) and it's almost useless to me because lolsinistrality but I still want one.

On the other hand this show makes me want to throw together an A4... It would all be pretty inexpensive except the KAC RAS is fucking more expensive than most of my guns.

File 135094795773.jpg - ( 38.79KB , 450x590 , stripper.jpg [iqdb] )
917 No. 917 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So like, just a minor suggestion but why not make the /gup/ into a more general /a/ or /ak/? girls und panzer seems to do fine in a single discussion thread and it would be nice to have somewhere to discuss things like SnW and Upotte!
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>> No. 919
Well I was hoping /gup/ would've attracted at least a dozen people, but it didn't. I don't know if there's any gup threads on /a/, but someone should probably post a link to the board.

As far as anime goes, you can post it all you want in /ot/.

Even if it's just an image dump thread. I'm perfectly fine with that.
>> No. 920

up threads on /a/ seem to get a fair amount of traffic on release day but it seems that the show itself is less than wildly successful
>> No. 922
File 135105602430.jpg - ( 197.16KB , 1031x1790 , upotteova.jpg [iqdb] )
upotte thread time?

File 134924474860.jpg - ( 55.38KB , 1024x576 , STRIKE WITCHES - 05 - Large 15.jpg [iqdb] )
891 No. 891 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Dear Readers and Moderators, would you like a CYOA story about Strike Witches her at /ot/?
Something like old good "zeon quest" from 4chan.
I could do that maybe once a week, or more often, or less often...
But i would need a prof reader to help me.
Also questions:
1. Who you want to be a main character (some random/custom witch or a Warlock will be best IMHO).
2. During what part of WW2 you want it?
3. Do you want a NSFW material in story too?
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>> No. 909
So would nsfw stuff be okay if they're 13 or 14? Like, what's the lower limit here?
>> No. 910
>Dear Readers and Moderators, would you like a CYOA story about Strike Witches her at /ot/?

It's not against the rules so go ahead.

>3. Do you want a NSFW material in story too?

I don't care about NSFW text. If for some reason there's an NSFW image and it's absolutely essential to the thread, you can post it with a spoiler.
>> No. 912
That's kinda young. I was thinking 16 minimum. Mostly because in certain countries any sort of work depicting children in a sexual manner is against the law.

I can understand that young children too are curious things but perhaps if you can't write anything nice about a 13 year old, it's best kept for elsewhere.

File 134697028995.jpg - ( 211.66KB , 566x800 , 29937121_p8.jpg [iqdb] )
847 No. 847 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 134552579030.png - ( 0.98MB , 1280x960 , Boys55caliberExploitable.png [iqdb] )
836 No. 836 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
so i was derping around /k/ and came across a nice sight picture image of the .55caliber Boys anti-tank rifle, and I was thinking, that could be useful. so i present you with the Boys .55caliber exploitable image, for all of Lynne's Yanderpan' needs
>> No. 837
File 134552597010.jpg - ( 431.59KB , 1280x960 , boyssight picture.jpg [iqdb] )
original image if you think you can do a better job

File 134526166111.jpg - ( 77.62KB , 818x660 , mikan2.jpg [iqdb] )
835 No. 835 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I just want to say "I love you, Mikan!" to Mikan for making those wonderful pins.

You da' boss, boss.

File 134526160691.gif - ( 1.37MB , 200x113 , happiestmomentoflife.gif [iqdb] )
834 No. 834 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I just want to say "I love you Mikan!" to Mikan for going through the trouble of making those pins.

You da boss.

File 134462286864.jpg - ( 137.99KB , 356x941 , 1277652225884.jpg [iqdb] )
828 No. 828 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I just wanted to point out that /ot/'s updating seems to be broken. It's listing by newest topic and not newest post.

Is this intentional or can it be fixed?
>> No. 829
Seems fine to me. Can I assume you were referring to the Dirtyfox thread? It had passed the bump limit of 300; I've increased it to 500.
>> No. 831
That was the one throwing me off, thanks.
>> No. 832

Thanks for that. Guess I forgot to apply the bump limit changes to /ot/.

File 133038961845.jpg - ( 163.81KB , 587x375 , Trude is retarded.jpg [iqdb] )
470 No. 470 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I posted it in the /sw/ board, but I'll post it here again: Why does Trude think that a Japanese girl looks like a German girl?
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>> No. 472
somewhere out there, there has to be a German girl that looks like a certain Japanese girl. Gots to be
>> No. 791
One could invent numerous convoluted explanations based on theories on different ways genealogy or biology work in the SW-verse.
>> No. 818
uh, might not be her face that is the reason Chris and Yoshika look similar. if they have the same mannerisms and move in similar ways, they can resemble one another even if their faces are different.

also, like, there are German people with dark eyes and dark hair. the real Ursula Hartmann was one of them.

but yeah, tbh it all just comes down to anime logic

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