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File 138515479656.jpg - ( 1.59MB , 2560x1920 , 2013-11-22 16_07_56.jpg [iqdb] )
6651 No. 6651 ID: d003e0f2 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What's your guys opinion?
>> No. 6652 ID: ed4cc6b2
needs more pantsu

File 138362007115.png - ( 471.35KB , 996x1425 , afrikacover1.png [iqdb] )
6583 No. 6583 ID: 0f2763a1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
can someone tell me the source, or where I can find a link to read the rest? google search doesnt help.
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>> No. 6585 ID: 0cae9816
I don't remember that scene from the original Africa doujinshi... did they add new stuff to the official release?
>> No. 6594 ID: c0296abc
This is a bonus page found behind paper book cover on the official release.
And there's few pages of bonus manga as well.
>> No. 6605 ID: 0cae9816
File 138410141265.png - ( 592.61KB , 1000x1421 , 1383726382080.png [iqdb] )
Here's another page

File 138363922060.jpg - ( 242.96KB , 1800x1532 , Chi-Nu-kai-pack-teaser.jpg [iqdb] )
6586 No. 6586 ID: c2965b6e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I don't know if any of Helma playing World of Tanks or if this kind of post is allowed here but here i go.

As you know, Wargaming finally released proper Japanese Tank in form of Chi-Nu Kai premium tank, as opposed of captured Chi-Ha on Chinese tree. In celebration, i made a Chi-Nu skin pack of Fuso Army Air Witches. Yes, there are Takeko, Kei, Tomoko and Ayaka.

DL link:
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>> No. 6591 ID: c2965b6e
File 138363985143.png - ( 1.16MB , 1245x887 , Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai_13-44-39.png [iqdb] )
And Takeko.

...Somehow, her art is not as many as her friend, certainly need more love.

And i just notices Kei-nee rarely depicted sheathing katana on her fanart.
>> No. 6592 ID: 8c3883a3
File 138363997496.gif - ( 286.66KB , 550x400 , 1368234815874.gif [iqdb] )
I'm pretty sure there are some WoT players here, especially in the GuP board.
>> No. 6593 ID: c2965b6e

But since this skin is dedicated to Fuso Sea incident veteran, it feels a bit weird if i post this on GuP.

File 137209979043.jpg - ( 172.22KB , 900x700 , by 画・像無 2850631.jpg [iqdb] )
6098 No. 6098 ID: 437a7cf0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I kind of worry about the yuri potential in "One-Winged Witches." I mean, Wilma Bishop is canonically straight (or at least bi)...she married a 50 year old guy after retiring:
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>> No. 6477 ID: 5de4f1bf

yeah it's also worth considering that their starting point, while at the beginning of the series, also happens to be one of the weaker parts of it
>> No. 6497 ID: 437a7cf0
If I can import tons of Japanese stuff easily, I imagine it's just as easy (or easier) for other nations to import US Stuff. *shrug*
>> No. 6578 ID: bc5b6ce9
that depends on what your trying to import, here in the UK, importing anything outside the UK also requires you to pay an additional 20% for VAT, then also the handling fees they add on top of that too, so something that use to cost about say £30 (for like a anime model), then add the £6 for 20%, then the flat rate of about £12 for handling fees (yes it's about that), that £30 item now just cost you £50 not including postage, which really limits on anything you want to import.
tho there are some items which are VAT free and don't have to go though all that, luckily books are one of them.

File 134679616113.jpg - ( 1.48MB , 1224x1632 , 20120902_211112.jpg [iqdb] )
4304 No. 4304 ID: ec4d22ff hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Hey Helma,
I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to start a project for making custom patches for the flight groups in the Strike Witches series. I already made pins and my money is still kind of burnt from that whole fiasco or else I'd take the project upon myself, but I don't have the option with classes in session and no steady job as of yet.

I've already got/ordered all of the 501st character patches and I'd be interested in at least 2 sets if anyone would be interested in going through with this considering there's no official patches being sold anymore.

Is anyone up to the task?
323 posts and 74 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6534 ID: d8084bcf
File 138176427659.jpg - ( 113.68KB , 720x960 , sw&sg1patches.jpg [iqdb] )

Thank you.

