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File 134353500642.jpg - ( 311.08KB , 1280x905 , aaa205bddd9184a535e4f29d8eec1c81.jpg [iqdb] )
4082 No. 4082 ID: 4dbb7c86 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Recently started running a Ventrilo Server and I'm looking for quality people to join the sekrit klub. I came here because I figured we could get some people with good taste. Weekdays, I'm usually offline until 7-8PM PST, but I've got a few other regulars coming in from other locations. We'd love anyone that is interested in having some good conversations.
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>> No. 4133 ID: 4bbf1182
>Put them somewhere and enjoy their beauty
>Put them on clothing/a bag or something
>If someone asks, give them a history lesson on the symbolism of some of the pins

>Russia: the shooting comet resembles a missile warhead that would ultimately become the conflict between America and Russia post WWII.
>Japan: the eclipse is a symbol of a longing for peace and harmony/ concept of blocking out the sub with their force.
>America: pretty much just the USA personified by the star; it's probably safe to say it's Texan
>Finland: I believe this one is actually supposed to be a nuclear reactor. Finland's nuclear reactors provide ~30% of their total power. Could very well be wrong though.
Great Britain: the blue and white being flipped in the show might be symbolic, but I'm not sure.
Germany, Italy, France: they just look nice.
>> No. 4134 ID: 5dae9ac6
Where did you get those symbolism meanings? Made them up yourself?
>> No. 4136 ID: 4bbf1182
File 134397432954.jpg - ( 166.45KB , 728x489 , 1320081154383.jpg [iqdb] )
They can easily be derived from reality, but the Fuso one isn't just made up. The Fuso warflag is symbolic since the original warflag of Japan was the red sun with the beams. If you do a little research it was kind of like a symbol of "we're gonna spread our war all over you." The eclipse is supposed to be a symbol of attempting to bring peace.

File 134335613832.jpg - ( 307.74KB , 707x1000 , dc559fa081170ab4c4359577bd61a72c.jpg [iqdb] )
4047 No. 4047 ID: 28d1ae8b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Are the names of the other wars this unimaginative?
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>> No. 4124 ID: 81d39065
That looks pretty badass. They have pics for the Abrams r challenger 1 or other tanks?
>> No. 4127 ID: 8ac70993
File 134386860063.jpg - ( 272.15KB , 1300x764 , M1A1.jpg [iqdb] )
You may have a point, but I still think there would be a need to identify if the war was fought against the neuroi or among human nations
Besides, "tacking a "Neuroi" somewhere in the name of the war" is what the official setting has been doing so far, and for a good reason
The names serves as a reference to real world event
Changing them to something made up just makes them confusing
And again, how is a name of a war supposed to be imaginative
It only needs to identify
>> No. 4128 ID: 28d1ae8b
File 134386914027.jpg - ( 78.79KB , 600x576 , 1300663526951.jpg [iqdb] )
"Besides, tacking a "Neuroi" somewhere in the name of the war is what the official setting has been doing so far"

Well, shit, I'm a retard for not knowing this. I had thought it was still "First World War," "Second World War," etc.

Okay, no more issues from me. I feel stupid now.

File 134358404975.jpg - ( 194.99KB , 440x528 , PhotoGrid_1343582157070.jpg [iqdb] )
4087 No. 4087 ID: 8049285c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
New acquisitions.
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>> No. 4097 ID: f0644587
Cellphone straps? The fuck?

Eh, if I had a set I'd probably tape 'em to a wall with painter's tape. or something like that.
>> No. 4098 ID: a6e6a6e5
File 134361557572.jpg - ( 1.81MB , 2249x1929 , IMG_0306.jpg [iqdb] )
It works fine on a keychain, Had mine on a keychain for weeks and nothing has happened to it so far, just a little dirty.
>> No. 4105 ID: 18c8ad03
op here. got them off amiami which worked out to slightly less than a hundred in my currency. Have them hanging on my wall for now.

