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File 151398971560.jpg - ( 264.78 KB , 788x788 , padoru.jpg [iqdb] )
13410 No. 13410 ID: dd00e667 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I give you my creation! Shirley Padoru!
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>> No. 13417 ID: dd00e667
File 151414924562.jpg - ( 231.78 KB , 788x788 , padoru5.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 13418 ID: 94bd9cb2
Muchas gracias for these.
>> No. 13422 ID: 5e9ceb4e
File 151422934065.jpg - ( 288.75 KB , 1845x1305 , DR0ZL9EUMAEt4_i_jpg orig.jpg [iqdb] )

File 151232576522.jpg - ( 88.94 KB , 1024x768 , IMG_1512319623926.jpg [iqdb] )
13298 No. 13298 ID: dc795745 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So there was a thing yesterday in Japan. And it was glorious. Mai and Ayuru hosted a fan tour of an aviation museum.

Copypasting the hashtag isn't working, so click it on her post.
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>> No. 13315 ID: dc795745
File 151232722233.png - ( 115.81 KB , 522x470 , emblem.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 13316 ID: dc795745
File 151232726078.png - ( 36.13 KB , 360x299 , t-shirts.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 13317 ID: 21e93957
Looked like a great event, even though I wasn't there, it's great they held something like this for fans.

File 150596602181.jpg - ( 2.36 MB , 2014x3015 , emt00.jpg [iqdb] )
12905 No. 12905 ID: c5c316dd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Hello everyone. Here's my much-promised surprise, finally ready to share with you all. It should also be on sadpanda shortly I would imagine. Thank you to Kalevala Scans for the, well, scans!

2 Hundred Over is an entirely Erica-themed doujinshi collaboration tankobon!
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>> No. 13134 ID: c5c316dd
File 150597208143.jpg - ( 2.24 MB , 2014x3015 , emt228.jpg [iqdb] )
And done! Phew, what a workout.

Hope everyone enjoys. I'd love to get some translations done at some point but I feel like it would be cost-prohibitive.
>> No. 13136 ID: 5d40cc07
Neat! That was enjoyable to flip through even if I can't read it.
>> No. 13162 ID: 29869418
This was a fun read, what little bits I could understand. Lots of cutesy stories, as it should be.
Really digged the art in >>12925 part, funnily as that short story went on the backgrounds vanished, which is typical with artists if they can't hit the deadline in time unless that was deliberate.
Thanks ya'll for this.

File 150567658773.png - ( 508.41 KB , 626x890 , 1505650518814.png [iqdb] )
12896 No. 12896 ID: 39ef6eee hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Noble Witches manga is coming out for few weeks isn't it? Why are there no raws anywhere?
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>> No. 12900 ID: 1d0393d3
Fuso Sea was just one example to highlight, it took some time before the Aurora manga was fully scanned and translated too.
504th manga has still no scans past volume 1 unfortunately and it's been years. But maybe someday.
>> No. 12901 ID: 60afae0e
For what I understand, here in Asia, we do get raws almost in the first time, but they tends to got flushed away and deleted, usually a week or two, since their server will only hold a maximum of around 50 posted threads
>> No. 13142 ID: 434a637a
Noble witches manga already came out for few months. here's the manga's latest RAW. it might get removed in few days.

File 150415294488.png - ( 1.20 MB , 736x1024 , Eila Sanya and Hikari OVA.png [iqdb] )
12807 No. 12807 ID: f67b35ad hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
[Eila] subs of the Petersburg OVA with Eila and Sanya is out in 1080p goodness!
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>> No. 12873 ID: 2c1eeaa9
As expected of best girl.
>> No. 12881 ID: 4ee410bf
File 150468690753.jpg - ( 128.16 KB , 1920x1080 , J5TbbOL.jpg [iqdb] )
I'd like to see Waltrud & Georgette screencaps..

Here is Hasse..
>> No. 13135 ID: f54cb02d
Finally watching the OVA, that was funny & awesome.

- I'm glad Georgette isn't really a shrinking violet.
- Sauna nudity.
- 502nd's funny antics.

- Eila being grumpy to 502nd just because her date with Sanya is always ruined & trying to "protect" Sanya from the 502nd.
- No interaction between her & Hikari apart from boob checking & giving advice. (that would explained her friendly manner to Hikari in ep11)

BTW, can I have the stitches when Georgette lifting Nao's bed & Nao's screaming..?

File 148429704765.jpg - ( 89.28 KB , 960x523 , C2B-b44UUAIy1hS.jpg [iqdb] )
12227 No. 12227 ID: fc3c233f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
They released some screenshots on Twitter. I thought about making some comparison pics.
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>> No. 12670 ID: 1bd808c2
That is a great gif.
>> No. 12679 ID: e0860583
File 149773050453.jpg - ( 125.00 KB , 1280x720 , bd-19762.jpg [iqdb] )
Episode 6

Sorry for taking my time, this was a really long one. I was going to have some embedded webm's as some of the new stuff is pretty cool but the page already has issues loading on low end hardware and I didn't want to make it any worse.
>> No. 12803 ID: b00b305a
File 150386438113.jpg - ( 157.11 KB , 1004x668 , still looks crappy.jpg [iqdb] )
There is a crappy but watchable raw rip up of the OVA. It's uncensored and nsfw.

