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File 134504333936.png - ( 1.80MB , 1940x3650 , 1345039979120.png [iqdb] )
4209 No. 4209 ID: c6a8bf4c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Saimoe is here upon us once again, ladies and gents!

Y'all better be voting for any and all witches in each bracket.
>> No. 4210 ID: c6a8bf4c
File 134504340945.png - ( 677.22KB , 1235x795 , 1345039717922.png [iqdb] )
Up for voting today.

Need a guide?
Generate your voting code here: (opens at 11:30pm JST, voting starts at 1am)
Current voting thread:
How to vote:
>> No. 4711 ID: 1c940eff
File 13510123623.png - ( 707.51KB , 2100x4360 , Saimoe-Current.png [iqdb] )
It was a good run for Sanya, at least.

File 134929320653.png - ( 95.70KB , 480x800 , SC20121002-090053.png [iqdb] )
4546 No. 4546 ID: 9e3d6c47 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
No OTP thread in sight, so here we go.
I'll start with Tomoko and Haruka, because honestly, there's a reason I continue waiting for more 507th.
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>> No. 4645 ID: e052eb6e
File 134997967264.jpg - ( 347.07KB , 800x566 , 5048126.jpg [iqdb] )

The what now?
>> No. 4672 ID: 9e3d6c47
Translation Team
>> No. 4680 ID: 4410f555

Britfag was the one working on the novels most recently. I think he was doing it mostly on his own.

File 134960340565.jpg - ( 1.71MB , 2756x3937 , ironsky_renaterichter.jpg [iqdb] )
4570 No. 4570 ID: 257ddcde hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone here ever hear of Iron Sky? It's about Nazis who escaped to the moon coming back to conquer the Earth

It's just as silly as Strike Witches, and has beautiful Nazis in it, so I'm sure you guys would like it.
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>> No. 4574 ID: c91a7ab5
That's just because Americans ruined the world.
Fyi, it was a pretty good film.
>> No. 4674 ID: 9b2dd322
File 135059585568.jpg - ( 48.82KB , 250x679 , Huberta von Boning by Humikane.jpg [iqdb] )
The troopers' goose-stepping in the trailer looked really fake, not to mention why troops would do a parade march while boarding their craft, plus the mechanic giving a full-blown Hitler-salute while the take off...
I guess the movie is just not very realistic.
>> No. 4676 ID: 4d7d823d
>I guess the movie is just not very realistic.
It's about Nazis at the moon with UFOs for gods sake!

File 135009427766.jpg - ( 281.84KB , 1191x842 , Curtis---copia (2.jpg [iqdb] )
4653 No. 4653 ID: 5a0f756c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Strike Witches 1941: Battle of Jambeli

File 134992677090.jpg - ( 346.37KB , 770x745 , Helmaday0.jpg [iqdb] )
4585 No. 4585 ID: de53324c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I know we have a Birthday thread for the witches, but this is different. This is Helmaday, and Helma deserves her own super awesome thread
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>> No. 4649 ID: 56c22558
Image dumps aren't really against the rules, so I'm fine with this. More posts the better.
>> No. 4650 ID: f2003a31
File 135001270466.jpg - ( 73.36KB , 551x628 , Master of Puppets.jpg [iqdb] )

Maybe you just don't love her enough...
>> No. 4652 ID: de53324c

she's not my favorite which, though.

File 134821378716.png - ( 323.57KB , 1980x1080 , 507th v1_2.png [iqdb] )
4397 No. 4397 ID: 6c767f3a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Patch-Kun is making vectors for the patches and I'm making backgrounds out of them. Here's a thread if anyone's interested in taking them. I'm currently using this one myself.
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>> No. 4548 ID: 6c767f3a
File 134929330530.png - ( 584.79KB , 1980x1080 , 506th v1_1.png [iqdb] )
I forgot to. Sorry.
>> No. 4552 ID: fd1addc7

Purple? why not silver?
>> No. 4553 ID: 6da2a59f
I was going for the "royal" look.
Plus, there's already a white/silver.

File 134310259116.jpg - ( 18.57KB , 385x196 , 1340396402947.jpg [iqdb] )
4008 No. 4008 ID: 7c902655 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
So here's a thing.
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>> No. 4519 ID: 160947fb

nazi doctors don't have the best reputation....

also on an unrelated note, any more word on manga pal? the store is still up and it is still up and it is october... also i cannot find anything on their site about a closure.
>> No. 4522 ID: 0ccc4a2a
I also find it strange that it's still up. I can however not find any reason why they would lie about that. Try sending them a mail?
Heck, I would buy the rest of Firstspears work from them if I Could.
>> No. 4531 ID: 160947fb
ok, just to make sure, i -think- that sphinx ends at 5 but i am not sure...

I mean if manga pal is going tits up i want to ensure I already have the ones I care about...

File 134898365314.png - ( 20.75KB , 364x453 , SHIELD20OF20ZEON.png [iqdb] )
4499 No. 4499 ID: d96b348e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I got an assigment for making a custom 1/12 Strike Witch figure from scratch.Could I post a work on her here? If the job will be well done i could resin recast her and mass produce then.
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4524 ID: d90b6dd3
File 134918477759.jpg - ( 121.37KB , 900x1488 , witchwithgunbybigbabyre.jpg [iqdb] )
ok, i got first order! :3
>> No. 4525 ID: 9a061973
How good are you OP? Any portfolio or is this a complete "hey bro do this for me" thing?
>> No. 4527 ID: d90b6dd3
File 134918820550.jpg - ( 90.99KB , 640x425 , noriyaro_to_aru_itasha_honjo_026.jpg [iqdb] )
I am not a professional, I have build mostly a Plamo kits. It will be not my first figure (few years as a Warhammer 40k Orks player).
But I will make probably a LOT of mistakes and it will take time, a lot...
I can make a "mechanical" parts without problems (striker Units), but making a girl face... =_______= Ugh...
Now i am at:
IRC #aliveandwell so ask me anything, ok?

File 13489745685.jpg - ( 46.27KB , 357x300 , 1346953349517.jpg [iqdb] )
4497 No. 4497 ID: 410d70b1 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Streaming Strike Witches. Get in here.
We're going to start shortly and finish by the end of the weekend for the first season and start S2.

File 134819268041.png - ( 459.66KB , 640x640 , helmad.png [iqdb] )
4392 No. 4392 ID: a34c5799 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The problem has been fixed.

Anyhow, while I'm logged in I'm going to make a subsection for the upcoming anime/manga "Girls und Panzer". Humikane is the character designer, and there was some interest in the /a/ thread for it so I figure why not.

Sorry about the down time.
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>> No. 4467 ID: 0f772d80

Nobody cares, go away!
>> No. 4468 ID: e54ba2ef
well, like, i mean since there's the link here, i thought you'd like to know we already had one there.
>> No. 4470 ID: 1b172109

I wasn't being facetious or anything like that. I just didn't know what else to say.

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