File 134340211470.jpg - ( 20.28KB , 500x281 , capture.jpg [iqdb] )
4051 No. 4051 ID: 9d265298 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm sorry guys, but I gotta ask. Would anyone have a large, clear picture of the magic circles used by the witches?
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>> No. 4074 ID: a6853147
That appears to be the case.
>> No. 4075 ID: 44dc3f15

The Eastern shield is in Sanskrit, while the Western one is obviously in Greek.
>> No. 4076 ID: 791f3843
I never noticed there was a difference O.O

File 134341878596.jpg - ( 45.82KB , 520x668 , 578925_334246209992409_1537249873_n.jpg [iqdb] )
4053 No. 4053 ID: 79a51acc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Where this pic come from ????

File 131140945743.jpg - ( 114.73KB , 800x563 , Box_of_Witches.jpg [iqdb] )
324 No. 324 ID: 745e26fb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
/sw/! You gotta help. My Strike Witches folder (and all my other folders) were lost when I rebooted my computer. So, now I need to recreate me /sw/ reaction folder.

tl;dr /sw/ reaction image thread
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>> No. 4020 ID: 54464eef
File 134316482967.jpg - ( 90.74KB , 256x256 , 20.jpg [iqdb] )
If only this was reality
>> No. 4021 ID: 54464eef
File 134316484334.jpg - ( 335.40KB , 512x512 , 17.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 4022 ID: 54464eef
File 134316486739.jpg - ( 51.90KB , 229x248 , 31.jpg [iqdb] )

File 134310537625.jpg - ( 67.84KB , 820x820 , 529056_473362789341698_878595866_n.jpg [iqdb] )
4009 No. 4009 ID: 1df0101b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
there is another version very very unleashed like this?

No. 3970 ID: 76122886 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 3971 ID: 76122886
SW + Danger Zone = Epic win
>> No. 3973 ID: 22c49893
Oh wow, I had that song playing when I saw this thread.

File 134197107120.jpg - ( 354.65KB , 1021x1443 , helmabirthday.jpg [iqdb] )
3867 No. 3867 ID: df925877 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
First of all, I would once again like to thank our admin team and the users for their continued dedication to this site, despite the general slowness and my somewhat ..lacking.. presence.

I wish I was more active in the community, in irc and what-not, but I'm just a very reserved person and can't really bring myself to do it. But despite this, know that I'll always be around if I'm needed.

Anyhow, enough of that.

It has been a whole year since the founding of this site! This is an exciting time, for even though the website has had its hurdles and the posting remains generally slow, it has still managed to stay alive. Hopefully with the eventual DVD release of the movie and lots of new content to discuss, things will speed up again.

As for the future of the website, I will continue to pay for it unless interest completely dies out (0 posts for months), which hopefully won't be for several years.

When it comes to various improvements and overhauls of the site, I'm kind of ashamed of myself for not putting more work into it. I still have a list of features and what-not that I want to add, but a lack of real skill and various "IRL" problems have cut down my motivation a bit.

The things that are still planned:
Actual front page.
New forum software. (Although I've grown fond of this one)
Miscellaneous features and improvements.

There is also the possibility of oekaki being merged with /sw/ in order to speed things up a bit. If things get REALLY bad, off topic may be merged as well as a last ditch emergency move. But I wouldn't worry about that right now.

In closing, Happy Birthday! And may the next year be even brighter!
21 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3961 ID: df925877

>> No. 3965 ID: 8dce5437
Here I am actually cheering for the board with just a light joke and you come here ranting about fanwank. I guess you're just being too uptight and can't take a joke either.
>> No. 3967 ID: cd45e859
It's not a joke if it isn't funny.

File 13425037294.jpg - ( 97.11KB , 415x351 , what.jpg [iqdb] )
3945 No. 3945 ID: 4e66e28a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Was the anime/manga "Air gear" around before strike witches???

because im pretty sure somebody is ripping someone off here...
>> No. 3951 ID: 5903081a
umm what?
>> No. 3956 ID: 504031bb
File 13425431358.png - ( 12.38KB , 205x1066 , 132832293488.png [iqdb] )
>> No. 3962 ID: 41b379a8
Let's not bump this

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