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File 134776922399.jpg - ( 109.47KB , 673x960 , 296880_347493078671497_905465586_n.jpg [iqdb] )
4366 No. 4366 ID: 05bef0e4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The time has come!!!!
Vol. 2 is near!!!
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>> No. 4403 ID: 7d1eb892
Just started reading this and man, loads of fanservice! (Not that I'm complaining of course.)

Very interesting how different siblings can be.
>> No. 4436 ID: 05b250c6
Review by DrPepper from MangaUpdates:
>When that freakin girl started flying her skirt went wosh and all we saw are the panties.......
All other freaking witches are wearing only panties too while Flying?!?! WHAT THE **** is that ****. I mean sexy lingerie/ outfit would be okay cuz it's tagged as Borderline H , but why are freaking kiddes pants being drawn.?!?

What a fag.
>> No. 4437 ID: ea075867

File 134823498693.jpg - ( 1.62MB , 2546x2357 , samune.jpg [iqdb] )
4404 No. 4404 ID: 8be588b7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Upload test
SW character lists

502JFW(English) *Translate is not finished yet

World Witches from Movie(Japanese)
>> No. 4409 ID: 69ee4168
Oh wow, are you Yattuke himself. We actually had a thread about these charts some time ago
>>1870 but I'm sure the ones on the thread have already gone old, and if you're actually the real deal this thread should definitely stay WIP eng 502 WW from Movie
Fixed your links for you

File 131181286718.jpg - ( 322.90KB , 565x800 , 2569144.jpg [iqdb] )
411 No. 411 ID: 1744d292 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Figured we needed yet another oddly specific thread
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>> No. 2442 ID: 1744d292
There's a bit Naoshi and Naoe Kanno because he was in Drifters, the new manga by the guy who made Hellsing.
>> No. 4259 ID: 1744d292
File 134541405095.jpg - ( 91.80KB , 962x706 , 29273104_p0.jpg [iqdb] )
New one
>> No. 4337 ID: c556a2ec
anon, if there the same art with Pokryshkin, I'd like to see it.

File 134563734881.jpg - ( 431.61KB , 1110x1400 , 1345636454798.jpg [iqdb] )
4264 No. 4264 ID: c99312b7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I don't know what this says, but it looks important.
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>> No. 4269 ID: 1d85b40b
Looks like the DS game.
>> No. 4270 ID: db241736
It's PS2 game, release in...2010?
>> No. 4303 ID: 62b96c47
The ps2 is still relevant.

File 133255901697.png - ( 12.08KB , 504x130 , 1332501621654.png [iqdb] )
2948 No. 2948 ID: d253880e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Zero is getting a sequel which will commence this month, according to Ningen.

I don't follow the radio, when was this announced?
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>> No. 3182 ID: ca9d4132
Thank you!
>> No. 3191 ID: 1ecb3519
File 133389149010.jpg - ( 131.88KB , 400x341 , 1333110369652.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4291 ID: d16ae96c
File 134631820293.jpg - ( 89.83KB , 320x228 , 1346244746388.jpg [iqdb] )
Ningen needs a new assistant for Zero II! And if you look carefully at the logo, it is set in 1939.

File 134523985715.png - ( 32.31KB , 200x203 , tomokoSD.png [iqdb] )
4238 No. 4238 ID: f9788952 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Would anyone have a decent size of this along with the other girls? I'm thinking of having patches made of them.
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>> No. 4240 ID: 91ecfbf2
File 134524135344.jpg - ( 192.63KB , 540x662 , 009113.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4245 ID: f8e80159
File 134525914666.png - ( 176.24KB , 500x300 , Shirly with drinksblue.png [iqdb] )
Are you the patches guy from /a/? There's someone who was thinking of making patches for each of the flight groups.
>> No. 4252 ID: f9788952
Nah, someone else.

File 134333105336.png - ( 39.20KB , 600x132 , SWSG.png [iqdb] )
4039 No. 4039 ID: cc92c074 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Strike Witches: Sky Guardians is a fan-made side-scrolling 2D shooter being developed for the Strike Witches community. At this point, most of the elements of the game are coming along pretty nicely, but the one thing holding up development is the lack of sprites. We need a few good artists to help us with creating sprites for the player characters and the mobs. If anyone would be willing to take a swing at creating sprites for the game, we woud really appreciate it.

We'll give more specific info in subsequent posts as to how we want the sprites to look, as well as more details about the game. As it is now, we have most of the logic for the various special moves and such already laid out, and stats drawn up for the 501st as well as many of the world witches.

there is more info about what we eventually plan to implement in the link above
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>> No. 4111 ID: cc92c074
File 134377391286.png - ( 428B , 80x80 , Trude Pink Dress.png [iqdb] )
pixlr is good for this once you figure out how to use it
>> No. 4112 ID: 2c238466
Looks good.
>> No. 4181 ID: cc92c074
File 134454544165.png - ( 2.55KB , 512x512 , lynettebishop.png [iqdb] )
lynne 64px animated sprite
minor fix on pants.

File 13440891495.jpg - ( 24.68KB , 322x186 , Capture.jpg [iqdb] )
4149 No. 4149 ID: 929117aa hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
New footage from the movie:
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>> No. 4151 ID: 2f9999f8
Yeah, the BD/DVD ad. I thought it was interesting to see Mio flying in as described in the movie spoilers.
>> No. 4153 ID: 0c6f7dae
Urrrgh...everytime I see that.
>> No. 4155 ID: 1c7bef4e
"Glasgow" on that map is closer to Aberdeen than anything else. And no Edinburgh? Even Ireland has two cities marked.

File 134397608650.jpg - ( 0.99MB , 1431x2020 , 000_Witches_Of_The_Sphinx_5_-_cover.jpg [iqdb] )
4137 No. 4137 ID: 745280b4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone knows where I can download the Witches Of The Sphinx 5 doujin in .rar or .zip format (no .7z please)?
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>> No. 4141 ID: 745280b4

Pretty much. Thank you by the way.
>> No. 4147 ID: 6b74a771
What you should do is buy it:
>> No. 4152 ID: 8077cd35

Install 7zip?
Stop using your toaster for internet things?
Also, buy it!

File 134401627370.jpg - ( 38.64KB , 290x715 , c588192bd5578f1990bc66a1701291cb.jpg [iqdb] )
4142 No. 4142 ID: dcd2568b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Laura Toth: after all, has anything about her past been revealed at all?
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>> No. 4144 ID: 0825c0bd
Based on Lajos Toth. She was a member of the 501st JFW for a short while, along with Minna, Mio and Barkhorn. Her ability is to be able to see things in slow motion, making her pretty much like Eila (but of course, different, as Eila 'feels' where the next hit is coming). Quiet personality, didn't get along with other members of the Isle of Wight Det. before Wilma came. She likes to eat.
>> No. 4145 ID: cb1369a2
oh shit....

ok, so Toth and Liz Buerling both have severe emotional trauma from ostmark incident, specifically losing a friend... what if they were each other's missing friend? like, got separated and never heard from one another....
>> No. 4148 ID: 4a754d13
iirc the lost squad was made up of Ostmark witches only...they wore the same uniform as Toth, Nice idea though.

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