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File 138168557282.png - ( 272.07KB , 843x1950 , 1381667759213.png [iqdb] )
6518 No. 6518 ID: 68da2668 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The time has come!!!!
Season 3 + OVA!
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>> No. 7367 ID: f8cc73a2
File 142007657964.jpg - ( 309.37KB , 550x743 , new year 2015.jpg [iqdb] )
So, this is the new year's greeting picture.

Evidence that S3 might be about the 506th?
>> No. 7369 ID: 2b11d30a
I don't know (I like 502nd & 506th)
>> No. 7371 ID: b025db11
It's probably more to commemorate and generate publicity for the 506th novel if anything.

File 141978175229.jpg - ( 77.62KB , 700x525 , 1419748092386.jpg [iqdb] )
7356 No. 7356 ID: ade09d93 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Meanwhile, in the 506th JFW light novel....
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>> No. 7364 ID: 4f25f3c6
You forgot Tomoko and I don't think Junko has half the 504th lusting for her, since almost everyone in the 504th is already paired off.
>> No. 7365 ID: 4f25f3c6
With Federica on the cover.
>> No. 7370 ID: adaa4bb8
And she wearing Trude's maid outfit..xD

File 141779079287.png - ( 245.40KB , 566x485 , FDFD.png [iqdb] )
7322 No. 7322 ID: 6472cc24 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Operation Victory Arrow 3!!! In May 2, 2015!!!!
"The Bridge of Arnhem" with:
Perrine, Lynette and Amelie!!!!
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>> No. 7348 ID: 3ff2f7ea
File 141930544144.jpg - ( 3.61MB , 4128x2322 , 20141222_142656.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 7351 ID: 68b098b2
File 141961976316.jpg - ( 1.00MB , 1920x1280 , IMG_1394.jpg [iqdb] )
The poster was a little bigger than I anticipated. Didn't devote any effort to read and understand the product description on the extras, so I got a pleasant surprise expecting something smaller.
>> No. 7352 ID: f5a42ae4
Banana: the most universal object for size comparison

File 13927869726.jpg - ( 231.81KB , 700x780 , 5919515.jpg [iqdb] )
6820 No. 6820 ID: 7378788b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
AW YEAH!!!!!
A new Africa novel????
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>> No. 6855 ID: fadf1d29
I got my copy of the art book today. It looks pretty nice, shame I can't understand Japanese though, it would be nice to be able to read the bio of each witch. Also forgot the actual cover of the book (under the slipcover), turns out it's an atlus, pretty nifty, if I do say so.
>> No. 7297 ID: e14eae53
are all of the three Kei's Report books just novels? Or did they also include all of the doujinshi stuff in there? (Witch in Africa, Witch of Stuka, Tiger in the Desert, Witches of the Sphinx)?
>> No. 7299 ID: 2a55d623
The first volume reuses some of the novel part from the doujin series.
The second volume and on is a completely new and original content.

Most of the manga part from the doujin series can be found on the officially released Witches of Africa tankoubon (except for the Witches of Sphinx)

File 133910730558.jpg - ( 1.15MB , 1920x1080 , wallpaper-685308.jpg [iqdb] )
3604 No. 3604 ID: 570f165d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Guys, why is Strike Witches such a lovable, catchy show? I've watched many a series over the years and none has caught my fancy like Strike Witches has in the last few months since I first saw it.

I mean, I have figures, dvds, posters, and all sorts of shit like that already, that's how much I love the show!

What the fuck makes it so damned engrossing?
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>> No. 3621 ID: 60a49cbc
It is all about the characters. They are lovable.
>> No. 3635 ID: 570f165d
They are pretty damn lovable that's for sure.

Eh, I can understand that. When I tried watching Strike Witches years ago I was just diving into the hobby of watching anime and heard something about a "world war two anime." The (at the time) gratuitous amounts of fanservice disgusted me and I didn't touch it again till around April of this year, three or four years later, bringing me to posing the question in the OP.

I think I'm heading down that route. If I'm not there already.

Aye, pixiv is a site I've spent plenty of time browsing for pics. Incidentally, I got a bunch of nice SW themed wallpapers from, if you weren't aware of it already!

That's a good point, it has references to many things that were going on in the second world war so will interest the history buffs while the characters and surprisingly good execution of the show (as you mentioned) helps draw in a wide array of people.

It's strange, I can't exactly place why I like the show so much. I could say I like the characters, the history references, etc but there is no one answer for why I like it so damn much. Still don't know honestly.
>> No. 4935 ID: 94afd45d
File 135261406590.jpg - ( 69.37KB , 1024x768 , alert.jpg [iqdb] )

A bot!? Time for some emergency measures.