File 132808977554.jpg - ( 106.31KB , 536x781 , 295.jpg [iqdb] )
2263 No. 2263 ID: 9b41557b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Cute Yoshika thread?
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>> No. 12666 ID: dfd360ab
File 149732223992.jpg - ( 1.01 MB , 1125x1600 , 010.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 12667 ID: 675138b6
File 149732237783.jpg - ( 133.24 KB , 640x800 , 147708516413.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 12697 ID: 78bda5e1
File 149839661159.jpg - ( 137.56 KB , 505x800 , 1432688698027.jpg [iqdb] )

File 149800690534.png - ( 292.23 KB , 672x552 , perrine.png [iqdb] )
12683 No. 12683 ID: dff64041 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
SW Discord server for y'all that are interested. We are active, and would like new members to come and chat so we can grow over witches. We've been around for almost a year and have members, but unfortunately most of them aren't active and would like to have more active ones to chat with and play. Open to everyone.
7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12691 ID: 660a2633
Calm down fellas, I doubt the discord will take away anything from Helma, it's not exactly the fastest moving site especially these days. The threads here will still serve purpose and get the same regular posters
>> No. 12692 ID: eefcda07
Yeah, it won't here, given the last one didn't seem to either.
>> No. 12693 ID: 3e733e25
Alright, enough squabbling guys.

Personally, I support anything that would broaden and possibly strengthen fanbase. Though I don't use discord, I don't see any problem with people using it.

Eagle, there's no need to be so defensive about this place- it's been half dead for a long time, and a discord server isn't going to make it any deader.

File 133058269967.jpg - ( 671.23KB , 680x1242 , f0d8e3d562dca76cc25fbbf6c575b3c9.jpg [iqdb] )
2562 No. 2562 ID: 7b32c532 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Coca-Cola and Strike Witches, winner combination, dont you?

P.S. Coca-Cola was too the offical drink of the US-ARMY in the WWII
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>> No. 8111 ID: 4bb9c806
File 143875365667.jpg - ( 47.79 KB , 300x480 , c6e80483075bdb124416a28e07e214e7bdea476b.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 8112 ID: 4bb9c806
File 143875367023.png - ( 385.98 KB , 595x851 , 91b86ecfc904bb9c19147d5305ccb884d4f2bc87.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 12633 ID: 21bf9afc
File 149604050939.jpg - ( 1.76 MB , 1860x2700 , 63105897_p0.jpg [iqdb] )
Have a Coke!

Fresh off pixiv.

File 149064725423.png - ( 487.38 KB , 740x900 , __eila_ilmatar_juutilainen_and_sanya_v_litvyak_str.png [iqdb] )
12440 No. 12440 ID: 3b2c3cf1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Have you ever had a dream with Witches in it? From passing appearances to spending the day with one, share them here!
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12481 ID: 02fffd41
File 149184947920.png - ( 444.49 KB , 900x945 , Miyafuji pats sleepy Lucchi.png [iqdb] )
Had a dream few nights ago actually with witches. Not gonna bother with telling it in detail with all the weirdness but Miyafuji and Lucchini were in it briefly. Dream took place in a big well lit hall with lots of people around since it was a wedding.
Well anyways, found Lucchini playing a pinball machine by herself happily and observed her for a while till she got enough of it. It was amusing to watch.
>> No. 12504 ID: a8699427
File 149305616293.jpg - ( 130.33 KB , 850x1133 , --federica-n-doglio-strike-witches-drawn-by-a9b-lo.jpg [iqdb] )
I routinely dream of having a family with Federica N Doglio, it kills me more and more on the inside to wake up from it honestly, especially since it usually ends with me falling asleep with her in my arms and I wake up alone. Why must this be a thing.
>> No. 12612 ID: 5dce71a5
File 149577992674.png - ( 1.70 MB , 1920x1041 , perrinescreenshot1.png [iqdb] )
Had a very detailed dream with Perrine H. Clostermann about a year ago. I ran into her at a music festival of sorts, after chatting we decided to go get food and come back. While trying to to get something to eat, we got into a street fight with people downtown that had knives, trying to jump us for our belongings. Needless to say, her abilities were far greater than mine but we did fair well. Woke up right after the fight ended in a state of panic.

It was so detailed, when she used her magic and her ears and tails came out I even heard the little sound effect that occurs in anime.

Odd to admit considering the dream I just had, I'm not much of a fan of Perrine at all. However, after that dream I certainly do have a bit of more respect for her.


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