Thought I would report back in with the end results. Vinyl patches istead of emborderd, they turned out really well. The JFW shirts were my friends idea to go with the SW theme of our little team, I was consernd about obviousness of them, but I can live with it. The Stargate ones are not relevant but this is the picture I have.
>> No. 6548 ID: 6ca22a4d
Where can I found these patches????
>> No. 6558 ID: 62b1586c
I ordered them from this site.

File 138164501752.png - ( 132.00KB , 1852x924 , battle positions.png [iqdb] )
6506 No. 6506 ID: 11f288a1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Awhile ago some anons helped me figure out what the axis titles on the witches profiles meant. I worked through the released witch profile images that had battle postion charts, and compiled them in a list. The numbers are relative pixel positions, so I'm not sure what "100 Offense" actually means or how it is/was measured. That's why the numbers are relative to each other witch's position.

It's possible each JFW/group has a different scale for their charts, meaning the different groups cannot be compared like this, but unlikely.

(Tried to post this on /a/, but my IP block is banned or some shit.)
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6508 ID: 8a0a1bad
Man Martina is gung-ho as fuck.
>> No. 6525 ID: 6fc0ee0b
Interesting, thanks for posting this.

The scale of numbers is curious - who's the zero point for intuitive/analytical?
>> No. 6544 ID: 11f288a1
No idea.

File 137237564370.jpg - ( 64.73KB , 600x450 , sw.jpg [iqdb] )
6119 No. 6119 ID: 41eac167 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Apparently there's going to be a big announcement at an upcoming event:

"Event be held in the "Strike Witches" ZEPP Tokyo! Yes important announcement in the event!"
28 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6514 ID: 41eac167
It feels to me like since they're specifically saying the OVA is about the 501st, then the TV anime won't be.

Plus, it's name is "Tactic of Vanadis Attack." "Vanadis" is a name for the Norse goddess Freyja, so it might be in Scandinavia somewhere.
>> No. 6517 ID: 3c63eda6
OVA = Operation Victory Attack (O.V.A)
TV anime = Tactics of Vanadis Attack (T.V.A)

I love how they did the names
>> No. 6520 ID: 41eac167
("Operation Victory Arrow," btw)

File 138073009171.jpg - ( 104.75KB , 689x790 , 1380345501981.jpg [iqdb] )
6480 No. 6480 ID: 0699c5c2 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Great news!!!
Two artbooks will be released next year!!!
>> No. 6495 ID: 4482c9f1
And I already have them both preordered!
2014 shall be a good year.

File 137116638615.jpg - ( 198.70KB , 600x600 , HelmaH.jpg [iqdb] )
6040 No. 6040 ID: 8ed444ed hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Well, it's getting close to website payment time. And once again both of the webhosts sites are a 99% non-functional 404 extravaganza so uh.. yeah.

I might not even be able to pay for the site, despite having the money.

Just in case this turns out to be a disaster, does anyone know of any decent webhosts that can keep this site up on a.. "mid level" package for around $100 dollars a year ($10 for domain)? And how would I even transfer all of this stuff anyhow?

Hopefully I don't have to worry about all that.. but it would be nice to have a plan B.
20 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6207 ID: 4ebf2730
That was fast. Slower ISPs didn't even purge from their DNS records yet!
>> No. 6474 ID: 7b364cb8 DNS is broken again.
>> No. 6476 ID: 4c324b8c
Ugh. I was wondering why it was down.

It seems like it's fixed now though.

File 137578849968.jpg - ( 62.34KB , 992x1403 , 414f50aad59210506078208781951ff0.jpg [iqdb] )
6299 No. 6299 ID: f6a6d84d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, which witch would be best for snuggling?

My vote is Heide, so soft.~
>> No. 6315 ID: 75636ed0
All of the witches,
all witches are best witches
even Perrine
>> No. 6321 ID: 135dcdb9
File 13772304268.png - ( 734.35KB , 800x880 , lynette with hair down.png [iqdb] )
Heide is up there.

I would like a Lynette also.
>> No. 6380 ID: 11207dcc

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