File 14138650514.jpg - ( 22.64KB , 300x299 , 300px-IMG2_0004.jpg [iqdb] )
7252 No. 7252 ID: 83604092 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, I've been listening to the drama CDs and wondering Sanya X Eila is confirmed after the second album? Eila confesses that she loves Sanya, but there is not a decent response after that. Just wondering if that's cannon.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7257 ID: 83604092
Thanks for the help! I will spend some time listening to these for something to do. It's also nice to see that people are still active posters.
>> No. 7258 ID: 9cc5fff1
The link is down..!!
>> No. 7273 ID: ee3cf670
File 141433187515.jpg - ( 208.93KB , 340x1449 , 1283835522923.jpg [iqdb] )
We had this same thread a while ago. Check the older pages if you want to see more discussion on the topic.

File 131304436258.png - ( 1.45MB , 1610x970 , 17797841 (いちご - 大空の魔女達.png [iqdb] )
591 No. 591 ID: 7ae418e9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Alright, I am going to throw down the gauntlet. My witches vs your witches. Your witches vs their witches. Who truly is best? Obviously depends on one's definition of best, so I'll narrow it down to best in category.

Most powerful?

Best aerial fighter?

Most moe?

Best leader?

Most mature?

Best friend?

Most cool?

Best oppai?

Most perfect?

Best speciality?

Most reliable?

Best familiar?

Most sex appeal?

Best overall?

Give me your OPINIONS
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>> No. 7244 ID: caa2e7e0

Nobody loves Perrine, right Paulino?
>> No. 7245 ID: 5b0ae43c
I'm tired of you jokes.
Just for one moment in your life, STOP FUCKING ME.
>> No. 7247 ID: b9e863fa
File 141343637972.png - ( 31.06KB , 400x400 , 1222310983969.png [iqdb] )

Perrine pls

File 131043501479.jpg - ( 56.86KB , 429x453 , Amelie loves her toy.jpg [iqdb] )
12 No. 12 ID: cac75f86 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Needs more Perrine
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>> No. 5859 ID: d34170c9
File 136637847387.jpg - ( 89.92KB , 764x1080 , BGpaCPtCcAAXTax_jpg large.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5865 ID: 255550ca
File 136643010156.jpg - ( 181.31KB , 900x900 , perrine bikini.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 5866 ID: 5d186a08
File 136643207348.jpg - ( 40.58KB , 800x600 , 35075673_p16.jpg [iqdb] )
pizza perrine is best perrine

File 14116489323.jpg - ( 207.87KB , 853x480 , 1219361671728.jpg [iqdb] )
7209 No. 7209 ID: bfa2a4d1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Due to an influx of spambots, links (and text) containing ".asp" are now word filtered. If you post a link, make sure it doesn't have that.
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>> No. 7232 ID: 182d2ba0
File 141240986575.jpg - ( 4.93KB , 139x112 , thumbsup.jpg [iqdb] )
Keep up the good work. We'll keep reporting them.

Are there any active mods nowadays, in case the bots get out of control?
>> No. 7234 ID: e96b90cb
>Keep up the good work. We'll keep reporting them.

Hopefully I'll be able to find some sort of countermeasure for this new wave.

>Are there any active mods nowadays, in case the bots get out of control?

According to the modlog, one of them still seems to check in once in a while. If things get really bad I might recruit some more.
>> No. 7235 ID: e96b90cb
Updated the spam filter.

File 131131038976.jpg - ( 199.11KB , 600x723 , 1276770155573.jpg [iqdb] )
308 No. 308 ID: f512c7b8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
So, I was wondering, since Eila can dodge every single enemy attack, does that mean that she could be the only witch to age past 20 and still be able to fight Neuroi? she may not have enough magic to make a good shield but she can probably still anticipate enemy attacks.

btw Eila = best witch Ihmo
108 posts and 99 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7154 ID: 3a539272
File 140928125499.jpg - ( 126.86KB , 680x680 , Eila 4chan.jpg [iqdb] )
Maybe it was Eila trolling us.
>> No. 7155 ID: 1dd417a5
File 140928403626.jpg - ( 145.99KB , 1181x1748 , eila is best.jpg [iqdb] )
>> No. 7161 ID: 095f124e
File 140979249030.jpg - ( 24.28KB , 750x421 , me.jpg [iqdb] )
Me waiting for the OVA...

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